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It's time to sit back and be entertained with a very special and rare talent. The first time I witnessed the power of her voice and persona was unforgetable. At 13 she competed on Americas got talent and almost won it.
I'll introduce you to my favorite opera singer...Laura Bretan:



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Fantasy Island (2020)

Just finish watch this ...I give it 3/10 boring as hell
here are some comment on https://www.imdb.com which represent my feeling perfectly
"Campy, funny and with the worst meaningless plot twist I've ever seen"
oh and when I find imahe of this movie on google just to make this thread I realize it's remake of TV series in fantasy 1978.... well fuck it I will not wasted my time on this anymore

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game of thrones

After I heard about this series for a long time . finally I have watched it .
I give it 8/10 score for season 1. I still not finish season 2 yet
the setting world are pretty interesting I like that each clan have symbols of animals . the wolf the lion the deer and the dragon . but here is what I dislike .. ... why there are sex scene in almost every episode ? low budget for epic scene ? so they use human body for the cheapest cost ? and why the fuck there are "gay joke" in many episode . I feel like the writer are a kids who fear his story will not "realistic" enough . it's look like a BERSERK rip off somehow .

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Rabbit disease

In Addition To Everything Else, Now "Bunny Ebola" Is Spreading Rapidly Across The US

The official name of the virus is RHDV2 (Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease, V2,). Within the last couple of weeks, the virus has riddled its way through El Paso, Alamosa and Prowers counties.
“It started in New Mexico and has spread to Texas, Arizona, Mexico, California, Nevada and Colorado so far. And that’s just in a matter of weeks,” LaRoche said.
The mortality rate is extremely high, but the virus only affects lagomorphs such domestic rabbits, hares and jackrabbits, and pikas (to name a few). “It does not go to any other animals like dogs, cats or humans. It’s strictly lagomorphs,” LaRoche said.

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Consciousness and the electromagneticbioenergy field.

itt we discuss metaphysics and all things mystical, shamanism, Daoism, animism, advaita, zen and buddhism, non-duality, the social sciences: sociology, psychology, psychiatry, anthropology and so on.
This is not for dogmatic religious discussion because it invites fighting and spam, lets try to keep an open mind and control the emotions. If you can't do this just take a break, or sleep on it before continuing the argument. I would prefer avoiding heated discussions and we can do this realizing that this is not /b/ if you want a 'b' type discussion then go over there, thanks. :^)

We will see how this works out, and maybe later we can try an integral, interfaith discussion, but this is a different topic because it involves a personal supreme being or god. I will try my best not to offend anyone.

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Plastic Rain

This thread is about a newly discovered doom - microplastic pollution:
Plastic waste has been found to not stay put in soil or in seabeds. If they get small enough, they'll get picked up with moisture, and spread with rain, and spread into all corners of the planet, where humans and animals will inhale it into our lungs, where it will do damage and (in the case of small animals) even kill. It may cause erosion in soil - nobody really knows at this point. ...but at this point the sheer amount of microplastics is becoming a real problem. If we continue using it - plastics probably the most useful material on Earth - we might get to the point where, a couple of hundred years from now, we'll need to start purifying our oxygen, and restrict our crop fields to giant greenhouses. ...and you can image just how few oxygen tanks and greenhouses that will be going around, so most of us just has to settle for living until our thirties or so, and then dying due to clogged up lungs, livers and kidneys.
This problem isn't really restricted to plastics, though, but all materials that we construct on a molecular level because of its near infinite longevity, and then just distribute into nature as waste, and hope that it won't come back to ever haunt us.
Well, it's begun to haunt us now. Some amount of what you're seeing in the image, might already be accumulating in your lungs right now, and once heavy particles get into your lungs, they'll stay there until you die.