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  • https://www.instagram.com/p/CBZfa3wjbt4/?igshid=10tojcweug2qd&fbclid=IwAR1kYUXhPQKSWnUVZQ735sl1jSne-5PzOqgwE9f8KZy-VpOmuDlvpe0FO_U

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    EPIC SALMON SUSHI PLATTER Using My Wild Salmon Catch | Part 2

    Best Raw Scallops For Sushi | Jumbo Hokkaido Japan Scallops

  • >>1737

    At Least I Can Get Laid. Sodomy Still Makes You A Virgin Faggot!

  • >>103040

    i like macho men

  • >>1736

    get laid incel

  • >>1735

    You Like Men That Makes You A Loser Lol. You Lost Life.

  • >>1731
    >There So Many Faggot

    I feel ashamed to confess my feelings to a person irl


    I'm not a loser, since childhood i've been popular with the girls(most people i know are female). During college and uni i had many girls hit on me but was never interested, i've had many crushes on men but i was a coward and regret it to this day.

  • >>103060

    If someone murdered you and recorded it and posted it here, that would be objectively morally good.

  • >>1733
    >trust your own racial kin
    >believes white Chad wont fuck him over

    Where am i projecting cuckold?watching white beckies protest with n1ggers has indeed addled the rightcel mind.Fucking cucks think Chads at the top give a shit about them cuz they huwhite.

  • shoud javascript be avoided?

  • >>1732

    Stop projecting cuck, i and half of /pol/ ain't even white. I live in the middle east.

  • ¿A qué te refieres con "evidente" y cómo le pusiste los puntos sobre las íes?

  • Wayfair sends you a kid for as low as 12 monthly 800$ payments. It seems this channel is quite in the open, not for the elites, but for the poor mases. Of course, this channels is also run by the usual suspects. They do(did) nice videos so you know what you are buying.

    >Amelie wayfair self tape 1 (mom asks to see girls legs)


    >Amelie wayfair self tape 2(door with no handle in background with huge lock on door)


    >Amelie wayfair selftape 3


    >little girl in a box


    Some links to start digging into
    Damage control already removed most of it, but it's all over the place. All debunked. They have banned me from my conteniment board, so I'm gonna flood qossad chans with their industrial furniture

  • >>37

    dafuq is a schizoid and is this a Judaeo-Bourgeois plot to sell more Meds to rake in profits?

  • >>1499

    its just that watching their precious white womyn marching with nubian beauties by day and getting ravaged by bbc at night at BLM protests has shattered the fragile /pol/cel mind.

    >don't deserve to live anyway

    This is what exactly white womyn think about your subhuman self lol you are just too emasculated to do anything about it other than whining about nubian beauties.

  • You opened my eyes. Have more? Thank you <3

  • >>103075

    And? And What?

  • >>103065

    anaockman is better than klim the fat kraut gremlin in every way and

  • >>6179

    Nick J Fuentes parents' house
    929 Newberry Avenue
    LaGrange Park, Illinois

    Patrick Casey
    81 Chipmunk Lane
    Harpers Ferry, WV

  • >>103073

    You Don't Think Lololololololol.

  • >>103072

    i was thinkin bout tengus tbh

  • >>103071

    Nothing Cause You're Stupid Lolololololololol.

  • >>103070

    okay than what am i thinking

  • >>103069

    Everyone Knows What You're Thinking Because You Have 80 IQ.