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  • you know, there are going to be more riots tomorrow night too

  • https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/05/29/cnns-van-jones-white-liberal-hillary-voters-more-dangerous-than-the-kkk/

  • >>246

    thank god I am not a tranny

  • >>13063

    because glowniggers want control over poppy fields as income for buying child sex slaves


    Honestly, we should abandon Earth, wait for subhuman self-genocide, (nuclear annihiliation) then return

  • >>13060
    >Or some middle eastern 80 something IQ places crumbling already?

    Might be, since that's what White America spent the last of its youth on.

  • Power is relatively easy to generate. Wind and hydro are easiest, and you could always generate your own power with manpower with relatively high efficiency: You have a reservoir of water situated up high, you have another reservoir below, and the two connected with a turbine for hydro power. You have an open/close valve on the upper reservoire above the turbine, and you fill the reservoir with a 6 - 8:1 pulley system and big metal 'bucket' to get 800 lbs of water up there at a time, with a simple bit of metal to make it tip over and into the reservoir reliably. When the upper reservoir is filled enough you open the valve and the turbine spins (faster now because the pressure jetisons the water down) giving you power. I reckon you can get 500 watts a second with this, with about 66 lbs of water running through a second. After about an hour you'd have enough from it in tandem with wind and an 'earth battery' to power your computer and air conditioning or heating for a few hours (all running at max). Besides that you can put a piezoelectric generator under the reservoirs and thus maximize power output. If you really set up the wind and earth generator up right you can get enough power for the whole day of NEET gaming and hour long hot showers with accompanying stereo, lighting, and a/c.
    And I'm sure one can go very deep and broad on this topic. Power isn't an issue for those with knowledge.


    This website might help one become legally independent enough to conduct business without a bunch of legal hassles, and no longer have to pay income tax and property tax: 1215.org

  • >>13060

    We could achieve so much if we took control over our nations.

    Pic related, the ideal world map. I left out the USA, since I'm not American and I don't know if Balkanization, Restoration or Re-colonization would be better, It's demographics are fucked like Brazil.

  • >>13058

    Looting western civilization and engaging in wars against other nuclear armed powers is counterproductive.

    Tell me, is China an inviting target?
    Or some middle eastern 80 something IQ places crumbling already?
    The uninhabited galaxies and sources of energy present new opportunities, not pagan larper raping and killing.

  • >>13057

    Those days are over for who? The guys getting pushed aside, that's who.

  • >>13055

    And your point? Those days are over. The difference is, people lived in more difficult conditions and many starved then. But niggers and various other subhuman races loot, kill, and rape even living in stable advanced societies

  • >>13052

    I agree with you that some law enforcement or national guard might side with us in the states, but for other countries they are completely corrupted and anti-white to the core see this video of a "British Policeman" here >>12714 and you can see why they must be slaughtered and their buildings demolished.

  • >>52208

    Did you actually give this autistic nigger-chink an actually reasonable answer? Stop responding to him, you're making him feel like he is wanted here.

  • >>13052

    We used to have fun sacking cities once upon a time.

  • >>13048

    Thinking about moving to Japan or Korea. If I have to be a minority in my country of residence, I would at least be surrounded by a cohesive society with a high standard of living.

  • Kill all leftists. Massacre communist rioters.



    Allow leftists and other subhumans to have fun sacking cities and demonstrating their barbaric nature. I'm sure many national guard units are ready to join our side, the right side

  • >>13046

    Based post of deliverance and wisdom. Why not kill a few thousand? McVeigh killed over 160 with one attack, so why couldn't we launch multiple truck bomb attack against institutions of degeneracy, ZOG agents and sub-humans all in a single day. Destroy the communications first and they would be like a headless chicken, locked in endless gridlock of traffic.
    We need to organize and eradicate non-whites from are countries, are you Western European by any chance?

  • https://twitter.com/tchalametes/status/1266609383573606400

  • >>52316

    anal sex with a woman is gayer than gay sex with a man. You're literally endangering her pussy because you like digging for shit so much doing it with a man isn't enough for you. The only thing gayer is eating box.

  • >>13045

    Everyone dies, why not kill a hundred niggers before your time is done?

  • Don't worry, Trump is monitoring the situation.

  • >>13047

    They're already done. That's the truth.

  • >>52321

    NanoDataminer reporting in, I will list the ones I fit.

    Eboy Bingo

    >Hates "Minorities"
    >showers every few days
    >researches serial killers
    >Not a fan of Israel
    >Likes cats
    >Says nigger a lot
    >Hates his mother
    >Unhealthy coping mechanisms

    Share Bingo


    Loser Bingo

    >Never had a girlfriend
    >I've fapped to cunny
    >I make less than 30k/year
    >Have numerous screencap folders
    >Never went to college
    >Does UAB count as Hentai? I rate 0.5 points for that
    >Wearing dirty clothes

    No Hope Bingo

    >fantasizes about lolis
    >has a dedicated meme folder
    >posts on /pol/
    >has a waifu pillow
    >/r9k/ for over 5 years
    >has no irl friends

    Do you think I have no hope lads? Maybe I'll do a Brenton in the future.

  • >>13045

    this has been a pretty big black pill.

  • See a nigger? Pull the trigger.


    See niggers make their skulls cracked





    Fuck ZOG fuck kikes race war NOW!