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  • >>58167

    place looks very dead

  • >>58153

    Can rabbits get disability?

  • >>58174

    you deserve to be destroyed, faggot emo

  • >>58182

    Shut up with your debunk
    it's was some mistake . everybody did. all doctors did and people die. but you can't doom them just because their mistake

  • The what happened?

  • Anon, are you a part of the Moth Cult? I may revive it, here.

  • i want a free pc and perhaps some fishing gear

  • >>58175

    Yeah, I don't think snakes are biologically capable of having friendships but whatever. Also I am sure as all hell not going to be able to tame a bear by myself

  • >>58180

    Your mom is to old for you.

  • Why don’t we use neveragain and get these guys to flood holocoast fanfic followers?

  • >>58178

    oh god that will make me feel more sexy

  • >>58177

  • >>58168

    Meh drill some knot holes for the Lizard.

  • i cant stop acting like a monkey everyday i think the monkey hypo video actually worked.also i kinda have a gf now

  • Check out Tijuana, there is legal and cheap affordable hot prostitutes especially at some of the secure nightclub-hotel combos like Hong Kong Club. You can bang a HOT mexican prostitute for like 50 dollars an hour.

    I love Tijuana!!!

  • >>16066

    found it
    Tannhäuser - Pilgrim's Chorus

  • >>650

    Obviously a big fat lie. You probably have only went to the libraries.

    Facts are not facts when they are based on some idiot spewing his world view while holding on to psedo scientific conclusions

  • >>58010

    Forced breast implants

  • >>58175
    >dat pic

    this is why I support PETA

  • cringe ~ verb rare

    1. draw back, as with fear or pain
      she flinched when they showed the slaughtering of the calf
    2. show submission or fear

    vicarious ~ adj uncommon

    1. experienced at secondhand
      read about mountain climbing and felt vicarious excitement
    2. occurring in an abnormal part of the body instead of the usual site involved in that function
      vicarious menstruation
    3. suffered or done by one person as a substitute for another
      vicarious atonement
  • >>58170

    If you're afraid of danger that's probably what you're missing/craving. Try figuring out a way to catch one of those dangerous critters to assert dominance over it/possibly win its friendship with food.

    Today I had to help some lady I never met by moving a big fox snake from the path to her house. I'm pretty confident I could fuck a fox snake's shit up if need be and I never knew that until now.

  • I have an intense feeling to self-destroy right now. It is just sad. Being one with the gods is not something I am interested in although I recognize how noble it is, but my current state of affairs does not look very pleasing either, it is a perversion of divine law.
    What do I mean? It makes sense in my head, but you cannot speak to me, I do not want to listen.

  • >>649
    >In reality black neighborhoods get policed more because most of the crime in cities come from there you absolote mong.

    Most of the crime is there because they’re policed way more and they are prosecuted way more. You can’t even realistically get a fair trial even if you are 100% innocent. Every defense lawyer will tell you to plea bargain.

    >Have you ever been to an innercity ghetto before?


    >Or are you just plain retarded and pretend to be anti rascist and comminist without ever actually interracting with nubian

    It doesn’t really matter what I’ve experienced or not, facts are facts. You’re just trying to bait me into making this about me and my cred.

  • >>58166

    Absolutely vicarious