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Birb Stories

What bird stories do you have?

Have you ever had a pet bird? Have you ever saved or raised a bird?

Here's one I rescued a few years ago.

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Mystery Birbs

What does /bird/ do when they can't identify a fren? I had a boy hangin out in the tree with the light hitting him in a way I couldn't tell what he was. Just a reddish color, rough size, and calls it was making.

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Bird Rescue Stories

I rescued a fledgling Cedar Waxwing I found on the sidewalk several years ago. Its nest was destroyed from a storm and the parents abandoned it. It was late in the summer so it was a 2nd clutch. I tried to put it in a shoebox in a tree outside and watched it for over an hour, one adult bird looked at it but didn't interact with it and flew away so I decided it was going to be a goner unless I took it in.

I fed it blueberries and egg whites. It quickly grew up and began flying around my apartment. Once I was sure it was going to be ok on its own, I released it but kept fresh berries on my window sill for several weeks. It kept coming back as it was growing up into an adult and its crest was coming in. I would go outside and look for it and the bird would come down and land on my shoulder and beg for food.
He started finding other Cedars to fly around with and his own sources of food.

I took on a new job and moved to another state so I didn't get to enjoy the rest of the summer with this little guy but I think birdie made it.