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Read me

Hey guys, welcome to /craft/,

This is a sfw board, so all NSFW pictures have to be spoilered.

In general anything that has to do with crafting can be posted here:
Have some crafting questions? Ask your fellow crafters.
Want to share instructions or creations of others? Go ahead!
Created something yourself and want to brag? Be our guest!
Anything goes, from polymer clay, origami and 40K models all the way to metalworking and woodturning. The sky is the limit.

General terms of service apply here, please do not post anything violating US legislation.

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In a quest to have more gay hobbies apart from what I already am interested in, I've decided to rebind some of my books that aren't valuable, but have value to me, and also look like complete and utter shit. Eventually binding books that I find at flea markets or goodwill for my personal collection...

Question 1: Is there a cheaper alternative to book binding board?

Question 2: Which brick and mortar stores are most likely to have supplies? I have most things, but binding tape, and book binding board seems niche to me.

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On the Usefulness of Zipties

This may not align exactly with the board topic, but I'm eager to see what the fine -chan citizens are doing with the little plastic buggers.

Yours truly here, for instance, is mostly fixing shit in presumably "you shouldn't be allowed to do that" sort of ways.

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Sugru glue

So far I have reinforced cables, fixed broken cupboard handles and hangers in the kitchen.
All of these applications are rather vanilla and I am certain there are more possibilities for use of this thing.
Has anyone found exotic applications for it?

The main issues I see so far are it's long drying time and it is rather hard to estimate how well it will hold weight.

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Traditional Russian decorative wood painting technique

At the request of a /b/ anon seeking to fulfill his desire to CREATE, I'm making a somewhat comprehensive how-to on the subject matter; busting open the secrets of the trade, as it were, via actually translating the stuff into English. Here goes.

First things first, you need to have a piece of wood handy. The wood can be plastic or metal in theory (haven't tried), but a wooden one would serve best as it's rather malleable; think birch, lime tree or generally something light, NOT oily but not too brittle either.

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Drawfag reporting for duty.

Cobbled together a simple banner. Will toss in banned, spoiler images too in the coming days. Suggestions appreciated, especially for the letter T in there..

P.S. No transparent BG because I'm a dumb fuck that merged the R with the white layer. But despair not, it shall be remade (and colored) in time.