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  • Toilets are for Licking

  • >>112910

    The left taking over the world is a good thing. Death to white people and the west

  • >>112877
    >There was a group of anons that gathered together in those cytube sites to marathon animes on the weekends but I think they are dead

    The only cytu.be channel I've seen that did that was the mewch one and it's been dead for 2 years. I guess you could create a channel yourself, create a discord for it and try to build a regular user base. I thought about doing it myself but I don't have the time for it right now

  • Nunca voy a entender porque los progres tienen tanto aprecio a ese mierdal llamado valpichi

  • >>7136

    vo mismo

    o andai con la pera perkinazo

  • Only one more episode to finish this season.


  • >>3289

    lol yeah there can be no concession of any kind if this is going to happen

  • >ser copito de nieve en un ib


  • El problema mayor es Valparaíso, no la región en sí.

  • >>229

    I tried this awhile ago. Looking at the tags I thought it was going to be gross, but there was some thing that warned you before picking an option so I thought it might be okay.

    Then I tried to get to some island by making a phone call (iirc) and they told me to bring chunks of dead cubs to fuck. So really, if everyone involved with that project was culled tomorrow I would be fine with that.

  • https://8channel.org/

  • Hay una explicación de porque la region en la que vivo esta tan cursed?

  • >>7141

    Esa mierda no es francés.

  • All gay shit.

  • yeah I hate 420chan

  • 52 648 132 6831

  • 55353177284

  • 52 648 132 6831

  • >>112730

    don't kys with a gun it's not even effective

  • Recordatorio que ser incapaz de comprender emociones y costumbres es un síntoma de autismo, distinto de la sociopatía y psicopatía.

  • AAAAAAAaaaaaaAAA

  • fuck you

  • stupid nigger