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  • https://8channel.bz/b/index.html

  • >>23166

    Don't forget about Modafinil.
    1x dose (try 50mg, then 100mg then 200mg and see which works best, you might end up saving some doses) as soon as you wake up and it'll keep you motivated, able to concentrate on anything, give you shit loads of energy, and so on. It's an amazing drug.
    That + 200mg (for me) of caffeine extract for a very good and productive day.

    My daily doses#
    100/200mg Modafinil (switching dose each day)
    200mg Caffeine
    300mg Pramiracetam (I haven't took this in over a month but I'm still feeling the effects of it, so when I no longer feel those effects I'll take some more)

    Immune system:
    2000mg Vitamin C
    5,000iu Vitamin D3
    50mg Zinc
    3x drops Lugol's iodine

    Morning workout:
    Generic pre-workout
    DynaMax (brand)
    -100mg Methylliberine

    • 200mg L-Theanine
    • 150mg caffeine (mix of slow and fast release)

    For my pineal gland (I choose to care about it) once a month I'll do 5 days of:
    Mag Malate Renew (from AOR)

    • 100mg Magnesium (from magnesium malate dihydrate)
    • 545mg Malic acid (from magnesium malate dihydrate)
      Thorne (200mg Indole-3-Carbinol/Diinolylmethane (DIM) complex)
      1x teaspoon Borax (food grade)

    What I call "+10" for your IQ.
    Mix in a single o (0) capsule and take 3 per day for the first month, 2 per day for the second month, and 1 per day after that for as long as you want.
    This had a study done on it to show that it's working effectively (after 3 month dosage) but I have lost the study to time (sorry). This can help with neuron growth and help against Alzheimer's (documented in the study).
    I started using it 4 years ago and I noticed a huge difference after the first month. I stopped taking it after the first month to see if it was placebo and after 2 months of not taking any I started to notice I wasn't able to think as clearly nor as quick as what I could when I was on the stuff. So since then, I've been taking 1 capsule daily and I don't think I could go without the stuff.
    Dose per capsule:
    160mg Choline OR 160mg Alpha GPC (I use Alpha GPC, study was with Choline)
    160mg DMAE
    375mg Piracetam OR 300mg Pramiracetam (I use Pramiracetam, study was with Piracetam)

    For anyone thinking about trying Rhodiola Rosea; I've tried 4 different brands with many different types between them for over 2 years and I haven't noticed any affects from it (though some of the other stuff might be interfering with that) and I know a work colleague who's been trying it for 5 months and hasn't noticed anything.

  • >>23184
    >If you have suggestions for STRATEGY

    Read this book and the Paladin.

  • >>119032

    Go for it, I'd like to see your work, manga is a good genre, music is great too. I always admired Robert Crumb among others, the ink work was unique, stories bizarre hentai.

  • >>119033

    Oldboy (2003)
    Oldboy (2013)

  • >>119036
    >I only like grrlpussy.

    But I can moan like a girl for you. Doesn't that count for anything bae?

  • >>119034

    Like you would say no to a qt femboy going down on your dick. Dont lie anon!

  • Sonic the Hedgehog (2020)

    I don't post virus, get Linux.

  • >>119039

    Why are you offended? it is a virus.

  • >>119033

    2003 or 2013?

  • >>119038

    are you an idiot?

  • >>119037

    it is a virus, don't lick!

  • >>119030

    Are you looking for the movie?
    I have a stream, decent quality 545mb


  • >>119035

    Haha, I don't want to cum there, though, I only like grrlpussy.

    Stay thirsty, my friends

  • >>119031

    But I want your thick cum in my boypucy! don't be stingy and post some dick pics for me to fap to, ok hun? plz?

  • >>119028

    Nigger i stg

    Long live the pedos

  • I wanna watch Oldboy and some obscure anime movies. Probably some experimental-avante garde art films, too.

  • >>119029

    Sounds good. I think I'm going to go for a Western manga style. I don't need to be Picasso, I just want to be able to illustrate my ideas.

    Something along to Stray Bullets, I guess.

  • >>23178
    >The subversion goes deeper than what you can imagine, antifa is not a grassroots movement, the leaders are elitist leftist kikes with the likes of Soros at the very top. They would single you out, eject you and such strategy would never work.

    Duh. I'm not talking about getting inside secret meetings retard. I'm talking about showing up in black block and fucking shit up, theoretically.

    >Only kikes and NPCs ever say that. The truth is power and the truth matters, we fight for the truth. It is >proven FACT that antifa started the fires.

    Jesus fucking christ. You dumb larping faggot. You just want to get into arguments over the internet. I am talking about STRATEGY. I already said antifa did the fires, but it it STRATEGICALLY IMMATERIAL whether it is true or not, because Oregonians on the ground believe it to be true ALREADY. Jesus fucking christ. If you have suggestions for STRATEGY, in real fucking life, not just sitting around making memes and talking out of your ass then feel free to.


    I already said that. The police and antifa are not meaningfully opposed. Which is why any strategy that advances WROL in key leftist strongholds is preferable.

  • >>119027

    Not interested, but there's plenty others here that will fulfill that role.

  • >>23180

    It's funny the people calling themselves "anarchists" want to oppress and dictate most others; I wonder how it is they see themselves as anti-authority when they are hyper-conformist authoritarians bent on ethnic genocide.

  • >>23173
    >) wars, 2) pandemics, 3) natural disasters,

    You say those things as if they are impossible occurrences. It is not unfeasible for diseases such as Bubonic plague to re-emerge since it is still present in places such as Madagascar, East Africa and Mongolia/central Asia. There are also diseases that affect animals like foot and mouth disease, and given how shit conditions wet markets and farms are in uncivilized countries are, it is not unlikely that there will be a genuine pandemic that kills of lifestock causing famine.

    The population of Africa is expanding rapidly (already 1 billions) and niggers can't into agriculture or food production, it is a collapse waiting to happen. The same applies to India.

    Come on, do you really think places like this can be sustained for generations? Famine and mass starvation has been commonplace until very recently in history and the systems that hold up these population can not be maintained by sub-80 IQ shitskins. It is logical that their populations will peak then collapse.

    In addition, the amount of antibiotics that are in animals/lifestock feed does and will cause antibiotic resistance, and it is only a matter of time until that mutates into Human antibiotic resistance which means again people could die from small injuries through infection, and that would be a killshot to major populations and spread globally.

  • >>23153

    Whew, what a scholarly response. Indeed, the horror stories of worst case scenarios are true, but that's not really what I'm touching on. Bumping around the imageboards and growing up in primarily urban areas, I've met all types of people. I have met homosexuals that just want to be left alone, don't want immigration and have a sense of racial identity; they don't strike me as malevolent intentionally or incidentally.

    When you look at someone like Alt-Hype, an open homosexual with his share of personal issues, you also have to look at his intentions. He names the Jew, he debunked the nigger "Holocaust" and is always producing useful information that is beneficial to our parties. For me, it's a sense of gratitude and loyalty; he doesn't have to do the right thing, but he tries; he has his demons, but so does everyone. I fundamentally have a sense of gratitude for the lengths he has gone to to be of service and he is passionate about our people. When people are loyal, I just try to repay the loyalty, despite any differences. That's what matters most to me, dedication and loyalty.

  • I wanna watch the new sonic movie. I haven't done that yet.