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  • Google is automatically giving data to police based on search keywords, court docs show


    There are few things as revealing as a person's search history, and police typically need a warrant on a known suspect to demand that sensitive information. But a recently unsealed court document found that investigators can request such data in reverse order by asking Google to disclose everyone who searched a keyword rather than for information on a known suspect.

    The original warrant sent to Google is still sealed, but the report provides another example of a growing trend of data requests to the search engine giant in which investigators demand data on a large group of users rather than a specific request on a single suspect.

    The keyword warrants are similar to geofence warrants, in which police make requests to Google for data on all devices logged in at a specific area and time. Google received 15 times more geofence warrant requests in 2018 compared with 2017, and five times more in 2019 than 2018. The rise in reverse requests from police have troubled Google staffers, according to internal emails.

    Google said Thursday that it works to protect the privacy of its users while also supporting law enforcement. The company declined to disclose how many keyword warrants it's received in the last three years. Google is also facing criticism for complying with broad data requests such as geofence and keyword searches.

    "Think of the ramifications in the future if everyone who searched something in the privacy of their own home was subject to interviews by federal agents," Spodek said. "Someone could be interested in how people die a certain way or how drug deals are done, and it could be misconstrued or used improperly."

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    >Lone geniuses

    Can't tell if fedposting or not

  • ~test~

  • '''test'''

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    Damn this board is gay

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    Mormon Jesus strikes again, nubian beauties!

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    >Eat Real Life Cereal

    im new, what does it mean?

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    praise kek and weaponised autism

  • Guerrinha, óbvio.

  • π

  • Não, acho que não. A maioria das amigas lesbicas que tenho são "alternativas" e isso é um grupo pequeno entre mulheres no geral. Mas olhando por outro lado, todas as minhas amigas e eu somos bi-curiosas, com preferência pra homens.

  • O 56chan não serve mais pras anãs, infelizmente

  • 2!

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    wew i remember this meme. how long its been, robot?

  • Biden: Muslims Will Serve ‘At Every Level’ of His Administration


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    Also these caps.

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    Now the biggest reason, that I was told, that women are into this fetish is because they don't want to lose a husband, a father of their children, nor worry about money. Many of them want to stay home, raise children, build a home for their provider. It's weird and tells me that many white women are only masquerading as feminists or independents because of psy-ops pushed as memes by MSM.

  • >>24208

    To build upon that anon's post, it does bother them (the males) and the women fake that it bothers them. I used to live in Portland. I'm a larger guy and tend to be hairy. I have to shave daily if I want to be clean shaven for my office job. There are times, like covid, where I couldn't shave due to razors not being in stock and me being too lazy to dig out the electric one. So with a full beard and having to do errands, women would stop nonestop to ask to feel and touch my beard. Minority women were the worst and would leave notes with their numbers in my beard, or in my pockets, and the more brave ones would shove it in my pants. 90% of these non-white women would ask me to call them nigger, spic or kike. Jewish women were the biggest self-hating women to date with a whole list of demands for fetishes, like nazi uniforms, rope and golden showers.

    Black women and Hispanic or Latina women wanted to be called everything that'd make it sound like they exist below me, be treated like hired help or slaves, and one black girl legitimately wanted to stay at my apartment and wear a uniform everyday with crotchless panties to be "of service" whenever needed. While I never fell for this temptation, I did notice at my job a small series of perks began to rollout where those above me kept giving me easier jobs and actually competed for my attention to the point of seeing a 5 dollar raise and a higher position with less amount of work.

    The only request?
    Keep the beard.

    So all in all, anons don't have to do much with this OP other than keep it up and non-violent. The women are already into it heavily, and many critique the aesthetic appeal of non-white men and their dicks. It's weird and almost autistic. Women are already refer to Niggers as nigger or shit dicked. Meaning they don't like their penises. I asked a nigger in the office about her comment and she got upset for being caught. Pleaded not to say shit to HR because she was light skinned and that black dicks look like shit logs.

    Take it as is: There's a weird fetishization of white men.

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    Constipation: no problem, call ToiletMan today.
    Eat Real Life Cereal

  • basao

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  • Veteran Police Trainer:
    ‘THIS WAS A MISTAKE’ Louisiana cop put on leave for calling George Floyd’s death ‘result of poor technique’ and ‘not murder’

  • >>659

    Your site is the only one still functioning. I thought Coalfax was the start of something bigger, something important. Then BLM came along and everything got banned. No one talks about coalburning as if they suddenly stopped caring. Almost like a meme that was popular for a couple months.