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CoalFax Submissions

Welcome to /coalfax/

What is Coal Fax?

An online history (think Carfax) for men to check and see if a girl has a history of coalburning or other thottery. Months ago when the site was brought online, the general reaction to the site on halfchan's /pol/ soon became overwhelming positive. The weeks that followed were filled with drama, the website got national media attention in Australia, the owner got doxxed. Halfchan also started deleting all Coal Fax threads. Streisand effect: >>>/bestpol/3085 with a full blockchain suite being built as an immutable ledger of verifiable coalburners ensures this project's longevity. Meanwhile, there's always https://www.femfax.com/

RULES:You may only post what the subject has made available online publicly. You may not post anything that breaks the law, including any information obtained through hacking.

Create a thread with pictures and a verifiable&public story.

I recommend using a VPN or TOR-enabled browser whenever posting stories.

Also checkout https://www.femfax.com/

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Mackenzie Lueck, Utah

Mackenzie Lueck was a mormon coalburner and paid the toll in full plus interests. Her big black coon nigger nigerian boyfriend Ayoola Ajayi sequestered, raped, killed and finally burned her to a crisp in his backyard (I wouldn't be surprised if that ugly savage blood-thirsty ape cannibalized some parts for good measures). The lies and excuses he made up to the police about the overwhelming evidence against him is laughable.Read the article for a good laugh.

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Lauren O'Connor McDonald,Illinois

Cousin of coalburning twitter twat Anne Theodora Malina (@ProfaneFeminist) was a nasty coalburner herself with 3 mongrel sons. She paid the toll when her nigger boyfriend (not the baby daddy, that's another nigger) brutally killed her before doing the world a big favor and blowing his nigger brains out.


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Jade Herbert, Manchester

She burned the coal, she paid the toll, She burned the coal, she paid the toll, She burned the coal, she paid the toll, She burned the coal, she paid the toll, She burned the coal, she paid the toll.

Jade Herbert, 25, was brutally attacked by her nigger boyfriend Fidal Robinson

Bet you glad you get her COAL FAX

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Jessica Arrendale, Georgia

Coalburning whore Jessica Arrendale was out with her nigger husband, 30-year-old Antoine Davis, on a Saturday night when he started chimping out and became “belligerently drunk and abusive.” Later that night, Davis chased Arrendale up the stairs of their three-story town home. She tried to defend herself with a baseball bat but she was overpowered by the former serviceman. He struck her several times with the bat. Arrendale locked herself and her mongrel baby daughter inside an upstairs bathroom. Armed with a rifle, the nigger burst through the door and shot Arrendale in the head.

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Amanda Blevins, Ohio

Race traitorous coal burning mud shark Amanda Blevins,20, was found with a ventilation wound to her head in an upstairs bedroom. Her nigger boyfriend Deangelo J. Jones, turned himself in a few hours after.

Jones reported to police that he and his girlfriend Amanda Blevins were getting ready to play a game of Russian roulette. He loaded a revolver with one round of ammunition and left the room for a moment. Jones told police that Blevins started to play the game without him, as he could hear the hammer of the gun hitting on empty chambers.Jones then told police he rushed into the upstairs bedroom and grabbed the gun from her. While it was in his hands, the gun went off and a bullet struck Blevins in the face.



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Emma Murphy, Ireland

>blond Irish girl fucks nigger
>has nigger kids
>nigger assaults Irish girl
>posts video on Facebook
>Irish girl is a single mommy
>now has a white boyfriend

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New CoalFax

So, my last project, thotfax.org got hacked because I made it in wordpress. With a ton of help from an anon on >>/bestpol/ there is a new coalfax. It may be a bit crappy looking right now, but at least it's more secure. I present: coalfax.xyz. I know some niggers are going to spam the hell out of it, but I'll go through the database at least everyday and remove their posts.

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Wilma Andersson (Toll Paid)

Wilma, a 17 year old from Sweden, was murdered and cut into pieces by her invader boyfriend. The boyfriend was a 23 year old who first came to Sweden in 2006 as a refugee. Swedish authorities refuse to release his information, he is after all a poor minority who must be protected. Swedish authorities are probably investigating whether or not Wilma was racist and resisted her murder.


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Iris Ross

Anthony Ross has been arrested after he allegedly shot his wife and two kids dead on Christmas Day at an upscale apartment complex in Phoenix
He has been charged with three counts of first-degree murder and more than a dozen counts of aggravated assault on an officer
Killed were 38-year-old Iris Ross, 11-year-old Nigel and 10-month-old Anora
Ross was a vegan chef, author and motivational speaker who lost a significant amount of weight in his 20s when he cut out animal products


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Mollie Tibbetts (Toll Paid)

from https://archive.is/wzgfF

Mollie Tibbetts, an Iowa student, made multiple tweets supporting illegal immigration along with self hatred of white people. She was killed at the age of 20 by an illegal immigrant. Police confirmed Tuesday they found the 20-year-old University of Iowa student's body after a five-week search. Tibbetts went missing on July 18 after going for a jog near Brooklyn, Iowa. Cristhian Rivera, age 24, has been charged with first degree murder in the case. Police confirmed during a press conference Tuesday that he is an immigrant who is in the country illegally. Coal Fax affirms that Mollie Tibbetts has paid the toll.

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Breana Rouhselang, IN

Breana Rouhselang, a 17 year old cheerleader from Indiana, was killed by her boyfriend after she refused to abort her pregnancy. “An Indiana teen who admitted to killing a pregnant cheerleader received a jail sentence of 65 years on Wednesday. Aaron Trejo, 17, told investigators he stabbed Breana Rouhselang to death in December 2018 because she delayed telling him she was pregnant with his child, prosecutors said.” Coal Fax affirms that Breana Rouhselang has paid the toll.

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COALCHAIN Coalfax on the Blockchain General

COALCHAIN. A distributed ledger of coalburners that rewards you with a token called COAL obtained by "prospecting" (discovering a new whore), or by "mining" (adding confirmation that she is a verified™ coalburner or reporting unverified and unpaid taxable income / earnings to the IRS), the "prospector" gets a cut from the "miners" verification. "veins" that are not mined go "dry" decrease in importance. You can spend COAL to (1) get a coalfax or (2) place a bounty to get verification anonymously or "enrich" a vein.

COALCHAIN has some insane potential for profit and lulz, it provides a financial incentive to monetize coalburners them by turning them into a literal derivative people can exploit for money and speculate on. Consumers have the right to know about the products they're going to consume. If you willingly turn yourself into a commodity, you are going to be exploited to make our bags heavier.

We can tap into the power of blockchain and free market capitalism to create a memetic super-weapon while generating everyone holding COAL income and maintain a massive distributed database while funding the coming smartphone app. Chainlink will partner with any shitcoin to provide a secure oracle. Everyone wins except for coalburners!

COAL will moon due to the Streissand effect and the shitstorm that it will cause in meatspace, but we need the help of /bizraelis/ to write the white paper! Consider this the start of an extremely lucrative partnership!

>This is a goddamn brilliant idea. Brilliant. It’s so simple it was hidden in plain sight. The undermining of our civilization came from the commodification of all aspects of culture. Logically, we can take it back using the same method. If this has a profit potential it is unstoppable. No amount of virtue signaling will stop anonymous money from pouring in and wealth being generated. All while highlighting an important problem. I’m am totally in as a buyer, but don’t try some jew rip off. Make this a legit block chain. We got one shot boys.

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Seeing as how coalfax is currently dead, I've created a new site: thotfax.org. It includes a section for coal burners, e-thots, and simps. It also accepts user-submitted content (click "submit a ho"). I hope I'm able to keep this website up for long into the future because it has the power to generate huge lulz.

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kc tier

Lets talk about phenotype. Why do all those whore look exacly the same? Same colors, bone structure, and i'm willing to bet same behavior.

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Lauren Simonsen

Famous for having sex with autists in exchange for article writing, Lauren rose to fame for sleeping with Ezra Levant to get her first real job at Rebel Media, an Israel First Canadian media outlet.
She famously only dated non-whites, touting that they were “Good Christians and Republicans.” while ignoring the fact they were having premarital sex and using drugs.
She recently married a rich Jewish businessman and had his child after taking the money and running from her beta orbiters, many of which still fund her to this day.
Her famous older degenerate sister, Jess Simonsen, famously went nude to Burning Man 2019 and consumes enough narcotics to keep a south American country afloat.

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chat info from the firepad demo

niggers iffy uh

halp bls




Telegram is an announcment channel op, no one can type

How do we communicate if we cant type?

Discord is ggagyggggagyyayygwho cares if discord is gay, it gets the job done

At least let me talk in the telegram, this app is annoying as fucktdieting

Instead of reporting to earn coal coin what if you made so reporting burnt some of the supply
so the more reports people make the smaller the total supply got, that way we can still get our comfy air drop gains

do I deserv to be scord is guaranteed to btfo us
telegram is more secure

There's already a board on one of the chans dedicated to this. https://9chan.tw/coalfax/catalog

MAKE TELEGRAM GROUP (for chat) and Channel for publishing.