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The "I need help with my board" thread

If you need help adding assets to your board, or styling your board to look a certain way, post here. I'll try to help myself when I can and I'm willing to make commits if certain things are too hard to do.

If you want a blue board like this one, the easiest way is to mark it "Worksafe" in the config. This follows the 4chan idea of red boards = nsfw, blue boards = sfw.

A good way to make your board stand out is by giving it a good board icon. It's on the asset page. The icon shows up everywhere on the site outside of your board. It accepts SVGs.

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This is a transparency report for 9chan for April 20th to May 9th. This is our first transparency report. All subsequent transparent reports will be made on the 9th of each month.

During this time, I have received no communication from any law enforcement from any country. I have not received any DMCA takedown notices. No posts have been deleted at the request of a 3rd party.

After launch, the site was immediately attacked by a persistent threat posting child sex abuse material (CSAM). Measures have been taken to secure the site. Volunteer staff are now available to watch the file moderation dashboard in all timezones. Further improvements to our file banning system, the implementation of the Cloudflare CSAM filter (built in cooperation with the NCMEC), to the websocket system retroactively removing banned images from client browser windows, and to the responsiveness of the file dashboard itself have greatly reduced the effectiveness of this vector of attack. These improvements have allowed me to enable Tor posting with files again. The average lifespan of this material is under 60 seconds.

Our launch was made more difficult by the sudden and unexpected seizure of the 9chan.us domain by the CEO of Epik, Rob Monster. After a phone call he agreed to allow the domain to be forwarded, but it doesn't have a valid SSL certificate and is not behind Cloudflare, so most users will probably not follow the redirect. Our current registrar is the same as 8kun.top, and it has already endured complaints from 3rd parties.

There have been no other domain seizures or hosting problems.

This PGP key is set to expire on April 20th, 2021. For the transparency notice of April 2021, I will include the fingerprints of the new PGP key.

Josh josh@9chan.org
36E3 7BF9 6C85 74F1 10F1 B60F 9FE5 996E A30C D54D

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I found some old INFINITY NEXT™ assets, all the way back to when the software was originally called Larachan.

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Cum to 9chan /leftnudes/

GJ Josh! We've made a new board to take advantage of this great free speech venue. /leftnudes/ is a board for appreciating the beauty and sexuality of Democratic babes like AOC. It's a place to share tasteful fake nudes and sexy erotic stories. Staff wanted. Moar pictures wanted.


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hello frens

I'm sorry for the delay in new features that would improve the user experience but I've been hard at work hardening the site from some malicious activity. One of the things I patched in today is an additional event for WebSockets that will retroactively purge images from the page if they're deleted on the back-end. This is an optional feature (Options > Attachments), enabled by default.

With some refinements to the fuzzybanning system and some additional help getting 24/7 moderation coverage the volume of CSAM is already on a sharp decline. However, I think it's already taken a toll on the site, and in particular any thread I featured became a hotbed of people posting CSAM with the knowledge that even if I phashed it, all clients watching that thread would have it in their tab when they flipped back over. I've also fixed an issue that made spamming threads trivial.

I'm very thankful for everyone's patience. With the increased calmness I went ahead and purged all the global bans on VPNs that had been made over the last few days. Hopefully I can continue to work on the front-end now.

What 4chanX / Front-End features are you missing the most?

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9chan.us is either seized or locked by epik.com

Update (4/23/ 10:30am CET): Epik contacted me regarding the domain. I believe this was purely a business decision. The owner's point of view is that freedom of speech is distinct from what he describes as anarchy. I wish they had communicated with me before taking the domain offline so I had time to prepare without the site being down, but at the same time Rob Monster wished I had contacted him about a high-risk domain before moving forward with it, so that's fair I guess.

The Tor domain is as follows and should be bookmarked.

New domain will be 9chan.hk - I am looking into backups, including other domain registrars within China as well as .eth and OpenNIC domains.

On April 22, 2020 at 8:28:29 PM, Esther Aronowitz wrote:

> Dear Abuse@epik.com,
> 8chan has been re-branded by Joshua Moon as 9chan.us and setup shop under your registrar with a usTLD. The rebrand is currently hosting child porn and domestic terrorist content. I am sure Epik does not want to be held responsible for what 9chan.us is doing, so I recommend Epik quickly remove the 9chan.us domain name from your registrar and ban Joshua Moon from creating new domain names under Epik.
> https://www.geekwire.com/2019/epik-reverses-course-seattle-area-web-services-company-will-not-host-8chan-following-shooting/
> Sincerely,
> Esther M. Aronowitz

On 4/23/2020 5:34 AM, Rob Monster wrote:

> Josh,
> We want nothing to do with it.
> https://www.epik.com/blog/epik-draws-line-on-acceptable-use.html
> Thanks
> Rob
> Rob Monster | Founder and CEO
> Epik Holdings Inc.

On April 22, 2020 at 10:25:24 PM, Joshua Moon (josh@jaw.sh) wrote:

> 9chan is not 8chan.

On 4/23/2020 7:33 AM, Rob Monster wrote:

> Joshua,
> Don’t care. Dolphin sex or whatever.
> Look at this crap:
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epik_(domain_registrar)
> That is all largely due to the Chans.
> There is free speech (e.g. Gab, Infowars, Bitchute) and there is
> unmoderated chaos.
> We’ll pass on empowering the latter.
> Our position was pretty clear on acceptable use.
> Rob

On April 22, 2020 at 10:37 PM, Joshua Moon (josh@jaw.sh) wrote:

> Yeah dude, who'd have thought that the easily offended mentally ill
> people who write on Wikipedia for free would use their modicum of
> relevance to try and strike out against the people who do or even
> tolerate things they don't like. Instead of just ignoring these
> powerless, impotent, screeching manchildren it's best to act
> emotionally, throw off customers without warning, disrupt services in
> the process, and send incoherent and misinformed emails referencing
> "dolphin sex" like anyone would have any fucking idea what you're
> talking about. You've got fucking PTSD over a Wikipedia article.

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Post bugs.

Please provide a screencap, steps to reproduce, what browser you are using, and if you are mobile or desktop.

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I want to thank everyone for a good first day. I'm thrilled beyond all expectation with the site's performance and the variety of real content we're already seeing coming in. I can tell this is not just activity from places I already run. There's a demand here, and I am now very optimistic 9chan can fill the void - at least for a while, at least long enough to remind people what it feels like.

In the coming days I'll be focusing on resolving the few errors people are still encountering, then the usability issues more critical to the site, and then finally progressing into actual UX and adding new features that everyone is used to from 4chanX and 8chan's native JavaScript extensions.

Of course, the repository is open source for those bold enough.

A long time ago I had a vision for 8chan and I'm hoping we can see it through now, especially at a time it's needed the most.

(Pic is from a 2015 8chan meetup in Manila, Philippines. I'm the fat white one not in a wheelchair.)

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Welcome to 9chan

9chan is an imageboard running Infinity Next, an open source software originally commissioned by the users of 8chan to replace Infinity, a pet project of Fredrick Brennan he started while the administrator of Wizardchan. 9chan exists because 8chan does not, and hopes to succeed where 8chan failed. Maybe 9chan will fail, maybe it will never get any interest, but I am compelled to try — with reckless disregard for the outcome.

Global Rules

The Terms of Service lists many things illegal in the US and the contexts for which they are illegal.

tl;dr What I will enforce
No prostitution.
No CP, no 3D renderings of CP.
No boards or threads dedicated to: animal abuse ('animal crush'), child nudity, child models.
Lolicon and shotacon will be isolated on boards dedicated to those topics, and which do not allow forms of pornography to be posted alongside it.

Read the ToS for more information.

Infinity Next retains very little information about its users. For more information:

Both documents are subject to change at any time.

User Owned Boards

You are encouraged to start your own board by clicking Create Board at the top of the page. As long as your board abides by the global rules and US law, you are free to run it however you please.

However, if there is high demand for a board, and there are multiple, unsatisfactory attempts at user-ran boards for that purpose, I reserve the ability to open a 'federal' board.

I strongly suggest you register with a real email address, not associated with any real or fictitious identities you use elsewhere, which you will have access to later. This email address may be used for account recovery and the claims process down the road. If you need an email provider, I suggest https://protonmail.com, https://cock.li, or https://tutanota.com/. There is no email address verification now, but that may change and people who provided email addresses which do not exist or they do not control may lose access to their boards.

"Federal" Boards

Currently, boards fewer than 4 characters in length (i.e. /0/ through /zzz/) are reserved unconditionally by the administration. Boards that have existed on 4chan are additionally reserved (this extends to /trash/, /bant/, and /news/). I have also taken the liberty to reserve certain other names which I believe will only exist to be used to break the rules..

/9/, /b/, /int/, /mu/, and /news/ currently exist as 'federal' boards. These are boards I run myself, set rules for myself, and staff myself. I want to create as little work for myself as possible, so I am only opening boards I am interested in. I would prefer every board be adequately ran by users.

Infinity Next

Infinity Next is open source and almost entirely written by one person: me.

The software is definitely not done, but I feel it's at a point where it's safe to start letting people register boards. I could be wrong. Who knows. I'll fix things as I go along. You're welcome to make PRs, but it's a very good idea to email me at josh@jaw.sh before doing anything because I tend to spend 12 hours a day making huge, sweeping changes with zero notice.

The Github will probably be deleted at some point because Github is ran by trannies and they get mad about stupid shit. When we have our new domain, I will move it to a Gitea installation.

If you'd like to report a bug, email josh@jaw.sh.

The Domain

Currently, our domain is https://9chan.us. I intend to move us over to https://9chan.org when it is moved to a new registrar. I will make some effort to notify people, but consider this your notice it will one day redirect to the new domain.

9chan is one guy's work. I've tried very hard to build myself and my Internet infrastructure to the point where hosting a site like this is possible. If it lives or dies, it's not entirely up to me. All I can do is my best. I hope you enjoy your time here, for however long it lasts.