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  • >>12244

    I, also, have watched the Carmen stream. It is HARROWING how he whines, cries, screams, whimpers etc. Then how he screams abuse at his mom. He's not right in the head, hey?

  • >>12240

    i was there during the streams, you were screaming so loud that sometimes your mic would cut out because of how loud you were screaming, everyone there would wonder how the fuck carmen didn't hear you

  • >>12242


  • >>12240

    But you DID SCREAM, and verbally a use your owm mother, just like Hector did.
    U must be ashamed of yourself.

    inb4 klim, lies etc

  • >>12239

    Ummm... not Klim.

  • >>12235

    there's no joshie you idiot

    >screaming at the top of his lungs

    i did not scream that hard

  • >>12237

    Yes you are, you're literally a balding australian elderly "man" in their 60s with pedophile or creepy tendencies. No one else is as weird as you are, cunt.

  • >>12225


  • proofs?

  • >>12229

    do you have contact with hector? where did you get that picture you posted of him?

  • >>12222

    carmen once accused klim of harassing joshie on discord in one of the threads, don't remember where though, that combined with the fact that during the livestream saga he was screaming at the top of his lungs at trolls in the middle of the night makes me assume they must know about it in some form

  • >>12232

    i only said that so you're not getting actual information

  • >>12231

    mama a mexican
    papa a mexican
    their parents mexicans
    they have children that are mexicans
    thats how

  • >>12223
    >did he confirm the name rose somewhere

  • https://pastebin.com/xCMEzyq2


    February ?, 2022

    Location: Beaufort,SC

    Victim(s): Jane Doe (survived)

    Attacker(s): Unknown black female

    Description: The victim was told to meet her attacker after class so she could show her something. When the victim arrived, she was grabbed by the hair and thrown to the ground, before being struck and knocked back down when she got up, in an attack recorded by someone associated with her attacker.

    Archive.is Link(s):
    https://archive.ph/uSfKj Story on the crime.
    https://www.bitchute.com/video/JBUlghLqtoOl/ Video of the attack.

  • 9챈




  • >>12230

    and how
    and how
    and how

  • >>1493

    엔드챈 가라

  • Andrzej Zmazur
    Wczoraj pochowano polskiego najemnika, który zginął na ukrainie. Poświęcił swoje życie w imię czego ? Młody chłop, zmarnowane życie, a setki tysięcy młodych ukraińców siedzi w Polsce i wieczorem wali browary pod Biedronką.

  • >>12227

    you are brown
    you got 3 mexican names
    mama has a different mexican name
    papa has a mexican mustache
    mama repeatedly resort to talking in spanish
    opposite talk you a mexican bro

  • >>12223

    kaycee was never a thing in the family

    >between 2020-2021

    nigga of course covid started in that year and 2019


    i'm yonkers you nigger.

  • >>12222

    thats a lot of number twos
    which incidentally is his internet history

  • >>12214

    none of us are mexicans you fucking delusional retard


    They have no evidence, yet I'm the one telling the real truth. My dad didn't like my mother so of course she divorced him. I was not beat or anything.


    Nigga stop fucking calling me George. Stop making up dumb shit, stop evading my question on if you are Lemonz or not, you talk suspiciously like him and I dont like it. Unless this is an impersonator

  • >>12220

    you have produced more than enough evidence
    and also you are evidence

    >Idk much about her, but seems he got more than he expected. And took the belt out.

    violence with children is wrong but this boy an exception
    especially if its to stop him going sex mad on the others

    >Jordan, Joshie, and now Rose til he explain the photo.

    the others look normal but then again so do mama until she starts babbling so its murky how the others turned out

    >Jordan, Joshie, and now Rose til he explain the photo.

    maybe all his wall punching was training

    >But they escaped. Does Hector still contact her and the kids?

    maybe he aint allowed to


    he did confirm rose but its still a question mark as it might be opposite talk


    i forgot just how mexican his facial hair was