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Boogaloo Bugout Backpack Bonanza!

A happening is happening folks. While it is not THE happening it still a happening. What are you putting in your bugout kit that will help you fend off the last vestiges of the Fed, the Karens, and the raiders who will be no where near as fun or interesting as movies and games have taught me?

I'm way late to the game on this but I've got some rations, flint and steel, magnifying glass, forester's axe, fixed blade knife, a kel tec sub 2000, and extra socks.

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Should civilians start digging tunnels to prep?

I mean, the fact that no one has seriously debated the topic leads me to believe that most Americans/Europeans/Chinese are less prepared than Vietnamese farmers, and all three of those groups have WAY more advantages now that it is the 21st century.

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Since this board is about guns I have a question about military base placement. Is it wise to place all of your weaponized military bases near the countries borders?

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Serious Thread

How can you realistically get weapons like a Glock handgun or AR-15 assault rifle in a nogunz country? The difficulties being

  • They're illegal
  • They're mostly owned by niggers or the Police
  • You don't have any connections to gun owners or organized crime.
  • You can't order/ship them to your country from abroad.

So far the best idea I can come up with is to fly to a foreign country such as Pakistan though however filthy and disgusting, I would be able to Purchase weapons and ammunition, then disassemble said products and conceal them in for example large PC or gaming devices and ship them back to my home country, but that poses the risk of it being stopped and seized during transport.

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Feel free to delete this thread if it's unwelcome.

The board /prep/ is a board for general survivalism topics, including prepper culture, ham radio, guns, and bushcraft. Feel free to crosspost to /prep/.

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/fgc/ - FGC-9 General - First Blood Edition

>What is the FGC-9 ?

The FGC-9 is a mostly 3D-printed pistol caliber carbine chambered in 9x19mm that is at the moment the easiest to build 9x19mm auto-loading firearm by far. At the same time it is reliable,viable for self-defense and viable for offensive purposes at short to medium range. Contrary to other contemporary homemade firearms, the FGC-9 barrel is rifled thanks to the option of simple and cheap DIY ECM-rifling.

Thanks to newly designed 3D-printable Glock magazines, the FGC-9 can be used with reliable self-made high capacity magazines. Thanks to the extensive documentation included in the FGC-9 files any person with common sense can build a FGC-9 in less than 10 days without any prior gunsmithing knowledge or specialized machining tools.

Main tools needed to build it: 3D-Printer(200 USD), Stick welder(70 USD), Power drill(50 USD), Power Supply(40 USD)
The materials and fasteners are metric and can be all bought over the counter.

The fire control group of the FGC-9 can be either a modified airsoft JG M4 rifle fcg or a proper AR-15 fire control group. DIY fire control groups are already in the works and will be available soon, making the FGC-9 completely devoid of regulatable firearm components globally.


>Point of this thread

This general thread will introduce the FGC-9 to the people on 9chan and enable those who can't obtain commercially made firearms to learn to build it to not be "noguns" any longer.


Download the files for the FGC-9: https://lbry.tv/@Deterrence-Dispensed:2/FGC-9:e

Main documentation .pdf file: https://docdro.id/x2w4l9n

Defcad page of the FGC-9. Specifications in the description: https://defcad.com/library/ac26b242-720f-4608-a202-0ecea6efa8c7/

ARES Research Report about the FGC-9: http://armamentresearch.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/ARES-Research-Report-8-Desktop-Firearms.pdf#page=45

News article on the FGC-9: https://www.enblocpress.com/news/the-fgc-9-fulfills-the-promise-of-3d-printed-guns/