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Welcome to Christian

Welcome brothers and sisters in Christ! This board is intended as a place for believers of all stripes to come together and worship the Risen Lord. Respectful disagreement about holy topics being the highest form of worship. :)

>ITT: Discuss the state of the board and moderation team


>1) This board is intended for Christian discussion exclusively. All discussion of non-Christian beliefs is to be limited to the containment thread.
>2) Christian belief is defined as the acceptance of the Divine Risen Christ as your Lord and Savior, coequal with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Gnostics and Arians are not considered Christian by this board's administration.
>3) Please keep all discussion civil. We are all Christians here and even if you believe someone is not they are still made in the image of God, and so treat them with the same respect you are entitled to.
>4) This board is strictly SFW, so no nudity, pornography, gore, etc.
>5) Watch your language, this is a Christian board.
>6) Political discussions are considered non-Christian topics and should be kept in the containment thread.
>7) Remember to glorify God in all that you do.

Praise the Lord!

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Christ-chan - Image Dump

I am asking for all anons who may have in their possession to post every and all** renditions of Christ-chan you have stored away.
Rares that cannot be easily found otherwise are greatly appreciated
Will post what I have in contribution.

>**any blasphemous adultery or r34 type renditions need not apply

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Pray for 9chan

It seems that the powers that be do not want this site to prosper. While there is much evil present here this is also one of a few places where a true attempt at goodness can be made. Let us therefore give our thoughts and prayers to 9chan and to Joshua Connor Moon that he and by him we may triumph over this evil. In Christ' name, Amen

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Corona-Cucked churches

>March 12, 2020
>news media "pandemic" hype
>"millions will die! we need to flatten the curve!"
>"close all church services!"
>"if you stay open, you hate people and want them to die!"
>April 5 "Sorry, no Palm Sunday. Stay closed!"
>April 12 "Sorry, no Easter!"
>"It's May now, can we open yet?" "NO! We don't return to normal until Gates Foundation tattoo-666-vaccine comes out!"
>"Well, I okay. God bless our health care workers. Let's pray for Dr Fauci and Bill Gates."
>"I guess we have to remain closed."
>What about our First Amendment rights?
>"It's OK, let's just remain closed to prove to everybody how much we love them."

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Hateful people

What about hate? Is it good Christian to hate the foreigner or the homosexuals?
I see many hateful people taking refuge in the church to spread hatred freely to a whole group of people. Why do we allow them to endorse their prejudices in exchange for soiling the legacy of Christ?

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Conflict of intrests?

Hello, genuine question, How does this board and its users feel about the other boards on the site that might not seem to mesh well here. (Namely the Porn and LGBT boards),. Also is the promotion of Anti-bigotry a theme in Christianity that is accepted by yourselves or the board?

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NoFap General

Saw an anti-porn thread. It was bad so I'm making my own.

>ITT: Discuss all thing NoFap

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Christian Identity General

Praise Yahweh and welcome to the Christian Identity General!

As the word identity implies, it is the condition of being the same as something described or asserted. Christian Identity establishes who the true Israel is today according to the Holy Bible and world history. There is more than adequate and convincing proof that the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Scandinavian, Germanic and kindred peoples are the racial descendants of the tribes of Israel.

>What is Christian Identity


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The Trinity

The Trinity is one of the most important parts of Christian theology, yet it is also one of the most often misunderstood parts of it. The concept of one God in three persons distinct yet coequal is evident in the scriptures but the nuances are still difficult to understand for many people, especially newcomers to the faith. What are some ways we can explain the Trinity to converts that make sense without moving into heresies like Modalism?

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Convince me Catholicism is the one true way to be closer to God, /christian/. Show me the "pagan" critique of the religion is false.

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If you were to die today, do you think you'll go to heaven?

Isaiah 55:8-9
For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. 9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

People think a lot of things about heaven and what you need to do to get there, what's your personal opinion?

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Bill Jensen vs. The Christianity Hotline DOCUMENTARY

Intriguing documentary on a prominent troll on the Christianity Hotline. In the beginning he was a rival to Christianity Hotline. Later on he started making troll calls. The trolling got more and more worse. The rival acquired the help of Spamcult; an elite Discord hacking group. Spamcult posted dox information, ordered pizza, and gave daily SWATs calls. Both the hosts households and churches were visited daily by the County Sheriff.
Members of Spamcult had their electronics were taken away by the police for a while. Shane Boyle moved to Instagram and eventually confessed he was an Actor the entire time and claimed Bill Jensen was simply a character. The Hosts are among many victims of Shane Boyle / Bill Jensen’s elite Discord hacking and trolling scheme. More info to come!

https://youtu.be/WaFofm4ld5w?t=525 – Introduction
https://youtu.be/WaFofm4ld5w?t=793 - Former Mod (Testimony 1)
https://youtu.be/WaFofm4ld5w?t=972 – Spamcult member / SWAT Victim (Testimony 2)
https://youtu.be/WaFofm4ld5w?t=1243 – Bill J. calls SWATs and strikes down videos
https://youtu.be/WaFofm4ld5w?t=1382 – Phone call with Bill, SpamCult, Laude after SWAT
https://youtu.be/WaFofm4ld5w?t=1550 – Host’s Testimony

>Doesn’t read from Bible, forgives people live on stream, and the Crusade against Shane Boyle.

https://youtu.be/WaFofm4ld5w?t=1827 – Daily SWAT / County Sheriff visits
https://youtu.be/WaFofm4ld5w?t=1955 – Boyle admits he’s an Actor
https://youtu.be/WaFofm4ld5w?t=2088 – Host questions Boyle’s converts
https://youtu.be/WaFofm4ld5w?t=2146 – Host’s Conclusion

This documentary is CERTAINLY worth viewing and will be very entertaining even to people unfamiliar with Discord dox's and SWATs. Stay Sane.

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Happy birthday John Paul II

100 years ago, Karol Józef Wojtyła was born in Wadowice, Poland. Little did that humble family know that the boy they saw in those football fields would go on to be the most powerful man in the material world, and a servant of the Most High in Heaven.

Say something nice about JP II

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Where to find a humble christian lady?

I don't want to go searching for a girl in my church, because not only seems disrespectful to God's Temple but also because I don't want these things distracting me there.

The church group that I take part in don't have anyone my age. I also don't feel like taking part in a group that I dislike just for that. Its counterproductive for everyone.

I don't see anyone fitting in my circle of friends.

Internet is out of question. Even if it's easier to find someone with the same tastes, most relationships that start on the web end up nowhere.

So I came here to ask for advice from older brothers about how to handle this issue. I'm asking more out of curiosity than anything. Maybe other anons here also have the same question, so I considered bringing this topic here. I know that around my age (20s) a healthy relationship can only come after some serious self improvement, but I can't help but wonder about that: How/Where to find someone decent nowadays?

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Why is the pride flag the colors of the rainbow?

Hi friends, I started rereading the bible seriously for once, and trying to understand every single thing that is said.
One of the things that I found odd was the following;
I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth. - Genesis 9:13

This "bow" is currently being used as a symbol of homosexuality, something that God is clearly against in the Bible.

My question;
Do you think they use the rainbow to mock God and Christians, saying something along the lines of; "you promised to never destroy us all again, so we can do whatever we want!" ?

Why do you think they picked the rainbow?

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I don't want to be a protestant.

Anyone return to church in recent years here? I really want to but i grew up Catholic as a child, was alienated before i was confirmed and when i have thought of returning learned that it still has terrible unresolved issues. I want to be part of a church with a millennia of heritage but can't bear the disgusting anti-community focus of it's current iteration. I'm sure I'm not the only one that has looked at returning to church and found it focused on immigrants or petty gender issues instead of its own community.

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Bible Collections

>ITT: Post Bibles that you have

From left to right:

>1611 Edition of the King James Bible
>Bible that was gifted to me as part of a Scouting award (ESV)
>My confirmation Bible (ESV)
>Greek New Testament that my grandfather gave to me

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Christ and his righteousness E.J Waggoner

Christ and His
In the first verse of the third chapter of Hebrews
we have an exhortation which comprehends all the injunctions given to the Christian. It is this: “Wherefore, holy brethren, partakers of the heavenly calling, consider the Apostle and High Priest of our profession, Christ Jesus.” To do this as the Bible enjoins, to consider Christ continually and intelligently, just as He is, will transform one into a perfect Christian, for “by beholding we become changed.”
Ministers of the gospel have an inspired warrant for keeping the theme, Christ, continually before the people, and directing the attention of the people to Him alone. Paul said to the Corinthians, “I determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucifed” (1 Cor. 2:2); and there is no reason to suppose that his preaching to the Corinthians was diferent in any respect from his preaching elsewhere. Indeed, he tells us that when God revealed His Son in him, it was that he might preach Him among the heathen (Gal. 1:15, 16); and his joy was that to him grace had been given to “preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ.” Eph. 3:8.

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Advice for a future member of the Catholic Church.

I'm trying to become a member of the catholic church.

I was already baptized as a baby by my very religious grandparents, but my parents didn't really care for the christian faith and never took me to church. I spent my early years believing in God and Jesus Christ with no real context as to why I should as I didn't know of any bibical stories or bible verses. In my teenage years my mother (who grew up baptist) convinced me that the bible shouldn't be taken seriously because it was written centuries after Jesus death, contradicts itself many times, and "they put gays to death." She decided that she was going to become buddist while I became an atheist. I spent the next few years watching "pwned angry chrisian" videos along with watching the likes of T.J. Kirk and Mr. Repzion (who encoraged me to enter a 3 day old satanism phase) and I even got into a short-lived wiccan phase where I made my own wands because of tumblr. This all crumbled down when my 16 year old dog died. I wasn't sad at first, just shocked. Then as I stared at my dog's body under a thin blanket right before we buried him, I started to have an existential crisis. I became depressed from the feeling that there's nothing that you do that matters and there's absolutly nothing that comes after death and these thoughts were all I thought about until the summer of last year. Since then I have been lurking various christian sites and following christian youtubers and even made an attempt to listen to a catholic sunday mass every sunday, but in the past 2 months I fell out of that. I've deleted my porn stash last night after reading Corinthians 6:9-11 and Colossians 3:5-8 and have decided to go deep into studing the bible and eventually become a full member of Catholic church.

Please assist me. Which version of the catholic bible should I study? What other books should I read to guide me on my quest? Any advice I should take into consideration? Any prayers I should recite? Other helpful info?

God bless you for contributing!

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/feet/ General

John 13:8 "Peter said to him, “You shall never wash my feet.” Jesus answered him, “If I do not wash you, you have no share with me.”
Romans 10:15 "As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”

This thread is for discussing the elegance and the sacred nature of feet, as revealed in the Bible. Inspirational verses relating to feet, paintings and depictions of the Feet of Christ and the feet of saints & apostles, discussion of modern foot-washing practices. Users are welcome to share pictures of their own feet, provided they are clean.

This is NOT a foot fetish thread and foot fetishists are NOT welcome. There are other boards for that kind of sin. Please, keep it pure.

1 Samuel 2:9 “He will guard the feet of his faithful ones, but the wicked shall be cut off in darkness, for not by might shall a man prevail."
Romans 16:20 "The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you."

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I'm a catechumen converting to catholicism but I'm questioning my sincerity in converting, I don't wanna be that catholic zoomer fiend. I feel like I'm struggling with my faith and feel apathetic or like I may end up an atheist. I want to know God but struggle believing. Any advice or prayers would be appreciated

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East Christians General /ecg/

Hi everybody, this general is welcome for everybody but the focus is on Eastern Catholicism and Orthodoxy. Let's talk about what our church's traditions are. I'm Greek Melkite and go to a Maronite church. What we do is for every mass, during the consecration no matter what language the mass is in, the priest always prays it in Aramaic/Syriac (Jesus's language).
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KD8Gno7-kGo <- This is what it sounds like.

God Bless and feel free to share even if your not in an Eastern Church. Also we need a thread theme

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8/christian/ Streamer

I remember that there was a streamer who advertised his streams on 8chan's /christian/ about a year or two ago. They were pretty good, they acted as a sort of bible study over the internet. Does anyone know what happened to him?

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Sunday Worship Thread | April 26th

>Romans 5:3-5
>3 Not only that, but we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance,
>4 and endurance produces character, and character produces hope,
>5 and hope does not put us to shame, because God's love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.

It has been quite the week. Though it got off to a rocky start, this new chapter of the weird experiment that is /christian/ has been quite incredible. I would like to thank all of you that have come to this board in this past week for bringing the best of /christian/ back to life. May God bless you all

>ITT: Sing praise to the Lord on this wondrous day

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Banners Thread

>ITT: Suggest board banners

Banners should be 600x200 or an SVG with a 3:1 ratio.

Also thoughts on denomination flags? I don't want to cause unnecessary division, but if enough people want them I'll add them

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Denominational flags?

can we get those on this board? also, lets not let this board get overrun with /pol/ tier white nationalist "christians", while at the same time not being zionist.

christian values, not "judeo-christian".