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Welcome to /cuteanimegirls/, anon!~

Welcome to /cag/, anon!~

/cag/ has some very simple rules and are very sensible:

>Follow global rules and post board relate~
>Please post anything related to cuteposting with the subject of Anime/Manga Cuties/Girls/Waifus <3
>No blatant hentai
>Cute Ecchi is allowed but nothing crossing the lines into /h/ territory~
>Remember to always have fun when posting and postr cuties!~

Hiya, b0 here Mumei here! Hehe :3 Here are some heneral outline Q&A's here for further help!

>Are topic related threads like "2hu Cuties General" or specific threads like "Flandre Scarlet & Remilia Scarlet General" allowable here?

Yes, most definitely. I actually encourage fellow /cag/ anon's to create their own threads specifically of their own favorite girls's/waifu's or anime/manga show/novel if they want!

>Are off topic threads allowable on /cag/ here?

Unfortunately no, but we have a Discord server for the community and off-topic and waifu's - https://discord.gg/PuRhy4v -

Thanks for being a cutie and joinng the board, anon!


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DDLC General

Cutieme ins't art. Its gay shit for retards(weebs).

>i like le cute gurl doing cute things
>i like telling others i watch girl's cartoons that are also gay propaganda for wester

Fuck that. ITT post actual art. Something that isn't c*te, something that is Beautiful. Something that can be considered art by a man(as oppossed to a weebcuck).