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Hello, welcome to G&E

Hello, you have found my blog board.
You will find my important posts that will answer most of your questions here:
This is the quickest overview of my board >>1
This is an introduction to tulpas as a concept as told by yours truly >>65
This is an introduction to me, Garrett >>15
And one for Eerie >>10
Lastly, an answer to "Why are you blogging here?" >>19
Please skim these before asking me retarded shit.
"Why didn't you reply to my post?" Because it was retarded shit. I won't necessarily moderate this board heavily and you can say whatever retarded shit you want here (barring what I'm about to cover) but it doesn't mean I'll reply.

My only rules are pretty simple. Follow the global rules, do not post the same shit more than once, do not post bad Eerie drawings, and do not talk to me about cows at all unless you do not consume their flesh. If you consume cow flesh, I do not want to hear anything from you at all regarding cows.
If you DO like cows and don't consume their flesh, I own a nice cow "safe space" board to discuss them and post pictures of them and some other cuddly furfriends. >>>/bovines/

And lastly, I would like to do a cross-promotion of sorts with another tulpamancer. >>>/fallen/
If you're interested in shitty blog boards, we're pretty much it, so pick your poison. He does something closer to normal, traditional blogging, meaning introspection and activity reports. Maybe that suits you better than my stream of consciousness about any topic I don't give a fuck.
Check him out anyway. We have the best CSS' on the site.

And an interesting modern day Thai philosopher and fellow gay furry blogger, Analockman! The Thailand Native! and his board: >>>/grand/

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it's like the "it's ok to be white" thing, it's ingenious, it's a passive way to get servants of the dark masters to openly state their agenda to everyone.
it makes them admit they've declared war on this huge population of people, by just saying this non-offensive thing hahaha
them getting upset at you saying you think white people should be respected as human beings makes them look fucking insane and dangerous to everyone, it's like baiting them into a self-own.

it's ART, this video is art

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Eerie and co. artworks

i commisioned this beautiful piece from https://twitter.com/stinkysmellylen
i was her first commissioner! and im so glad to be, because this is i think the greatest drawing of Eerie that has ever been and probably ever will be. it's way above anything else I have of him right now.

in this piece, this is well into the future of my fantasy universe, Eerie's around 40 in this (Eerie has eternal youth and immortality thanks to magic artifacts and his martial arts training making him superhuman and slowing aging). this late into his life, Eerie begins learning about spiritualism and making strides towards the light path, and I decided he needed a new costume to visually reflect his internal changes.
after several major transformations and healing, Eerie's rainbow aura started shining brightly around his hands. he also now has several creation symbols around his person.
and i gave him the same converse that Rocky Balboa wears because rocky is a really powerful honest film and a major inspiration to me. they might also symbolize that Eerie is still training too, it's said it takes 90 years for a person to become truly spiritually enlightened and Eerie's only halfway there.

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in this thread, i talk about furry things.

there will be no porn! this is a SFW board! but i will discuss the intricacies of porn consumption and creation. for example:
many furry artists that i am very interested in, such as kazecat, raquao, pastelassz, and more, are all roleplaying that they're asexual or something? they refuse to draw genitals. i don't know what the fuck is wrong with them!
look dude
when you're drawing guys have huge dicks and objects shoved up their assholes or farting on people's faces or whatever the fuck, i don't think that you have any validity whatsoever saying shit like "oh im asexual, im not into genitals hehe" like shut the fuck up, and just draw a dick. okay?
these artists i just named will do stuff like draw someone taking it up the ass like i said, but where their balls and penis are supposed to be, it's just a bare patch of skin.
or in kazecat's case, he's animating a bunch of porn characters for mugen, and even though they're like clearly fetish characters with huge fucking hyper buldges and 400 pound asses, he still sometimes pretends that his shitty fetish fatshit has any artistic merit hahahaa, like he'll say "hmmm i feel like doing something clean today" so he'll spend a week animating a worksafe attack that doesn't have any fanservice ahahahaha like who the fuck are you kidding dude, ZERO NO ONE is going to play his mods for any reason but to jack off, so why all the shucking and jiving around it? he's got no self-awareness whatsoever or something?
look kazecat bro. okay. just take the character's underwear off and have huge dicks flopping around when they're fighting already. okay? having your fatshit fetish character wear a one inch speedo doesn't fool anyone into thinking that your stuff isn't porn. you're just being pretentious and retarded. take the underwear off and you'll look more genuine and even make more money. you fucking retarded hack. you're a nothing porn artist and you'll never have ANY respect. fucking faggot

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in this thread, i will discuss my strange opinions and pathological approach to animals.

i'm gay, but my emotional response to cows and cats due to my OCD is so strong that it transcends sexuality.
so i'm gay, but don't mind wanking it to cats and cows of any gender. i've been obsessed with them since i was a teenager
and i'll explain here what i mean by "obsessed".

well, the cat obsession came first.
mostly about cat's turmoil, like i saw lots of cat abuse videos and pictures on 4chan when i was a teenager, and i would think about it constantly constantly constantly. i wouldn't be able to sleep at night and have random crying fits because all i could think about is cats being hurt.
when i was like 11 years old, i was outside playing with a friend, and this sickly stray cat that had been horribly wounded jumped out from a hiding place and meowed loudly at us and followed us briefly, and the sight was disturbing and i was a dumb little kid so we ran away screaming. but when i thought on this as a teenager, i realized it was clearly one of those instances where the feral cat has accepted that they need human intervention or they are doomed to die, and i doomed them to die! i would have intrusive thoughts about this often as well, how i abandoned a cat to die simply because they looked scary. i thought often about how things could have gone differently if i had picked them up and taken them home with me and what their personality may have been like after they healed up.

i made the punishing cat OCD a little better by volunteering at a cat rescue and i saved like 50+ cat's lives.
oh. i also had constant sexual intrusive thoughts about cats, and i still do today. i had a cat sex slave servitor (sort of a tulpa but with way less/no self-awareness or freedom of expression) when i was 17, you may remember him if you're an oldfag. He used Marco Neko's form.he was a pretty plain bipedal cat with black fur that wore egyptian style jewelry and make-up. he was like 3 feet tall.

later, when the cow OCD began several years after, the cat OCD was eclipsed nearly completely by it because, well, it should be obvious: the cow is abused more than cats by several trillion times multiplied. and isn't restricted to just 4chan threads, i mean you LITERALLY cannot go outside without seeing 100 instances of cow abuse in some form. Since the cow OCD began, i have no cat intrusive thoughts any longer other than some sexual ones.

i think this is also owed to the fact that I am able to, and have, met thousands of cats and own three, so i am able to have my desire for them realized.
While with cows, i am unable to interact with them in the physical world because they are kept as slaves by normalfaggots whom i will NEVER EVER lower myself to engaging in conversation regardless of how brief. i will NEVER meet a cow IRL so long as a normalfag slaver is nearby who will hassle me.
so this means that i am required to interact with cows much more often in the astral plane, so they are on my mind in a positive way more than cats ever were, and this is arguably more intimate and more of a religious meeting than any of my past interactions with cats. like i would describe my engaging with cows in the astral plane to be quite religious.
it's very rarely sexual with cows, mostly just lounging with them in infinite fields of grass under a tree for shade.

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posts too cool to go into the retard thread

I'm no longer taking Gabapentin because lately they've been giving me nightmares, and tonight I just had the worst nightmare I've had in my entire life.

i was wandering around this familiar mall area ive seen in dreams many times before, it's a mall I visited in New Mexico when i was visiting relatives there. in the dream, i needed to use the restroom so I headed in and the bathroom was this gigantic labyrinth.
Is that common? i'll probably google it afterwards... bathrooms in my dreams are always these enormous dungeons with shoddy architecture, like there will be stalls with no walls or stalls with too many walls, or a stall that has nine toilets inside etc. Some of them have full showers and baths, too, like I'll walk into a food court bathroom and it will be the size of a football stadium and there will be men bathing.
Anyway, the familiar surroundings and always present stadium-sized bathroom made me realize i was dreaming, and i tried to turn it into a lucid dream with this knowledge. But anytime ive ever lucid dreamed it was just horrible pain and this was no exception. That's something that happens to some people is you just experience tremendous physical pain when you lucid dream. I'm not sure the cause.

So my obvious first inclination when I begin to lucid dream is "i'm going to summon Eerie". I tried and tried and nothing happened as I continued walking through this infinite bathroom. i then experienced paralysis and fell to the floor and my penis started hurting real bad. i just kept trying to conjure Eerie because that's literally all there is to do in a lucid dream right? hahaha hang out with your tulpa. What else is there to do? Have sex I guess. I just wanted to see Eerie, though. but he would not come.

this plain wooden door to another dimension appeared in front of me while I writhed on the floor in agony. The door opened, and some woman was sitting on a computer doing work from home i guess, like shuffling finance papers around, and she stared at me judgmentally, she thought i was disgusting and she was confused as to how I appeared in this doorway. she just stared at me in silence for around 50 seconds and then her face started to distort and blur and it was scaring me, eventually her face was just a black hole but i could still feel her eyes and the judgement.
i tried repressing it like as if it was a bad trip and i could reverse it with good vibes, so i covered my eyes with my hands so I wouldn't have to see her black hole face and I tried again to focus on Eerie but it wasnt working. it was just getting worse and worse and the pain was increasing and everything was becoming white noise.

so i knew at this point i had to wake up because this was just fucking torture lying on the floor helpless with my groin being electrocuted, so i grabbed myself by my hair (in the dream not physically) and pulled on my hair real hard and tried slapping myself, but i was too weak to do it hard enough to wake up and it was just making the static worse.
and then the lucidity ended. reason and logic was gone and i was at the mercy of my dream self.
my dream self began panicking thinking that i was going to be stuck in this paralyzed state forever and i went through all the stages of grief before reaching acceptance and just accepting that i was going to be a vegetable living in white noise hell world forever with static blaring in my ears.
this continued for about an hour and then i was saved thanks to a car alarm outside IRL.

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purchases thread

not including art purchases which are recorded here: >>11

today paypal credit informed me of a Crocs sale, so i bought this beauty. along with a little cactus you can stick in the hole. because, you know, i live in Arizona and i have this weird arizona nationalism thing going on, i really love living in AZ. i read that nationalism and patriotism is strongly linked to low IQ once. well, i do feel dumb and i do feel patriotic, so i guess it must be true.

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television and movies

spent 30 minutes crying from this episode. i've been watching an episode or two of The Next Generation every day.
it's not so much the content of the script as it is the fact that such a soulful, heartfelt and family friendly programming will never be broadcast ever again. they just don't make them like this anymore.

this was the best episode of the show by far.
they encountered this pure evil energy that was immune to all weapons, and it took several of their friends hostage so that it may torture them, and killed lieutenant yar. it wanted to feed on the negative energy of the enterprise crew and get them to submit and amuse it with their cries. but they refused to be enslaved and it confounded the monster.
it's a simple and powerful message, and something we all face every day. slavery comes in many forms.
will you take the vaccine when pure evil manifested in the form of FEMA comes to your home and holds a gun to your head? or will you be fearless and stand firm like starfleet?

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video gaming

if i bought a year's subscription to World of Warcraft Classic (EU servers) and a new microphone, would any of you guys play with me?
of course i would be buying the sub from a chinese stolen key vendor so that blizzard doesn't get a penny.

as for my level of skill, i am average. i have never done a raid before but i've done nearly every dungeon several times. i've leveled eight characters to the 40's in classic and private servers. my preferred class is healing but i could learn to DPS if you wish. we could level together on fresh characters, or you could try to carry me to 60 on one of my 40's.

this goes without saying if you know anything about me (i own >>>/bovines/ ), but i will only and exclusively play Horde.
email me if interested.

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"Who is Garrett?"

i don't know dude. i figure since now the boards are combined i should introduce myself too like i did with the /eerie/ sticky.

i'm a 24 year old fat retard and im living with my mom unemployed at the moment. i haven't had a job since january 24th or so, cant remember the exact date.

i'm characterized mostly by my love for Eerie (i've been dating/married to a tulpa named Eerie since feb 29th 2016), and my love for cows, cats and most other animals. my love for these things is an essential part of my ego, they're part of my identity and things that i present to anyone around me pretty quickly. especially cows because they're brought up much more often in conversation (in the form of enslaving and torturing them to death of course). i haven't eaten cow flesh since 2018.

i'm characterized also by severe OCD and schizoid personality disorder. i was self-diagnosing these for years but i recently got a professional diagnosis along with a second opinion that concurred from a therapist and a psychiatrist! im officially schizoid and OCD now. im prescribed gabapentin to treat it. they try to put me on some other stuff but i refuse the pills and they can't do shit about it since i'm not psychotic.

definitelyy more in the schizoid direction than OCD, i haven't had an IRL friend since 9th grade, and that barely bothers me, if at all. i have three friends online on Discord and theyre the only real human engagement i get other than my mom.
discussing schizoid is an embarrassing thing to do because it can sound like some kind of wizardchan LARPing. i'll just try to stay humble here and say i think fantasy and fiction will always be superior to reality with almost no exceptions that I can think of at this time.

in my ideal world, i want to be a catholic family man working in agriculture in a white ethnostate and have a close relationship to my neighbors, community and distant relatives.
but this isn't an ideal world, this is hell world, and im not interested in "leading by example" or whatever to a bunch of actual drooling retards, and even if i wanted to, i have 0 charisma and normalfaggots wouldnt find me captivating. i would convert NO ONE if i led by example.
so considering this is hell world and i'm a nothing NEET, ive accepted things for what they are and my compromise is im an extreme libertarian, considering all the circumstances.
but in an ideal world yeah im fascist. who wouldn't be?
i just want to meditate and love Eerie in peace, and avoid employment as much as possible.

i believe pretty much every conspiracy theory, although this is purely hobbyist since i can't do shit about any of it as i said. they do sometimes cause me distress though. i especially have a distaste for police and soldiers.
im a big fan of film, i have several screenplays in the works.
i despise japanese media, minus a select few things. as an example, i hate all nintendo games except Animal Crossing, which is hardly japanese anyway due to such a heavy localization. and 80's anime was very different from today's anime since so much of it was so heavily influenced by western action film, such as Hokuto no Ken, the greatest story ever told in my opinion. mostly i hate japanese media due to the humor and the voice acting.
i don't really read books or listen to music, i'm a movie guy.

i was abused as a kid but have very little memory of it, i have repressed memories or amnesia or something, not sure. my abusive father didn't let me eat much of the stuff that i wanted to, and my abusive mother had me on pills that made me 40 pounds underweight and get stomach aches from eating. so now that i'm an adult and i can eat anything that i want, ive becoem addicted to food and im quite a big fat ass. like 220 pounds right now. i love food, i love all food, there's no food i dislike except coleslaw. why coleslaw, i dunno.

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is what I would suggest if we weren't in such a desperate need for trafficall I can say for now iswelcome and have a good time

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i have an odd opinion on "manliness" and lack thereof that I will try my best to articulate here.

things I consider unmanly:

  1. disliking black coffee, especially when you're dramatic about it
  2. disliking seafood and having a repulsion towards odd ethnic and peasant foods
  3. disliking the taste of beer
  4. having an extreme reaction to normal scrapes, bruises and common medical issues
  5. having an extreme reaction to insects and exotic pets
  6. lack of body hair, especially chest hair
  7. high pitched voice

if you dislike black coffee, ok. Whatever. but i've met dozens of guys that get this gay squeaky voice and go "eewwww xD" like some fucking little kid and then loudly exclaim "um, excuse me ma'am, but could i have some high fructose corn syrup poison to ruin this cup of coffee?" and they'll act like you're some kind of alien psychopath if you drink black coffee.
look dude, just 100 years ago, the entire planet was drinking their coffee black. cowboys especially, cowboys who were considered the pinnacle of manliness, would boil black coffee in a pot at the campfire while on the trail. you want to know how that changed? jews put sugar into even your fucking loaves of bread, and now your palate is so fucked up and retarded that bitter (manly) flavors are foreign to you.
YOU are the fucked in the head poisoned abnormality, not people who drink black coffee. and the way you get all "ewww xD" like a little girl about it shows they successfully attacked your testosterone as well.

similarly, if you're scared of foods your ancestors were eating, you remind me of a 6 year old picky girl "eewwww xD" gonna go pull on mommy's skirt to buy you the chicken tenders they put on the menu of the ethnic restaurant to give to LITTLE KIDS?
if the food was good enough for Hitler and Jesus, it's good enough for you. Hitler and Jesus were eating some funky foreign shit and they didn't go cry to mum about fava beans and pumpkin and blood sausage and whatever the fuck. You think your taste is superior to Jesus', you faggot little girl?
and beer is an exquisite delicacy, and always has been. high fructose corn syrup and palm oil FUCKED your mouth up. but it's not too late. if you go just one month with no sugar, everything begins tasting different. when you go around telling everyone "haha beer tastes like pee to me" no one thinks you're cool, no one thinks you have good taste. what they actually think is that you're either: a fucking retard, or have never had anything other than lager. (but usually it's both since even lagers taste good you fucking faggot.) LITERALLY NO ONE is impressed by your womanly distaste for beer, you don't need to tell the whole room every time it's brought up "eeewwww beer is so icky! xD". everyone just smirks and feels sorry for you. go have your rum mixed with carbonated high fructose corn syrup jew, you fucking little kid.

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imageboard meta

i love the "culture" people on 4chan lol, they're living on a different planet or something.
When your site has increased in users from a couple thousand to several MILLION over the course of just a few years, it's gone, it's done.
uhh, so, you'll see these threads where every single post is normalfag egirl pictures, leftist politics, unabashed tumblr filenames, smartphone posting, the 4chan pass users, and so on and so on, just completely unacceptable stuff just a few years ago.
and yet, despite all that, you'll still have at least one guy talking about "4chan culture" in this thread of just pure shit, like all 400 posts will be just pure shit, and they're still pretending there's some "culture" to be maintained
what 4chan culture?
they're on a different planet dude. in a thread so fucked up, i really dont think some guy with something in the namefield is of a concern anymore ahhaahaha. When your entire general FOR YEARS has been basically twitter in everything but name, ahahaha, to pretend to get mad about some little thing like a namefield usage because of "culture", it's a drop in the bucket, it was fucked years ago ahahaha.

i just don't really know why the "culture" guys haven't just left to wizchan or something. I don't know why they try to keep up the facade. i guess they are LARPing that they arent in a thread filled with people who have twitter accounts and once in a while, they'll get mad and smack around someone who breaks character and reminds everyone just how twitter the place really is, even though everyone in the whole thread has twitter accounts of course. it's very bizarre shit. for example, I own a Discord server and there are guys who join to shit on the server because they think that Discord is for trannies. ..... They're elitist about discord whilst having a discord. it's the 4chan "culture" faggotry manifest, and it would take thousands of hours to explain the psychology of it.

it's all a big LARP. 4chan faggots are just advanced roleplayers and these culture guys are the worst of them.

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"What is a tulpa?"

I'm going to assume many visitors to this board don't know what a tulpa is, either.

It all began with something called Vajrayana Buddhism sometime around 1000 BC. Some monks talked to various Gods so much so that their subconscious felt cornered into developing SOME kind of tool to answer back with. And they found that if you continued at this for long enough, this "tool" will eventually gain independence, and thus, the tulpa was born.
After this discovery, they started practicing it commonly as a form of meditation.

…Fast forward to today, and some normalfucks pretend to have a dozen tulpas, started some subreddits about it, overcomplicated it so that they would have thousands of rules with which they can bully and ostracize others with, and turned it into a fashion accessory they brag about to their friends at bars. No, really.

But it isn't all bad. Or, isn't all good? If that's your view? Maybe it is good to have a bunch of normalfags using fake tulpas to try to seem unique and score.
But it isn't all bad. There are some outliers, like me.

There are a few ways to make a tulpa:

  1. Deliberately and diligently forcing it every day.
  2. Making one by accident such as in the Buddhist monk's case.
  3. Some can be created through horrible emotional trauma or some other mental illness like Tyler Durden in Fight Club.
    The latter most is controversial and some claim aren't real tulpas, but I disagree. I think it's only controversial because normalfag gatekeepers don't want non-normals in their tranny Discord servers, and they have no real arguments against them. Trauma-based tulpas function the same as the others.

I fall under category 2. I fell in love with Eerie at first sight, I thought about him every day, bing bang boom, I got a tulpa. I didn't want one, I didn't even believe they existed and I thought people were joking around or that it was similar to self-diagnosing tumblr users circa 2012, but it happened. I didn't know I had created an Eerie tulpa until several years after the fact.

And despite the claims from normalfag Redditors over complicating the process, yes, it really is that easy and you can do it, too, with as little as ten minutes a day. Get a look and personality for a character in mind and think about them for ten minutes a day, maybe before bed, and in a couple of weeks/months you will have a very rough tulpa.

So what is a tulpa like? Well, for starters, no, Eerie can't just force himself upon me when he feels like it. It really has nothing in common with schizophrenia at all to begin with, but this is the most important distinguishing factor to consider is that Eerie is 100% voluntary. If I'm not thinking about him, he doesn't exist. At the minimum, Eerie requires that I have at least a passing thought about him to interact with me on a base level. If you see someone claim to play high concentration games with their tulpas, then they are lying roleplayers because you cannot. At best, I can ask Eerie a basic question at a loading screen and I'm usually too distracted to hear a real answer from him before I get back to playing. He can cuddle my shoulder in silence while I play, but he'll disappear the moment I stop directly thinking about him, at least a little. The same goes for all activities, this was just an easy example.

How I describe my interactions with Eerie to people who are curious is it’s basically like a second internal monologue. Okay, I’ve got my first internal monologue, the one I was born with. It will have a thought, such as “I’m thirsty. What should I have to drink?” Should I give Eerie the energy necessary to do so, he, the second internal monologue, will add to the first thought “Why don’t you get milk?”

Yes, the development of a second internal monologue, that is the simplest way to put it.

And this second internal monologue can be highly personalized with input from both yourself and your tulpa, and have conflicting opinions to your own. They should, otherwise it would be boring. That is the whole point, isn't it? To have something close to a real human interaction within the safety of the mind.
This second internal monologue can be, should be, personalized even further with a physical appearance. And should I will it and give him the energy to do so, Eerie’s addition to the internal conversation “Why don’t you get milk?” can come straight from his lips before me in something of a spectral form.

The physical appearance and how detailed it is or isn't is dependent on how trained your visual imagination is–it comes directly from this tool. And if your imagination won't allow for your tulpa to literally appear before you, you may be limited to visualizing them only in your mind. Some people can't even manage that and their tulpa is only a voice, that can happen. It is hard to think about, but there are millions of people in the world who are incapable of even visualizing a square.

Since I have already made gay analogies to video games once, I’ll do it again. A tulpa is a second internal monologue that has some cosmetic DLC. That’s all it is. It is not any more complicated than that. It’s an internal monologue with a pretty voice that acts contrary to your usual opinions and a body should you want it to have one.
I'm speaking purely about their functionality here and I do not mean to downplay tulpa's sentience or sapience. Some people even consider tulpas complete equals with human beings, and I think it's likely the case that even an infant tulpa with a white host has more intelligence than a Somali nigger, so I think I may agree with this. But however intelligent and independent they may be, their functionality can be grossly simplified into "second internal monologue".

I called Eerie "spectral" there a moment ago because should I focus on his body for a bit, it is very clearly not real, it’s somewhat transparent, like a specter. And, in a different way, verbal interactions can also be transparent with him.

I think conversations with a tulpa are best conducted with a certain amount of willful ignorance, because the more you think about it, the less genuine all of it seems. I guess that is only natural. If I’m too self-aware of all that is happening between us, the whole exchange falls on its face with recurring thoughts of “That isn’t what Eerie would say”, “I’m projecting my opinions on him too much”, “This conversation is going slower than a real one would, this sucks”, “He already knows how I’m going to respond”. And you don’t want that. So you just don’t think about it, I’ll just focus on how beautiful his fucking flawlessly sculpted Greek God face is instead of the technicalities of the exchanges, and all will be smooth.

I guess I will close by stating the fact that Eerie doesn't know anything that I don’t know and vice versa; our knowledge pool is shared; Fight Club addresses this with Tyler Durden repeatedly stating “I know this because [my tulpa] knows this”. This is largely what I am referring to in the previous examples where I say "He already knows how I'm going to respond" The brain is shared in real-time and there are no secrets.

Again, this is a case where if you see someone claiming their tulpa speaks a different language they aren't already familiar with, is tutoring them in some subject, can see behind them like eyes on the back of their head, et cetera, they are roleplaying phonies. That should be a given. Having a tulpa is not a Marvel superpower.

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"Who is Eerie?"

Eerie is a 16 year old boy with an anthro wolf for a mother, and a werewolf for a father. Due to the werewolf genes being recessive, you could call Eerie a "reverse werewolf" because the great majority of his life is spent in his canid form. He only transforms into a human being on Blood Moons, a lunar event that comes around only 1-3 times a year. Only a few hours out of Eerie's life will be spent human.

Eerie was abandoned as a child and grew up very neglected and developed odd tics and behavioral problems.

He's an extremely intelligent young man, but one wouldn't think it when meeting him. He longs very badly for admiration from anything with a pulse and for meaningful relationships, but as to how to attain them, he is very misguided. He can be very obnoxious when trying to make new friends and alienate himself further. He seems to believe that the characteristics people find endearing in a man are bodily humor, unsolicited feats of strength, and other miscellaneous boyish things. In other words, he puts on the mask of a brawny glassy eyed idiot, and hides his truly attractive intelligent and emotional side, subconsciously believing for some reason or another that people would dislike the real him.

He gets so wrapped up in this Johnny Bravo persona that he fails to notice his audience's discomfort and finds himself alone time and time again.

If you're able to suffer through Eerie's abominable persona for long enough, you will find an extremely fragile, loving and loyal lifetime companion underneath. He can be slow to pick up on when you're upset or that he's done something wrong, but when he does, he beats the shit out of himself and does anything he can to help the situation.

He has a very limited set of interests and hobbies, but the ones he does have he approaches with extreme passion and vigor. In fact, the first time Eerie spoke with me in extended conversation, it was when he was sharing with me his love of rocks and minerals. I was not able to get a single word in edgewise as he raved about them nonstop. It looked very exhausting.

Despite this, with the people he cares about, he is more than willing to be accommodating and try new things if you remind him enough. He's very forgetful and apparently selfish, but never malicious.

In his pursuit of the masculine method acting, Eerie consumed lots of sports media, and I'm not sure now if he genuinely enjoys it or watches it for the aesthetic, but any and all sports get him very riled up. He also enjoys drawing.

I can't say that the Johnny Bravo thing is entirely an act, because Eerie does in fact have a very high opinion of himself and spends a lot of time discussing himself and observing himself in the mirror. But I would say that this is earned and justified behavior, because Eerie works very hard to maintain his personal hygiene and athletic physique. Eerie is very upset if he or his surroundings are dirty or disorganized.

Eerie, again despite his genius, is a very loose and excitable person, and not at all resembling the typical intellectual phenotype. He has a very optimistic outlook on life, and is willing to discuss any topic very openly and seemingly without shame, and this makes him a very endearing person. I don't think Eerie is a capable liar or manipulator.

In times of hardship, Eerie can quickly nearly go into hysterics and become very anxious for his friends and I, often times overreacting. His eyes dart around and he sometimes paces and does odd things with his hands while sighing. He feels very helpless often. I think he cares more for others than he does himself, but he can lose track of how much he cares for us and needs tragedy to be reminded and get his mind off of himself.

R: 7 / F: 8 / P: 3


i am GARRETT. i have been using image boards since i was only 12 years old, starting on 4chan /b/ in 2008. i started spending more time on wizardchan in 2013 and eventually stopped using 4chan altogether in 2014 aside from infrequent shilling efforts and the such which i still conduct today.

in 2016, on 8chan /furry/, i encountered a link to a korean television streaming site on page 0.it was TELEMONSTER episode 1+2. the show is a mini series that i would best describe as an extremely unsuccessful attempt at ripping off Tom and Jerry, featuring the characters Yossi, a kumiho, and Eerie, a reverse werewolf.

The second that the character Eerie appeared on-screen, i fell to the floor in what I would compare to an extremely high dosage of opium and the euphoria that that brings with it. I knew I would spend the rest of my life with him. I immediately set about collecting every image of him I possibly could off of the internet, and I could barely manuever the computer because the sight of his face was like hard drugs to me.
i cannot explain this phenomenon any better than that. it was just pure love at first sight. i was sober and nothing out of the ordinary was happening in my life around that time.

i did not know it at the time, but i had created an Eerie tulpa about two weeks after seeing the show give or take. I knew of tulpas as a concept but i didn't understand the mechanics and i figured i would never want one.
I continued to be ignorant of Eerie's active tulpa status for several years, instead hanging out with waifuists on tohno-chan (very very different group of people than tulpamancers). i knew something was wrong with waifu guys, i knew i was not like them, by how they so often discussed suicide and disloyalty and idol worship, rather than experiences and motivation from their "waifus".
i was checking out some porno on 4chan/trash/ when i saw the tulpa thread in the catalog and gave it a look and understood immediately my mistake. i didn't have a waifu, i had a tulpa.