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Do not post here anymore.
pic unrelated btw
The reason why is:
Because it is now baniwani.
Because I don't know how to keep up with this board.

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sorry if repost
i accidentally deleted
also some rules

  1. no impersonating the board owner
  2. no being an asshole to bo or something
  3. errrr...
  4. just have fun. but no breaking any serious rules and shiet
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Can we take a moment to respect how based Jackson is for sticking around imageboards even after 8chan fell? one of the most based diaperfag autists around.

By the way Jackson I still have your dox lol.

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All hail the shitlord yonkers of kitty god kingdom!

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I claim this unpolluted board for the reasons of all that is good and noble being left in the world and I am here to do it here now. Racists scum is losers they are poor. no woman no kids .
with the bo here to help me all scum will be killed from earth . make sure klim spammer does not come here .
this place is sacred place of rabbit and will be to destroy all evil from this site . actually i think virus of the gods will destroy all who speak against me for i know how to please such things from earth

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also pic unrelated, just testing a style with circles, lines, and curves)

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How to delete threads or posts? I can't seem to delete it with the right password on other ones
pic unrelated

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Wait this shits actually a place. I thought Yonkers NYC was an imaginary land where your characters reside, but it's fucking real lel

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greetings from /garrettandeerie/

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Your powers are growing...

I saw this image posted on a more niche chan. (Let the reader know that it was not me). The filename looks like it was saved off this very site.
There is not much for me to say, other than you are gaining immense powers throughout the imageboard realm.