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  • Back to your pedo onionchan

  • My dear friends, I am Danny Louis, I was born and grew up in a small town in a developing country. My life is now attached to the videos on my channel, I especially love listening to the sounds of rain and watching rainy sceneries every time there are thunderstorms, it is perfect for me to relax and forget all the worries in life. I want to share my hobbies with you and hope you enjoy it. I record real rain videos right where I live and the sound is captured as naturally as possible. I'll be very happy if my videos are regularly supported and watched by you, thank you all for reading my words and giving me more motivation to continue this favorite work.

  • Cope jole

  • do i need to btfo you again

  • no

  • Another dead man is your hero now?

  • >>1878

    donald carlos seoane never learns!

  • >>4516

    He doesn't care about the truth, or science or whatever you or I have to say, he won't change his lifestyle to have better health because he wants to live like a pig.
    If we got rid of all of the people like him, that would be about 6 billion, the earth would be at maximum carrying capacity but everyone alive could have a decent life. Or 8 billion can eat Lentils (25% protein) and veggies (Whole food plant based diet) until the mess we made kills most of us anyway. Embrace nothingness most humans are hopeless. But as for me I don't want to be sick and suffer living a long life. As population reaches 9 billion you will see that it is impossible to live the way he wants to live anymore. If he's still alive he won't care and not even remember what you said.

  • >I'll tell a little story about the man
    >Be McAfee
    >own house in Belize
    >have a shit ton of dogs
    >neighbor get's annoyed with all his dogs
    >McAfee shoots the neighbor
    >He runs away to a private island
    >A few months later
    >ABC reporter goes to the island
    >McAfee is shirtless with his gun holsters on
    >as they sit down McAfee takes out a revolver
    >he puts one bullet in the cylinder
    >ABC reporter is shitting himself
    >"Umm McAfee what are you doing?"
    >McAfee proceeds to put the gun to his head and pulls the trigger
    >"Look alright can we just please do the interview?"
    >McAfee then pulls the trigger a second time
    >McAfee pulls the trigger again
    >He pulls the trigger again
    >Reporter is currently shitting himself
    >McAfee pulls the trigger for the 5th time
    >McAfee then proceeds to slowly pull down on the trigger as this one should 100% be the shot
    >ABC reporter is begging McAfee to stop and is screaming at this point
    >McAfee Pulls the trigger
    >McAfee proceeds to pull the trigger again and again
    >it clicks every time
    >He then proceeds to point the gun to some targets in his backyard
    >He pulls the trigger
    >McAfee proceeds to say just possibly the most badass thing any human has said
    >"Now look the reality you live in is not really what you would think it is"
    >"The reality in which I shot my Neighbor is not one in which is real very much like this revolver"
    >"As you can see reality can be twisted and turned to serve individuals"
    >"So no I did not shoot my neighbor"
    >ABC reported has shit his pants at this point
    >"Alright so let's go on with the interview yes?"

    >John McAfee, a real like Morpheus.

  • >>288

    not to ever fuck with me buddy. this is just the beginning pinko commie cuban cucked fucktard!

  • >>28400

    Que asco esta weona, es una bolsa andante de ETS

    Alguien debería denunciarla

  • >>4515
    >No there aren't, this isn't an episode of star trek.

    Yes there are, no till crops are one of many techniques. Regardless, it’s takes 50 lbs of grain to make one lbs of meat. If people ate more vegetables there wouldn’t be a need to grow as much food as we do now.

  • Leave me alone Brandon

  • deve ter morrido </3

  • yes... we found the art which proves donald carlos seoane is connected to eddie dzial!

  • >still defending Zaush

    Hey, nice house you have. Pay me $5000 or I'll burn it down. Oh you're paying me? You're consenting to give me $5000? Thank you. I have your consent to take this money so I am in the clear.

    Yeah... see how dumb your defense really sounds? It's called extortion and it's also illegal. Just more crimes to his name.

  • Ahora si se le desgarró la zorra

  • >>28398


  • I hope OP hits Zaush. Fucker deserves it the most.
    Taking a few pedos out while you can will also help, and sorry but fuck you, "drawings" still make you a pedo in need of a bullet to the brain. Facts don't care about your insanity nor did having Trumpedo in office normalize your sicko shit.

  • >>28394

    gracias por el bump

  • Pajero

  • >>172095
    >t. jole

  • Remember to stake your crypto

  • >>172111
    >god I wish he was meth talking to me right now