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I just want friendship, no sex.
I have terrible agression and get horny.
People assume I'm autistic or asexual (or different lgbt/ other mental issue if not those).
My beliefs are all over the place and I don't know what i am other then confused.
What do?

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Post confessions, I'll start.

I want to have sexual intercourse with the administrator of this board.

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how was your day?

I woke up at 11 am, went downstairs, found 2 muffins on a plate for me without blueberries cuz my mom knows I don't like em, I started playing Total War Shogun II and then got a snapchat from a girl I met on iFunny (it's not like that, we mostly just send each other pics of our cats) and am currently eating Chickfila for dinner.

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Chernobyl. Harrisburg. Sellafield. Hiroshima.


It's in the air for you and me. Discovered by Madame Curie.

Chain reaction and mutation. Contaminated population.

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why did he get to have a not-shit childhood
why did he get to not have a youth full of abusive fuckheads
why did he not have to life in the fucking hood for the first 10 years of his life
why did he get to grow up with supportive parents and friends that nurtured his talents
why did he get to meet people that could get him places none of us could ever dream to be
why just him and not us too

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tf dis bitch ass nigga be doin

This bitch ass nigga mohammad andrey or sum bullshit dey be claming tha whyte man kill this nigga cuz he be jogging in the streets??? What nigga be jogging with Tims on?? Were i fum niggas be walking up with tims they gonna be stompin yo ass out or dey be kickin down yo door and steel your playstation yo xbox nigga. You be stealing the playstation? Nigga you lucky yo bitch ass only got shot to times. motherfckas come to my hood try and steal my playstation i got a SIXTY clip for yo bitch ass ima put 60 on you for the set thats on big folks

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I'm just a nigger with a rocket launcher

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I love pissing my pants. I love pissing my undies. The feeling of my piss-soaked, drenched underwear sticking to my lower abdomen. I love the feeling of piss pouring down my thighs, my legs. The feeling of piss drying on my skin. I piss myself willingly on public transport. I piss myself on the bus, my pants turning dark. The stench trapped in the vehicle, imposed on the other passengers forcibly. I piss myself multiple times in a row. I piss my pants, I change, I piss my pants again. Sometimes, I piss myself while I’m cooking food. I just let the piss forward. At the cashier down at my local mall, I piss my pants, my underwear, as I’m buying some onions, bread, maybe some asparagus. In the waiting room, waiting to see my social worker, I piss my pants. In bed at night, I drench my underwear, underwear that I piss into five, seven, twenty days in a row without changing. I piss on my soggy mattress, stinking of piss, that I’m too inept to clean. I piss my pants while I read my mail; the piss collecting in a puddle on my leather chair. Sometimes I look down four multiple minutes, maybe in the tens, maybe hours, at my piss-soaked pants, my piss-drenched underwear - all the characters of my imagination - down there, my microplastic-ridden limp hormone-depleted shadow of a penis, my swollen, retracted testicles, the faint presence of my weak, twinky pelvis, my petite, unwashed rectum - my victory. I piss myself; O Lord I piss myself in joy, in anger, in bitterness, in life, in death, in the laughter, in the cadence, in the days, the villa, the hut, the mirrors, the grey smoky earth, the trembling skies, the song of birds, the piss of rain, of rivers, of tears, of blood, of ejaculation, of coronations, of impossible odes, sonnets, all unbound, our dialogue, my somber soliquoy of piss. I love pissing myself. All for myself. My piss, like rain, like monsoons in my underwear. I piss myself. Yes, I piss myself. I love the feeling of piss in my underwear. I love pissing my pants.

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Damn, that is some good CSS. The only bad thing about is the fact that the purple is not dark enough. I would either make the purple darker or the text a bit more green