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  • >>178622

    You won't be going there you'll be dead, extinct, you'll be stinct - ing, stinking compost. You don't have enough money to go to mars, welfare checks won't buy a ticket. The rich people are going to space and leaving the trash behind.

  • what is "armenia"?

  • Nothing wrong with autism.

  • >>178646

    Tell the black mother she can tongue my brown anus.

  • black people are the shitposters of people, whites are the rulecucks.

  • >>8474
    >early diet.

    I grew up with my Grandmother and a garden, I was always very healthy never sick. Over the years I started to eat to much Animal Products and noticed that although my diet seemed to be the best I wasn't feeling the best. And so I started to research and experiment on myself, until I found the answers.


    All of his stuff is on youtube watch a few and the bigger picture will begin to appear. Everything he says is from the latest research and then he finds the evidence, and puts it to the test.You can be healthy for life it isn't difficult, nobody has to get old and sick, suffer and die early. The problem is that meat and animal products is an addiction, the sooner this is realized the better, and this is from my own experience. When you see a chronically ill person and watch them you will see addiction behavior. This is why it's so difficult for people to change their lifestyle and diet.

    Another link
    How to Become a Tyrant

    I usually find everything here
    unless it's being money blocked, then I use searx, find an instance that works for you/
    and then there is torrent but I don't use it much anymore.

  • >>178622

    Tell that to the Black Mother.

  • >>178598

    Forget BBG, where did Yuri and his Chijo poop jar go.

  • >>178641

    He drew lainbee and that is all that matters.

  • Wait... is this britanon trying to figure out where Big Chungus started??? If so, was Travis 2 knives ever posted around on 4chumz?

  • >>178640

    I'm not OP tbh, I just talked to him on whatever iteration of 8channel I found him on. AJ and him bickered like a married couple IIRC. He banned a lot of peeps on /doom/ including Klim. Idk where Mola ended up desu.

  • Can someone give me the details on this guy and why i should care?

  • >>178638

    So you're not him?

  • >>29296

    y la rule34 de esa monita, la tienes?

  • fogchan when

  • >>178603

    Mola Roo for what he claimed to be, was a slob when it came to eating. Who chews their food then spits it back out to mix around in the juices then finally eats it? I even suggested a blender, but doing dishes was too much of a "hastle." I get his whole "eating wood" work out was his life, but dude fix your teeth.

  • Did Big Chungus replace Travis?

  • Jole is too shook to step up to tue might of Yonkers.

  • A very good website, worth watching, collecting and enjoying.

  • How to become a Tyrant

    >Ruling with an iron fist requires an aspiring dictator to know the playbook for absolute power, as history's despots prove in this sardonic docuseries.

    It's also on netflix.

  • >>8468
    >children raised on meat have health problems

    Reminds me of this lady from guatemala that I worked with a few years ago. Just to get through our shifts we made small talk, and she mentioned as how a kid over there her family only ate meat once a week as they grew everything else for the rest of the week as to not purchase. She said a lot of others had health issues/surgeries and thanked her early diet.


    I actually like oatmeal, but I never eat in the mornings.


    Thx for the link, I got a cousin that works as a nutritionist. But he also claims wild theories on covid at the same time, so I take his judgement with a grain of salt.

  • I once faced this epic kayfaber, i got btfod so hard i barely came out of it alive, there is not victory against jole only survival at best.

  • >>4185

    Thanks for the reply.
    A month later TOR site is accessible, but NO posting allowed. Is this intentional?

    ...or is it because the captcha image uses the URL "https://9chan.tw..." which doesn't display while on the onion site (no captcha = no ability to submit posts)?

  • Blitzo should fuck big chungus instead tbh