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if i bought a year's subscription to World of Warcraft Classic (EU servers) and a new microphone, would any of you guys play with me?
of course i would be buying the sub from a chinese stolen key vendor so that blizzard doesn't get a penny.

as for my level of skill, i am average. i have never done a raid before but i've done nearly every dungeon several times. i've leveled eight characters to the 40's in classic and private servers. my preferred class is healing but i could learn to DPS if you wish. we could level together on fresh characters, or you could try to carry me to 60 on one of my 40's.

this goes without saying if you know anything about me (i own >>>/bovines/ ), but i will only and exclusively play Horde.
email me if interested.

No. 102


uhhhhhhhhhhh, there's been a complication. My bank returned the money to me with some message like "there was an attempted fraudulent purchase on a noted scam website" or whatever.

ahahahhaah but i already have the game in my Steam library. So I have the game and the money now! I don't know where we will go from here. but instant-gaming.com has been very good to me and I don't want to fuck them necessarily. I don't know what to do. I guess I'm going to do nothing and see what transpires next.

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my quitting Animal Crossing has NOTHING to do with time traveling. i time traveled in New Leaf and played for two years anyway.
i'm quitting New Horizons because it's a PIECE OF FUCKING URINE. plain and simple. it's just a cheap shovelware game that seems like it was in pure development hell. even Pocket Camp would be more enjoyable than this unfinished, cheap garbage.
i'm not a fan, but the weeaboos will pretend this budget of $30,000 game with a dev time of 3 months is a 10/10.

i sold my nintendo switch on offerup.com for $400. New Horizons was one of the only reasons i bought one, and now there's no reason to have it around after seeing what diarrhea it is.
what else is there to do with this console? play some 5 hours of content luigi's mansion? no thx. i'm not into billion dollar corporations LARPing as indie developers. can't believe they even gave animal crossing this pathetic treatment.
play some wildly inferior port of a multiplat? lol

just fuck it, fuck it dude.
i'm using the Switch money to buy a hamster and supplies. i'm getting a dwarf russian hamster hopefully. he'll be my new little pal, i'm gonna name him Hamphrey after my favorite animal crossing villager.

No. 181

i got two legendary weapon skins in a row the other day. they were my very first legendarys.
i've been playing on PS4 for years and only playing PC for about 25 hours i think? pretty cool. although i'll probably never use Kaid even once.

No. 182


really angry to lose my Black Ice on Buck's Colt AR by the way. yeah when you move from PS4 to PC, you lose all your shit even if you log in to the same ubisoft account.
why? because they're role-playing as a small indie company that just can't possibly afford to have unlockables carryover.
i also miss my Eerie charm. yeah there was a halloween challenge that gave everyone a little green cartoon ghost charm and it was named "Eerie". i really loved it.

No. 286

ahhahahah i found this GOTY list i wrote back in early 2017
it's still really relevant and stings.

/v/'s top 10 games of the year 2016.

  1. new doom
  2. anime visual novel with memes in it and self-aware meta humor and pedophilia pandering to /v/
  3. nintendo
  4. nintendo
  5. nintendo
  6. nintendo
  7. nintendo
  8. self-improvement smartphone app "how to get a girlfriend"
  9. some indie piece of shit to be contrarian to normalfags
  10. fallout 4 even though everyone pretended to hate it they actually all played it and loved it

the sickest shit to me is how people unironically bought new doom and new doom 2. like most vile shit i've seen in my whole life. and maybe even worse is that nintendo dick sucking hasn't slowed down one bit even though their games have decreased in quality significantly since 2016. nintendo's really out here dumping out $30,000 budget shovelware indie games even though they're a billion dollar megacorp. OH BOY I CAN'T WAIT FOR LUIGI'S MANSION 4, a whole 5 hours of content for full price!!!!!

No. 344

video games are so fucking diarrhea now.
im in a server where these drooling knuckle dragging fucking retards are excitedly discussing this PS5 event lmao. a bunch of 4 hours of content shovelware SHIT games they'll buy and play for 1 hour or not at all ahhaahah. consumer fucking pigs. sippin' on that 40oz coca cola while they clap their hands at ports of games they barely gave a shit about to begin with.

my buddy says to me "but can Todd Howard get people to buy skyrim again? that's the big question"
the answer? fucking definitely. because let's be honest, there's so few physical release games put out now compared to how things were in ~2004 that people seem to just buy every single major release regardless of genre or whatever. i see normalfags not interested in anime at all buy fucking stupid anime games simply because there's nothing else coming out for months lmao. then they'll put 1 hour in it. they'll definitely buy skyrim again for that reason (and put 1 hour in it, like everything.)

No. 345


i always thought nintendo's problem the last 10 or so years was they don't release that much comparatively speaking but shit's dried up so bad in the console games that by comparison they're robust. seriously sony barely has had hardly any major releases this past year and has m$ had any noteworthy exclusives that weren't halo sequels no one cares about?
not a console guy, haven't touched my ps3 in years at this point but you look at the market and see how f2p battle royal shit has taken over really makes you wonder where the industry is headed.

No. 346

types of manchildren cope posts:
"all games are for children"
"[game clearly meant for children] is not a children's game." (no explanation given, or alternatively "lol did you know ratchet and clank's game titles are sex references? xD therefore mature" tier explanation)
randomly namedrop call of duty or grand theft auto even though no one in the entire thread has said anything about it.
randomly namedrop microsoft or sony even though no one in the entire thread has said anything about it. even happens in PC game threads for some reason.
"this children's game is actually more mature than any games for adults"
"the endgame is actually very hardcore, you just have to wait 80 hours" (no it's not)
"what even is a children's game?" they'll ask this as if they GOT YOU!!!! a children's game is a game whose target audience is children. they'll pretend they don't know what this means.

No. 353


lol just now like five minutes ago, someone replied to me using category 2.
they said ">implying this is a children's game" and posted a sexualized character design from a children's game. as if 1 sexualized character suddenly overrides all other infantile themes in a 10 hour long game

me: "yeah im playing a children's game i dont give a fuck"
insecure manchild 19 year olds on image boards: cope cope cope cope coping seething but not dilating "it's not a children's game it's deep!!!! it's deep!!!!!'
hahahaha get fucked retard

No. 425

i hate those "it hurts my eyes" people who pretend anything even slightly unpleasant is literally torture.
im not one of those women okay.
but this is genuinely nauseating to me to look at and i think there's nothing i can do about it ahahahaha. this is genuinely optimal play unless i want to have to scroll through the spellbook during a fight

also here's an interesting spell effect I got from failing a quest. it doesn't actually do anything.

No. 426

i unironically think World of Warcraft Classic is a 10/10 and people who have never played an MMO before just espouse this meme that it's shit because they heard other people say MMO's are shit. that's just this accepted truth among people who play video games and you get angry stares from vampires who want to thought control you if you say "well maybe i'll try an MMO and see for myself"

No. 452

when people in WoW Classic have gay usernames, i don't heal them in PvP, i don't do them any favors for free, i charge them extra for items, I roll on all items even ones I can't use. Etc.
gay usernames meaning stuff like anime references, children's video game references like pokemon shit, memes, puns, etc
thats the price they have to pay for being weeaboos

also i took this screenshot on the trip to Orgimmar to learn from the weaponmaster on my new hunter character.
look at that, i mean this visual design from 2004 is way better looking than any modern game. like this is fucking gorgeous scenery, this is truly a beautiful environment. white people just gave up on visual design lately and i really hate it, i can't remember any game from recent years making me go "wow this looks awesome" like this WoW screenshot just did for me.

No. 455


why's that?
really i hate both americans and europeans, i just hate everybody now pretty much. it would have been pretty awful either way.
I think that EU has the small advantage of having fewer trannies and fewer women players VS. american servers. i've only encountered one, im sure US has way way more.

I'm forced to play EU whether i want to or not because I play with my Polish friend Piotr and his Polish ping is like over 300 when he connects to US servers.

but i'd like to hear what you think you'd see on EU servers.

No. 472

>of course i would be buying the sub from a chinese stolen key vendor so that blizzard doesn't get a penny

As a guy who used to play WoW with either a proper subscriotion or using tokens, how does this method not give money to Blizzard?
Doesn't the chinese recieve their keys from Blizzard anyways?
Do they not pay for them in this process?

No. 474


i don't know the specifics. im told lots of them are bought using stolen credit cards. they're never bought digitally, they're bought at gas stations from the cards they sell there. when th card's reported stolen it's too late and they'd have to go through the convenience store or whatever and it's impossible to trace from that point. the card would have the funds refunded unless they just didnt notice or the owner was dead or whatever.

No. 476


Hm, I see.
So it's a bit of a 50/50 chance.
Since WoW tokens came out, I didn't use anything else since. It might've helped stimulate their little token economy, but none of my personal cash ever went to them.
I even used the Token = Blizzard Store Cash option to buy two of the expansions when that became available.
I know some people have trouble earning gold fast enough to use tokens as a means of subscription, however.

I miss when WoW was good, looking at some of the pics you've posted, I get a heavy sense of nostalgia, but immediately remember how bad the game has become now.

No. 478

>do you not know what WOW Classic is

I do, I just never got to try it last time I played.
Played through Ny'alotha HC until I knew the fights inside-out, and got tired of doing dailies as so many other expansions before, but then my gametime ran out before I got to try Classic.
I have heard good things about it.
Does Classic have tokens in the AH?

No. 480


I tried a private server years ago, too, sadly the great Blizzard purge happend and the server was lost forever.
I had some interesting experiences there.

>no unfortunately not

That's indeed unfortunate.
I have a slight desire to rejoin WoW, just so I could try taking you for a raid or two, as you mentioned earlier that you haven't tried any, but sadly I'm not in a situation with enough time for WoW these days, even then, I don't really feel like spending more time on WoW with all the poor decisions ChinaBlizzardActivision have made over the years, killing their own games.
It almost feels like sabotage at this point.
WoW retail got dumbed down like crazy, with shit storylines (except Drustvar, damn Drustvar was good)
Overwatch got role locks for even Quick Matches which was probably the most retarded thing ever.
And Heroes of the Storm's continues to follow a pattern of:

  1. Release new Hero that's OP as fuck
  2. Make people pay to get new OP hero in order to compete, even in Quick Play
  3. Nerf hero after a month or so
  4. Repeat from step 1
    And Diablo 3.. Well.. What's good to say about Diablo 3 now, except the first playthrough being good, then it has no replayability what-so-ever.
No. 485

sayonara, devil's rebirtho.

in some of the english subtitles, they accidentally called him Devil's Reverse for some reason.I actually think Devil's Reverse sounds cooler and makes his character more ambiguous. Devil's Rebirth is about as boring of a name as it can get.