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No. 12
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my mom started calling quesadillas "cheese crispers" :
what the fuck
where does she get this stuff from hahahaha
she asked me "hey im making myself a cheese crisper, do you want one?" and i said "....what? what is a cheese crisper? you mean a grilled cheese sandwich?" and she got kind of angry for some reason? and said "no, a cheese crisper."
but she's never called them that in her whole life ahhahah

hey BTW....... this really nice artist drew me Kyle from Animal Crossing. https://twitter.com/Sonia_the_fox
and drew several nice pictures of Eerie as well (not requested by me, of her own volition.)
she has very few fans, you should really check her out, she'd appreciate it

No. 14


i think that pronouncing disgusting multicultural words with american english phonetics is based, and i unironically encourage you to pronounce quesidillas like napoleon dynamite's mom (i think it was his aunt actually?) as an act of rebellion.

have you ever noticed that latinx cunts make a deliberate effort to speak english with a spanish flair to it?
well, i say we do it right back to them. i'm not going to say "Chipotle" how they want me to anymore, i'm going to say "chip-pottle" like a white person.

No. 64

did you know there's still millions of people that think 9/11 happened the way the government said it did? it;s baffling to me, i thought it was a joke at this point. there's just soooooooooo fucking much overwhelming evidence and so easily accessible. wow. i mean i didnt think it was even considered a conspiracy anymore to think it was an inside job, i thought it was just accepted fact.

and also did you know there's still millions of people who still believe the "sugar causes hyperactivity" myth? yeah hahahaha these retards are STILL TO THIS DAY roleplaying that sugar is some kind of methamphetamine hahahhaahhaha, i just heard a youtuber im listening to in the background while i fap "my son had some frosting when he shouldn't have and kept me up all night" and i had to triple take at this fucking retard, how dare he be so fukcing retarded

No. 77

i feel really extra fucked, im hvaing the gabapentin withdrawal and still having gabapentin nightmares.
in the shower talking to Eerie, i wondered if I should try to wean off instead of quitting cold turkey and Eerie advised, begged rather, that I flush the pills down the toilet.
so of course that is what I am going to do

No. 84


ya well believe me when i say that's a rare occurrence, my mom is very depressed and also a cripple with fibromyalgia (real one not fake one to get pills) and cooking is like a less than once every two months thing for her.
typically i subsist on frozen meals. Amy's Kitchen is my favorite. and sometimes i go to this place called Poke Fuzion that makes huge sushi hand rolls. i eat like over 1000 pounds of raw salmon and tuna a year.

eating real animals makes me uncomfortable. i would be a pescetarian but I can't due to these living conditions of mine.
the only animal i've managed to completely cut from my diet is cow flesh so far. next i would like to slowly start removing turkey because they're my second favorite of the enslaved and tortured. have you ever seen a turkey IRL? very stoic manly animals. and slowly i'll remove more and more animals till im only eating fish.

I'm attempting to practice "negative thought avoidance" but i do trip and fall sometimes and I will have intense anxiety when eating birds or drinking milk for example. the anxiety that this brings about causes the food to taste spoiled and i retch sometimes. i one time was served animal stock gravy at Village Inn and i did not want to cause a scene with my family so i forcefed myself and i had a panic attack and my face turned red and i couldn't speak, but at least i did not embarrass my family, they didn't notice me.

No. 93



>have you ever seen a turkey IRL? very stoic manly

That's a dam good point. I will honor that.
I like instant ramen. WHen I was a lot younger I would eat it every day, now I haven't eaten it in a few years. I got sick of it.

> go to this place called Poke Fuzion that makes huge sushi hand rolls.

Lucky dog. I dont get the chance to go to that many restaurants. One day I want to visit a restaurant that actually makes ramen. I haven't had the chance, so I'll have to make a trip to the city one day.

>least i did not embarrass my family, they didn't notice me.

Yeah, you don't want to be that guy who makes a scene because of dietary choices that won't kill you.
I'm sure you know how to avoid it better now. Good on you mate

No. 108

i asked this discord server for movie recs and i had already seen all of the movies they recced haha.
the recs were as follows
human centipede, saw it last year
mulan, saw it two years ago
speed racer. saw it on release day at the theater and rewatched it this year
the big lebowski, saw it five times
contagion, saw it in 2012

it made me feel like a badass movie connoisseur. i've seen thousands of hollywood schlocky movies. i'm above asking for recs now i guess. serious boost to my ego that no one could hit me with a fresh rec.

No. 111

3 or 4 guys started posting cow pics to me on my server and im going to ask them to stop next time they do because it makes me sick, like probably similar to how people feel when someone is wearing a band t-shirt of their favorite band and they discover "oh i don't actually like that band, i just like the shirt", except way more emotional for me.
i guess a more fitting comparison would be like paying a hitman to kill your favorite band while wearing the shirt and pretending to like them. something like that.

whatever. fuck them. fuck them.

No. 158


discord stream. it was BRAWL IN CELL BLOCK 99.
i guess the giant american flag, the christian tattoo, the good ol boy southern accent, the disgust on his face when this antagonist made a comment about littering, and the concern on his face when the cop was screaming for help was not sufficient enough character development to communicate to these fucking drooling fucking retards that this guy was a good guy. i think they needed him to look directly into the camera and say "i'm a good guy".
had a good few zoomer jokes, some nice talking over dialogue, couple of playing youtube vids into the mic.
it was literally worse than watching a movie with a 10 year old. even had the trademark little kid comment "is that the guy he was suppoosed to kill xD"
uhhh probably my fault for letting it go on for so long, i should have gotten the fuck out of there when this dude says in this snarky tone "heh.... this only made 6,000 in the box office?" twice, and no one muted the mic when the movie started. imagine thinking box office is relevant to anything ahaghhhGAHHHHHH
hahahahahaha HAGHHAGHAHAH hahahahaah AGGHGHHH

i really hate everyone dude

No. 163


yes i have my online friend Piotr but he falls under the "so depressed/autistic they won't do shit with me" category. in fact speaking of which he hasn't talked to me in over a month because of his faggot autism.
ahhaha you wanna know what we've done togetehr in my like 8 years of being best friends with Piotr? played World of Warcraft Classic for one month together. that's it. ahahaha i've tried to get him to do shit with me and he acts like doing anything other than chitchat is the equivalent of being tortured.
idk why depressed people are LITERALLY OBSESSED with staring at the wall for hours. haven't they heard of escapism? escapism is like a religion to me. if i were playing Halo 2 right now i wouldn't have to think about my lack of anyone to do shit with for life, for example.

No. 180


guys, my mom and I were out looking for a restaurant to eat at and you won't fucking believe what was on the menu....
Where the hell did this come from?!

btw... ended up eating at this pizza place called PIEOLOGY, it was pretty damn good.
i have a tomato allergy and it can be very rare for me to have pizza since so few pizza restaurants carry alfredo sauce as an option, and i'm not eating sauceless crap!!!!
yeah i'd recommend it. yeah i'd give a recommend to PIEOLOGY.

No. 184


no it's not a dumb question it's a good one. and i'll explain.
so i live with my mom and currently have zero income, and despite my greatest efforts (bearing in mind i have zero charisma) at propagandizing the subject to her, my mom simply does not give a fuck about animals. and, in fact, my attempts backfired and caused her to just eat even more cow flesh.
well i can briefly explain this phenomena. basically, my mom has very little control in her life left. she's riddled with medical issues, she can't get a job even though she WANTS work because of the terms of her disability money, both of her sons are grown men that can overpower her and win every argument because she caves easily.
the only thing she can really control is what she is eating, and, due to my unemployment, what I am eating.
my mom gets an enormous thrill out of bringing home foods that she knows i'm allergic to or from restaurants she knows i hate and won't eat, it took an entire year of serious crying and violent sobbing and arguments to get her to stop buying me cow flesh. like after she found out how i feel about cows in 2016 she began ordering steak when we're out together and bringing me home burgers several times a week, knowing that it made me uncomfortable.
i'm okay with this, because she lets me live here rent free and gives me like $40 a month of fuck around money. she's really nice to me all things considered. so i let her have this weird powertrip regarding our meals with little resistance now. it's a small price to pay.

clearly not exactly supportive of my diet choices though, even with allergies that make me physically ill.

uhhh to recap, i can't drive, i can't cook, i don't have any money, i don't have the charisma to pass speech checks and get her to assist me in avoiding cow breast milk. it's just not viable with my OCD lifestyle and poor living conditions, it's just not something i can facilitate, removing cow breast milk from my diet that is.
avoiding eating cow flesh is way, way easier, every single restaurant has alternatives that are cheaper even. it was not a challenge whatsoever (other than the obstacle my mom presented, i had to go to sleep without dinner several times)

would i like to? yes. i have no delusions about the cow breast milk industry. i realize it is more violent and cruel towards cows than the cow flesh industry, and that they go hand in hand. so believe me when i say this isn't some rationalization or that i'm just uninformed.

No. 191

i got invited to a """""book club""""" but the guys don't even do a scheduled reading followed by a group discussion about the book. there's no organized events of any kind.
what the fuck?
so i asked what the fuck it is they do exactly and i guess you're supposed to just talk to yourself about books you've recently read. ahahahahah. just make a 9chan blog bro, i can show you how.

i'm trying to push for them to become an actual proper book club and i suggested they read Zahler's MEAN BUSINESS ON NORTH GANSON STREET unless someone has a better idea, but only one person's been receptive towards the idea so far.

No. 259
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nurse work long shift..... nurse have red mark on face from mask.
nurse work a long shift and have red mark on face!!!!! nurse better than you. did you work long shift? no. do you have red mark on face? no.
nurse have red mark on face and work long shift!

No. 285

i'm in this Discord server that was going well, going fine. then this normalfaggot joined yesterday and he started replying to every single message with some normalfaggot quip or twitter tier perspective, posting this just completely inane shit in every single channel. blogging about his girlfriend and how much he fucks her haha cool bro!
he commandeered the server with his retardposts in just 12 hours, it's all about his dumb as fuck viewpoint now in every channel on the server.

im just gonna start longposting about tulpas and hope that this normalfaggot replying to every single message in every single channel fucking leaves or at least slows down. we'll see how that goes.

No. 291


hahahahaa you should have seen that faggot writhe. he feels it necessary to reply to EVERY SINGLE MESSAGE IN EVERY CHANNEL. so when i went on my tulpa tangent and talked about tulpas for about thirty minutes last night, it was just "vanguard277 is typing..." the whole time, ahhahaaha, i clearly made him very uncomfortable and he didn't know what to say. Typing desperately trying to think of something to say to make the chat all about him again and give me his very valued DOWN SYNDROME perspective i didn't ask for
he gave me some drooling retard response finally like "yep i guess we're all a little bit crazy haha xD" which is a normalfaggot stock response i've heard 3000 separate times. that's the politically correct stock response to anything regarding mental health, it's preprogrammed. i swear i see it like twice a week.

No. 311

i got trolled AGAIN!!!!!!!! josh and his stupid fucking pranks and unwillingness to have an actual administrator signature on this site led me to believe 9chan is shutting down. ahahaha i got all mopey and got high on gabapentin because i was so sad to think i was losing yet another one of my favorite image boards. FUCK!!!!

No. 315

I havent been posting much because I've been really busy with playing Star Wars Saga Edition, it's a tabletop RPG based on d20 system.
and i've been really busy with getting drunk hahaa.

if you would like to play Star Wars Saga Edition with me, add me on Discord. Garrett#3019

i had a dream tonight that i was riding along on the highway and encountered this huge hummer that had a Dukes of Hazzards General Lee paintjob. It said "Dukes of Hummer" on the side.
i looked it up and I guess it sorta exists IRL, although this is more of a HUMVEE than a Hummer.

No. 334

to summon my persona i'd say cool stuff to be different instead of just yelling "Persona!". like instead i'd say "yo haha" and "damn... come on out bro." and "heh. let's get a bite to eat after this"
too cool to give a fuck. you know what i mean?
would you put me in your party dudes?
and NO Eerie wouldnt be my persona, he'd be my husband. and the normalfaggot persona protag would try to talk me into getting a real boyfriend and i'd say "um.... no dude. haha. peace" and go do my own thing. that'd be my character arc after you get me to max friendship, i'd just disappear from this disgusting 3rd dimension and ascend into the 4D and fuck Eerie's asshole.

No. 338

have you met these "when in rome," people?
theres this chick who i would voice chat with and she would scream nigger and make jew jokes and say "based" and all the usual 4chan crap. like barely even 1 month ago she was doing this lol

BUT i checked out her twitter page, and she's posting super leftist stuff constantly. really hardcore antifa stuff even, like ousting racists, calling racists pieces of shit, and even saying that calling someone a "psychopath" is rude to people who suffer from ASPD lmao... (side note: this new "anti-social personality disorder rights" stuff is super fucked up to me as someone who lives with a diagnosed sociopath, like as if you can be rude to someone who has no feelings) you know, general tumblr stuff, she has "disabled pride" in her bio kind of shit

it's not my first time encountering such a person but probably the most extreme example of it.

most other extreme example i can think of is this comic artist named ThaPig on inkbunny and furaffinity. he does SFW sci-fi comics stuff.
in private, he's an extremely mentally ill man who lived in several backwards 3rd world countries and suffered abuse, he was even imprisoned in Egypt once lol, he has really extreme opinions on mexicans that he never stops talking about and has broad daylight hallucinations without medication.
in public, however, he's this "im harmless hehe i have no opinions on anything, im a piece of putty and i'll agree to anything the group and TV says" super approachable vanilla furfag, super super fake. and i don't even know why he does it because he doesn't make money, it's not marketing.

i guess people just enjoy having fake friends gained under false pretenses? sounds like shit for both sides to me.

No. 341

>theres this chick who i would voice chat with and she would scream nigger and make jew jokes and say "based" and all the usual 4chan crap. like barely even 1 month ago she was doing this lol
>BUT i checked out her twitter page, and she's posting super leftist stuff constantly. really hardcore antifa stuff even, like ousting racists, calling racists pieces of shit, and even saying that calling someone a "psychopath" is rude to people who suffer from ASPD lmao... (side note: this new "anti-social personality disorder rights" stuff is super fucked up to me as someone who lives with a diagnosed sociopath, like as if you can be rude to someone who has no feelings) you know, general tumblr stuff, she has "disabled pride" in her bio kind of shit


No. 342

i had a cool dream that my polish friend Piotr made a Quake II mod that took place in a mall during a riot and you killed a bunch of cops. i guess influenced by recent events.
i got transported into the video game and existed in there, but i could hear him talking to me about the mechanics and design philosophy and i asked follow up questions as i shot cops in the face. very fun dream.

No. 366

i requested artists in the draw thread on wizardchan draw my favorite animal crossing villagers and one of them did this for me.
Hamphrey, Stu and Kyle are my three favorites.
I asked Eerie who his favorite is and he said Elvis.

No. 392

i can't believe people over the age of 13 find fireworks amusing in any capacity.
you have every movie, every book, every song ever produced at your fingertips on cheap phones and computers,
yet these grown adults spend $100+ to look at some sparks and flashing lights that only last a couple of seconds.

caveman brain shit, fucking retards

No. 402


they just trade medical conditions for other ones. you go in for a broken leg and they "fix" it but give you some kind of exposure to MRSA or an allergic reaction in their weird rape dungeon that isnt cleaned properly.
hospitals are like Gamestop. you ask them to open up the glass cabinet for you to get your antibiotics (that arent prescription only in other countries btw, only USA)
buy trade and sell medical conditions.

something some people do is just buy fish antibiotics from pet stores instead of dealing with the jews. luckily i have a family member who lives in Iran, he just sends me antibiotics in the mail.

No. 494

when i was like 14 i had a friend stay over the night at my house. he pissed and didnt flush, and when i went to use the toilet his piss was like, demon acid piss or something. it was fucking carbonated. his piss was somehow carbonated and it smelled like wood polish or something.
i ignored it and didnt care cause i was tired, i just flushed and went to bed.
but he did it again in the morning and it was the same, carbonated demon acid piss. so it wasnt just a coincidence or he put something else in there or something, it happened twice.
im 24 now and this still haunts me
he was fat as fuck but he didnt have any other major noticeable medical issues, what was happening to him that causes this.....

No. 496

how often is too often to get drunk before you're just an alcoholic scum?
like is there a set limit to how many times you can drink in a month before people go "lol what a drunk"
or is it behavior that makes someone an alcoholic?
i used to be an alcoholic but i sobered up. and i pick up drinking every now and then for fun. in the past 30 days, i got wasted 10 times. is that too many?
lol im reminded of this thread on tohno-chan years ago, someone asked "how old do you have to be before people stop saying 'he was so young' about you when you kill yourself?"
similar abstract arbitrary limitations the zeitgeist sets i guess