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/anonclub/ is for fostering relatively adult conversation. Here are the club policies:

-Anonymous only
-no nigs or similar: Images or users
-sperg spam=deleted
-funny shitposts=welcome

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ITT, we talk about sex, tell stories, likes & dislikes, etc.....

I like being teased. I like being slapped a little and I like being in control of her. I can't be in a relationship with someone I can't have Earth-shattering sex with. I like girls that can dance and I like girls that know how to use every inch of their body. Just had a great fuck, yesterday; Started at like 4AM and went until like 9. I missed work, but fuck it.

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So, do you guyz consider yourself an introvert, ambivert, or extrovert?

I like socializing with people that genuinely interest or amuse me, but refuse to make small talk with anyone that doesn't. There's no such thing as "uncomfortable silence" to me, but sometimes it is fun to be the life of the party. I would say I'm mostly an ambivert with a slight bias towards introversion.

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Natural Sexy Faces

Any other men prefer females with no/minimal makeup? I just think even moderate amounts of the shit looks unappealing and I like a natural face way more. I don't really like how women try to elevate their value with it, and I have more respect for an attractive girl that can go without it.

Anyways, post pics of natural/almost natural babes.

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Space Exploration

What's the thoughts on space exploration and settling? I think it'd be super neat to go establish an "ethnostate" in the stars. If we continue on the path of privatizing aerospace industry, all manners of new colonization possibilities are feasible. Terraforming planets and moons is a far cry right now, but we definitely have the tech to inhabit asteroids and build space cities for 2-300,000 bodies. At this point, I'd blast off and leave Earth for the stars at the drop of a hat if a new colony was a serious option.

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gonne defend my thesis tomorrow

the subject i actually worked hard on got rejected due to bureaucratic hubris (the uni board failed to change the topic on their end), so my coordinator (what a lad) took chunks of previous works of mine and stitched them into 70 pages of bullshit that still has some original research

...that's mostly just glorified soviet cartoon reviews with an emphasis on the role of censorship in cinema

any examples of you witnessing bullshit that academia pulled? post.

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Who do you hate and why?

I hate people that can't admit they're wrong. I truly believe most people are capable of improving themselves, even in small ways, but this requires a dose of objectivity and realism. If you can't admit error or refuse to see yourself critically, there is no hope for you.

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Religion/spirituality general

I don't believe in "good and evil"; I believe the primal essence of all life to be sex (creation) & violence (destruction); these 2 continually swap places and are part of the same whole. I don't know about reincarnation, but spiritual essence probably does get recycled. Everything seems interconnected and animated by a force or energy. I believe there may be ways to "cheat" death.

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"How are you?"

Is almost worse than cursing me out. At least getting cussed at is an expression of honesty. Why can't people just say "hello" or "hi", anymore? Everything starts at feigned interest, now. All I want is a fucking bottle of tea without feeling obligated to forcefully regurgitate up a "good" or "fine". I don't want to fucking small talk, I just want a this or that and be on my way. Or at work; "how are you, how are you?" I'm at a fuckin' wage slave shithole losing precious hours off of my life, just leave me the fuck alone, normaltrash. Praise whatever higher power is responsible for self-checkout and long live headphones.

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Black Lies Matter

Faking oppression is about conveying raw emotion; he who screams the loudest will be heard. Once again, the nigger and mulatto trash have worked themself into a rage because everybody isn't sucking their dick enough. Despite perpetrating the most hate crimes, they scream about discrimination; despite Whites being more victimized by Law Enforcement, they scream about police brutality; despite society bending over backwards for them and the multitude of privileges they get as a result, they scream about "systemic racism". Where were all these humanitarian niggers when their kin genocided us in South Africa? Where are they when White people are murdered by the police? Where is the outcry for all the aggressions perpetrated on us by them on a daily basis?

"Blacks" are liars. They lie to everyone else, and worse, they lie to themselves. Actions speak louder than words, and niggers have never cared about "equality", but having special privileges nobody else deserves. They will tell you not to stereotype, and then blame ALL White people for any percieved injustice contrary to facts and statistics. Whites were in chains long before niggers, we were genocided far worse, at multiple times, and WE are the TRUE victims of ongoing systemic racism. At this moment, niggers have the support of most world governments, all US mega-corporations, the entirety of mainstream media, and yet they are "oppressed".

Portraying victimization is about screaming the loudest; not statistics, not cogent arguments, not "redpilling", but screaming, and he who does it the loudest, will be heard.

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What is Genetic Compounding?

Genetic Compounding is a concept that I've developed in regards to observing the effects of environmental influences in human reproduction that result in dysgenic effects. The concept is human-exclusive and is intended to carry negative connotations towards an accumulation of overly similar mental and physical traits in humans that create disadvantageous results.

How it works: Genetic Compunding is the result of physical, mental, or both types of traits that are similar in nature
being excessively repeated in reproduction. Examples: Multiple generations of short humans breeding creating undersized offspring, multiple generations of humans breeding that have low curiosity results in offspring that are predisposed to be poor at discovery and exploration; I think you get the idea.

How it happens: Labor specialization is a huge culprit; with modern workforces being generally divided into blue collar and white collar occupations, and then being further divided into sub-categories that work to inhibit gene flow and exchange between the different groups. The second major cause is "love", itself; people tend to choose those that are most similar to them, increasing the compounding effects.

Why it's bad: Genetic Compounfing is dysgenic because it creates humans that get pigeonholed into archetypes, rather than being more dynamic individuals. If you breed overly cooperative and altruistic humans, you will get the effect of something akin to the disadvantaged state of Europeans; too much selfishness and competitiveness, you wind up with Africa. Too many idealistic people breeding will inhibit realism; too much pragmatism inhibits abstraction, and so on....

How to solve it (in European society) and the benefits of doing so: Incentivize and/or mandate breeding programs, whilst abolishing law enforcement & prison. The 1st would be focused on maximizing physical and cognitive diversity: Breeding humans with different sets of traits together to get more varied, healthy, competent, skilled and dynamic individuals. The 2nd further benefits the gene pool by integrating traits that counter the detrimental effects that come with over-domestication. By combating genetic compounding, populations will most likely increase in physical attractiveness and absolutely increase in competence, ability and capability. One only needs to look at dog breeding to grasp the fundamental idea of what is being conveyed; humans are more complex, with many more intricate dimensions, but the general notion applies to us, as well. This is both a science and an art; one that if mastered, will pay unimaginable dividends to empowering European civilization.

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I have yet to see any white/european supremacist who can back his views with facts. It's always either low iq imageboard/pop culture shaped countryballing or historical revisionism, but you always come as cringy larpers that no respectable man can take serious, oblivious to your own history. Why are white outcasts so arrogant? They think themselfs superior and genius when they are ignorant and outcasts. Why?