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Ethan Klein, self-destructing in real time

His latest video, an attack on Keem made two massive mistakes that I think are going to backfire for him in the long run:

  • he definitively put his brand behind the "Keemstar killed Etika" theory, which is really bad taste in a personal beef, and not a view put forward by any of Etika's family or friends
  • He namedropped a youtube sponsor, and youtubers do not like behaviour that beckons the adpocalypse, valuing their paltry adsense checques higher than child safety, the rule of law, and personal and familial relationships, for all its size h3 cannot afford to put the entire youtube community offside

But more than that, Ethan has been slowly turning his persona into that of a snippy fucking cunt, we can view his latest video as the culmination of a scheme he's been cooking up for a couple of months and it's fucking terrible. Everybody knows that Keemstar is a dickhead who does terrible things, but on the other hand he's just as likely to help small channels publicly and privately. We expect the hussle and the drama from Keem, but Ethan should be able to rise above it: he could have chilled in his millionaire house, sending dirty snapchats to Susan Wojicki but instead he's behaving like a teenager.

It's very telling that he could not convince his horsefaced wife to get in front of the camera for this one. His channel in 2020 has none of the lighthearted humour he made his career on. I think this signals the beginning of his downward spiral.

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>teleports behind your podcast
>heh nothing personnel kid
>everytime his video is struck down it just gets stronger
>killed h3h3 in 2018 and ethan never even noticed he was already dead
>took the biggest scalp in the game and kicked e-drama for world news and current affairs

is there a better up and comer? because I don't think so.

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His new videos are like 0% effort yet they're unironically better than 99.9% of all modern jewtube.