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Some Seals for my board
don't ask what it's mean . I will not tell you :)

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Board Rule

Here is board rule
1.everything I said was rule
2.if you see anything contradict see rule no.1
3.this is my personal board .even it open for public

This board is where I collect my ideas about many things. English is not my mother language and do not try to help me improve it . I know it's not perfect . but it's make you know who is me . Do not make me mad (=^__^=) I may love post cute bunny but believe me I am not that cute when I am mad. except you like think mad person is cute (-_____-;;) all of my ideas is result from my wisdom which pass many debate both from real life and internet . I debate with many users on many image board /chats . both westerners and easterners . one of my main reason for using image board is to test my ideology until it's make sure for being strong ideology

https://9chan.tw/garrettandeerie/ this is board of my gay furry friend who love errie let's visit him sometime

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Record 11 On Astrology

One of oldest believe about gods is they are stars on the sky . stars control human fates or should I say control everythings by the meeting of stars lights on their birth date . it may sound silly for modern people . but in physics science your body are made of old stars..

1)One of most interesting star for me is "Rahu" it cause Eclipse of the Sun. actually it's not event a planet or star . it is not even exist . in Astrology it is where the shadow of earth / moon / planets cross together in the space . if you watch movie " the fifth element " you will understand it. the final boss "mr.shadow" born exactly the same way Rahu did
Rahu represents materialism, mischief, fear, insatisfaction, obsession and confusion. It is generally considered as a malefic planet in astrology. From my birth date . I have Rahu in my ascendant. so my life will not shining like others.. but it give me deep understanding / 6th sense / about mystery things . in mystery way foe exchange .
Solar eclipse is most awesome nature phenomenal . the sun represent of day and the moon represent of night combine together . Light and shadow . Yin and Yang
Some astrologer here predict the crisis in USA before it happen 2 years ago . I have told many users on 4chan / 8chan that "USA will find crisis in the future" but no one believe me. can't blame them because even myself is nearly don't believe it until the COVID-19 crisis happen . there are many sign on the sky told us about this event

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How could you?

>analockman starts shilling for death and evil in america
>bunbuns start dying en masse

You're a monster. Something important died inside you, all that's left is a hollow simulacra.

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Record 07 on my collections

When you are rich and have taste . it can't help but must buy goods things to your house . things like this are durable than foods for consume items . this thread is to collect review of my collections like toys / models / figure etc.

1)My ADF-11F kotobukiya model. got it yesterday . it's kinda easy to assembly .nothing complex like gundams. the raven is very huge even it's 1/144 scale. only nose unite is bigger than su-37 . tools I use is gundam line maker pencil. decals . and weathering oil color (TAMIYA brand). just to make it's look realistic . I am new for weathering technique but over all I am kinda satisfy with the result 😄. this super aircraft is from Ace Combat 7. code name "Raven" Weapon is missiles pots. laser pulse . and 2 UAVs . the cockpit is coffin system. the system which allow pilot to control it with direct connection with their brain and 360 view

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Record 09 on Poets

Some nice poets
1) "Ohne Hast, aber ohne Rast." - Without haste, but without rest

"Like star that shines afar, slowly now, and without rest, let each man turn with steady sway, around the task that rules the day, and do his best.”
-Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Bushcraft meditation

Meditation not explained.

3 Days Solo Bushcraft Canoe Trip - The Beach - Sleeping Under the Stars - Catch and Cook.
Out with the Canoe for three days. Some bushcraft and cooking. A lot of people ask how I can store fresh and semi fresh food while out several days in the wilderness. In winter of course no problem but in summer you have to eat pork or chicken the first day. Sometimes I put for example a chicken in the freezer for a couple of hours before departure. Then you can eat it the next day. Smoked stuff like bacon and sausages last a couple of days with some aid. I store it in a rubberized bag in plastics. Also you can use salt, sugar, lemon etc as preservative. In the night I put it in a creek or the water. Put stones on the bag and you have fridge cold most of the year. This time I discovered that you can put the bag with food in the stern of the canoe. I pulled it up on land except the stern that I kept in the water. Nice and cool spot for the food during the night. It was very hot in the days and all food kept fresh and smelled nice the entire trip. The mushrooms looked a bit sad though but tasted as normal.

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Record 01 On Corona Virus

This Virus crisis have something weird .
As you see the number
the most advance country such like western country have higher infest and dead rate than Asian country . how is that possible ?

1.It's W.H.O. fault. maybe yes. because W.H.O. said it's no need to wear the mask at first. but we asian already wear the mask.
However all westerners turn to wear the mask like we did but the dead and infested rate still rising

2.Trump's fault . but when he do it right. the infested and dead rate still rising anyway

3.The Virus Prefer cold weather in westerners country more than Hot weather in Asia country .- yeah this theory is possible

4.Asian country have better health care system / hospital than the west ? nope. even Vietnam / India still have low dead rate . the more possible is we asian got vaccine for another disease since we are kids... and this vaccine may do something we don't exactly sure with our body reactions . also I think Asian country are dirty . so the COVID-19 must face the local virus but this is not happen in the west because they are "too clean" ?

5.it's conspiracy of illuminati / freemason / jews to reduce world populations . that is possible. because human populations are real problem for every nature crisis today. plus the self destruction cycle of capitalism system need something outside it's own system to fix gaps of incomes. it happen before in ww2 by increase tax rate for the rich. now in corona virus crisis. we will see many rich do the same but in the charity way.

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Record 10 On Happiness

Gathering from my thread "what is happiness" on /b/ board. so this thread will have different structure from record 1-9.
A = mean Myself - Analockman
U = mean anonymous users that debate with me

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##Petition to sack Admin

It has come to my attention that the owner of this board enjoys sex with goats.
Everyone knows sex with horses is much more preferable, as he has such poor taste, the board should immediately be deleted.

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Record 04 On Eastern / China's Movies and Music etc.

I have a good anonymous friend who like movies and I accident delete his post here. I will post about chinese movies which I love more faster than my old plan.

1.My favorite Chinese movie is SwordMan (東方不敗 ). they story is ok tier. but the best is music and fighting scene with no CGI . the music itself become popular and have various versions


the story is about finding and stole the greatest book scroll of Martial arts. actually I believe the writer want to mock chines novels story in his time. because at last when you complete all training in that scroll you will become woman. the first lesson is to cut your penis off. no joking the main villain have small role in first movie. become main villain in second movie and become woman both body and mind . he's even fall in love with main hero and get defeat. in last movie he (she) become main character himself . it's represent the insane and ridiculous in the "world of fighting" the word which appear often in common china novels

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Record 08 on Preserve life

This Topic look like everythings about "Self improvement" . but not really. because I will not tell you the goal to improve your body. what I will told you are represent perfectly in "Anke" Meaning

1)Start With your Soul and mind fist. they are root of your body. you know how to protect your body from physical dangerous. but did you know how to protect your mind from mental dangerous ?
it is importance to hear bad rhythm . to see bad things. to know bad news.. because this is how we live in this world and take respond to others . however no need to receive
unnecessary bad things such like memes / jokes / words
you live on image board the most dangerous thing is not the words but it is images. Eyes are window of souls. your seeing evils will open the door of your mind and
invite them . like Friedrich Nietzsche said "if you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you"
so to protect your soul from being dead inside . you should click hide all bad images that appear on threads .don't think it's not dangerous . corrupt images will slowly corrupt your mind soon. in the way you don't notice

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Record 02 On Anonymous System

Like all system if users use it in wrong way it's will sure become bad system. Anonymous System is no exception and here is why it's failed . (if you like this system then it's up to you. nothing personal)

1.Moot the real 4chan creator said Anonymous System are better because it make you dare to show your opinion . but he never think about dark side of it. now he got what he deserve by sell his own web . it's become hidden nest of racism and terrorists
just like why robber always want to be anonymous . the site is not make money for him anymore so the new owner Hiroyuki take over and ban all racism cancer out site the politic board

2.Anonymous System make the website look like it have a lot of users than it really have. because you can't know who is different from who. you can't know it's from the same users or not. so using trip code is importance and yet it was call bad thing

3.Anonymous System is contradict with human common sense. Each human have different faces compare to animals because it's importance to develop social skills. to remember friend from enemy . and by that it will lead to the calm and trust between people. but Anonymous System is opposite . it create paranoid and worry. it make users don't feel to respond to what they are doing

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hiii/thai food

jhello, greetings from /garrettandeerie/ waves
why do i have to put in a subject line>? you should turn that off it's annoying.

BTW what's your favorite thai food? i like pad kee mao. i've had a lot of thai food because it is very popular in my state in the US, Arizona.

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Record 05 on Economic

Capitalism is root of all good and bad things for 20,000 years behind every war and peace , heretic rebels and almost all religions group. if you don't talk about economic . you will never understand how our society work.

1.The deadly attack of China is to destroy Dollars hegemony which I think it's make senes . because it is not fair for other country around the world for letting America print unlimited dollars but we can't do that. Money should be base on somethings to trust like Golds . not the imaginary like credit . USA government deal with the corona virus crisis by unlimited money printing obviously. which is not fairs with the rest of the world. actually it's not even in the classic capitalism system. USA use cheat code to make the crisis in capitalism system not appear . but not anymore
Now business man and politicians in USA know well that 5 big country like Brazil Russia India China and Sout Africa (BRICS) want to use their own money system. in the next year 2021 china will start use their own digital money. which have base on gold and real money. and they want to support all country to use their digital Yuan money instead dollars.
it's will be faster and better for exchange without passing dollars as the middle transfer. If China success . the dollars will become merely a piece of papers and this is the dead of America. because the credit in dollars are no more. especially when they can't pay debt to china. Even if USA will return to use gold standard for their dollars. that will not happen because USA don't have gold enough . so here come the real cold economic war behind Corona Virus crisis. actually Economic was are behind all crisis in modern age. That is why Trump must attack China .

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Record 03 On Death and Rebirth

Death is the most mystery which shape humankind culture . religion / politic / economic / language was base on it . that we can't escape the death . but the more I discover about ancient concept of death - the more I think they are not fool as we think . they just use another perspective

1.The Evolution theory said we human come from another species which similar with monkeys and our monkey ancestor too are evolution from another species older than them until to the beginning of life - the small cells in the primordia sea soup of life. Ancient people is not know Darwin Evolution However Their concept of Life have something similar with evolution theory . They believe We human are at the top of pyramid of death and rebirth . Before you will born as human you must use many years as animals before . start from low life in deep seas . to the beach into the land and forest / the air until you become human . this concept exist in Plato - Republic book. and ancient egypt . Long ago they believe in Reincarnation like East religion until Christ religion come. if you look at their perspective compare to Evolution theory . they are not much different. I personal think it's their mystic power to know about how we evolution . it's in their souls . it make me amaze that ancient human is beautiful and great than Modern science told me to believe

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fuck /pol/

>it was going to be a good day
>go to 4/pol/ because I'm too lazy to read actual news
>by fucking Croatian and memeflags

These are real subhumans, not Asians or mentioned Slavs. They will be never pure race, migrations exist and it wasn't started by muslims.
Stop brother wars already, these don't make anything good.

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FUCK whites! They are retarded subhumans, they never invented or discovered anything. They live off the achievements of other races, they are like niggers or jews.

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Record 06 on mystery of 90s

Forgive me if you are not born with 90s you must be upset and annoying that why everybody take this "90s" so seriously and ignore your era. the answer is it's awesome and mystery here is why

1)90s phenomenon is not happen only in west country like USA or europe but the whole world. Like Disney Aladdin song "A whole new world" (this song also have many native version in every country include Thailand) I born in 1983. and 80s-90s have highest birth rate in human history . so there are many cartoons / movies / toys etc. for kids was made in that time. in otherwise 90s kids was hold by hand of gods . that's why they have better childhood than every generations. with the new innovations that create new jobs like cars / computer / video games / music / movies etc. this is the exception of capitalism cycle that allow middle class family growing
the cold war with communism. the first time in history where human realize the exist of dinosaurs and ancient civilizations. this is the first time too humankind open their eyes to the past and look for the future (the space) in the same time . it is first time where all nations realize the exists of themselves and others in real meaning
this is the basic vibe that surround everybody in 90s . everyday is like endless adventure.
imagine you have very sweet dream and when you are awake. you realize it's true everyday . that's how I feel