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  • What an amazing piece of art, no wonder why were Japs created Godzilla and now when you said "God fights against...." that movie has gained totally differnet sense from my perception. Japas knew that all along.

  • Pictured: God fights against the 3 headed Demiurge of Judaism, Christianity and Islam to free Western civilization from spiritual imprisonment.

  • >>32228

    You ain't even jap you weeb faggot.. at least i'm not larping

  • >>182718

    I didn't imply you were, relax, friend. I'm not the guy(female) you were arguing with, btw. I like your attitude and I had this exact crusade on here a good while ago. Let's just enjoy ourselves and not worry too much. The good thing is 9chan hit rock bottom, already. There's nowhere to go but up.

  • >>182717

    Dude, I swear to God and to you with my honest heart I am only one ordinary anon, not a moderator nor volunteer.

  • >>182714

    I think this place needs new banners. Get rid of the lame, generic shit like Greta and Pepe that is basically Reddit tier.

  • >>182707

    Cowards are those ones who would rather give up than do something, Jersh is one of them.

  • -you are one sacrifice away from changing someone else's life
    -your gain in your life is somebody's sacrifice

  • >>182709

    Do we know each others? I don't think you understand what I am trying to do here. Why are you saying that this board is broken if no one tried to give any possible solutions to fix this place. I know it is not easy task to do that, but if none of us ever tried to do something about this place, instead of constantly whining and drama talking about things that no one gives a fly fuck about it, this board could make it and both of us are aware of it. It is easier to proclaim something as a nutjob than to make some effort and to create threads of various interests. FYI I am not suffering from schizophrenia and I just want to have some conversation and have some fun on this imageboard.

  • I want my own country. A city-state will suffice.

  • Concepts of Perfection in the eyes of Humanity:

    God: Perfection of Omnipotence
    Enlightenment: Perfection of the Spirit
    Utopia: Perfection of the Collective
    Natural Order: Perfection of Function

    Contrasted to:
    Wabi-Sabi-a Japanese term that roughly translates to "appreciation of the imperfect"

    Me, I'm a Wabi-Sabi guy.

  • YouTube

  • >>32227

    Me costo contactar al follaburras, me va a dar su versión del caso pepino, kek. Me costo para que me contestara el celular porque no quiere saber nada del tema. No diré mas para no arruinar la sorpresa, pero me va a mandar la declaración de la PDI y una charla por cel que tuve con el. Al parecer la puddi si sabia hace rato de nido y que pepino era un usuario clásico del sitio.

    Se viene buena la primera parte, loros, denme tiempo para juntar todo porque es mucha info la que estoy recolectando.

  • take me to wonderland

  • >>28173

    Fair. The thing is a lot of the group projects oldschool 4chan was known for weren't really organized so much as they were just a bunch of individual actions from folks with a similar trail of thought and a common place to hear what was going on. Sure, there might've been a few folks working together but they didn't collaborate on the site itself anyways. The funny thing is in order to hunt down and stop something like that, the algorithm has to know what it's attacking in the first place and jt can't if there's nothing centralized to target in the first place. All they can do is try to guess and attack dogwhistles they make up chasing after boogeymen. Even if they were able to monitor everyone, that lack the fundamental sense of nuance to comprehend what they're dealing with. That's why their memes are shit and why anyone actually coordinating something can just slap a few pronouns and a furry avatar on and use one of the lefty platforms to do whatever they want right under their noses.

  • Gay - inside their heads.

  • >>182701
    >attract users and to stop with non-stop boring non important for anyone, dramas.

    Excellent advice for you, I recommend you do it.
    Mental defectives can only attract more defectives, this board will never be fixed.
    I have a lot to say but you are mentally defective and refuse to hear anything but the imaginary voices in your bent head.


    Good descriptor of your brain, most autistic bots are happy what happened to you?
    There is really nothing wrong with this board, so if you want to play with retarded friends don't bring them here, by all means go to where they hang out and stay over there = happiness.

  • >>28171

    I don't think it will ever die because of the publicity it has gained as the top dog of shitposting and trolling. Whether that is true or not is up for debate, but some pretty epic stunts have originated there that got a heap of airtime. People will keep going because of that alone.
    It is a husk of its former self though, and nothing but a glowie trap. Gookmoot hands over data to any agency in any country requesting it. 99% of the content is fedposting and slide threads, and all the jannies and mods are trannies, faggots or feds. Not a single amusing thing has been organised there in years, and if something does gain traction the tranny jannies shoah it.
    I admittedly still browse pol semi-regularly, but haven't posted in years.

  • >>32224

    Fuck you spic.

  • >>182707

  • >>32223

    Si, lo estoy haciendo lo más apegado a lo real posible, incluso anclando a la base de datos del pjud donde el pedofilo culiao no va a poder llorar de que son "cosas inventadas", kek.

  • >>25569

    There's a few different things under the umbrella of the "Christianity" term that probably should be separated for sake of clarification. A Christian in terms of one who follows Christ/Jesus really shouldn't give a damn about any of the political mess. They shouldn't care about nationalism because they're not loyal to a nation. They're advised not to take wives or have kids because their faith can only save themselves and by having wives and kids, they open themselves up to the sorrow of watching them fail in their own faiths. It is a faith of performing individual acts of mercy and kindness, being submissive, and not taking vengeance because that right belongs to God when He decides to as He wishes.

    Then you have the "Christian" culture of the traditional conservative which really has less to do with anything the Bible says and is more of a gathering place for folks. Sort of like a gang to hang out with but with rednecks and country folk instead of the thug-life sort. It's a common place everyone goes and gathers supposedly in the name of worshipping God but winds up being a place to try and form connections amongst the folks within a similar culture so that the kids don't wind up going and breeding with the undesirable out-group. That lack of true faith is why ya wind up seeing those Bible-thumper holier-than-thou stereotypes. They're basically the same thing as your typical gang-banger.

    As the morals of the people degrade, their attachment to the source of morality degrades as well. Rather than to God, they try to uphold their morals by their own merit and fail as the reality they do not fully understand leaves them suffering from the consequences of their actions. They promote diversity in the name of tolerance but by failing to restrain their judgment, they create segregation and conflict instead. By trying to value liberation without honor, they create authoritarian enslavement as the powers put in place over them are granted more and more control to protect them from the consequences of the actions they persist on taking.

    It's not what goes into someone that defiles them but what comes from their mouth. If you perceive something to be unclean. To you, it is unclean.
    In the end, evil will come disguised as good but it will still be known by its words.

  • >still clinging to this beyond dead board

    it was over before Josh even left, just give it up

  • >>6784

    top kek