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This is my place.

It's a place that I wanted to call /dump/ but some shithead took it already.

So I'm stuck with banter of all things, but don't think this is all fun and games kid.

If you are going to stick around in this shit-hole you best learn to talk shit and post better shit.

For now I'll be dumping as much as I can when I'm awake.

You can join in or be that lone loser in the corner that no one likes not even the losers. Why? because you have nothing, you are no one and you cant even be remembered. Hell at least shuve an egg up your ass or something.

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Saw myself walking in a video and it looks just terrible, now I am paranoid which makes me walk even weirder.

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This thread is for autism posters only.


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Welp time to stop shitposting for a day. Seem that I pissed off an admin, I wonder what one? After 24 hours I’ll be back to what is starting to seem like a restricted site for free some of speech. Josh may want to change this site a bit to represent that.

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I've been having these weird thoughts lately....
Like, is any of this for real... or not?