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Rules and Guidlines

This board is for non-communist Overseas Chinese to discuss, cultural, political and personal issues.

Whether you're from a free Chinese country/region such as Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau or among the Western Diaspora (US/UK/Canada/Australia etc) you are all welcome.


  1. Global Rules (No spamming, CP or Lolicon)
  2. English or Chinese only.
  3. Spoiler anything that could be deemed NSFW
  4. Try to stay on thread topic, I will be lenient but I have my limits.
  5. Communist get the rope
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Cultural and Political Texts

This thread is for important texts. I will try and keep it as much English Language texts as possible.

Note: still looking for good translations of Confucian texts and "Three Principles of the People", though I feel Generalissimo Chiang's works a good advancement of that.

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Why are chinese people so cold?

I've seen videos where kids get hit by cars and no one even gives a shit they just walk past the child and ignore it. ANother thing is they like to abuse animals, theres a video where some chinkess puts her cat in a dryer for a minutes takes it out and it has a seizure. WTF is going on with chinks? Is this just in the mainland?

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Youtube Bans phrase "共匪"

If you comment with 共匪 it is automatically removed by youtube. Youtube confirmed CCP controlled.

For those not Chinese literate, "共匪" (gong fei), means "Communist Bandit" a "derogatory" phrase.

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Greetings, /huaren/ BO. I'm Wolfgang, BO from /bestpol/, that I see you advertised on.
I don't really mind that, but it made me curious about National Socialist Chinese, it isn't really something I thought about before, but clearly it isn't impossible.

One thing that comes to mind, is how you is your attitudes towards National Socialism, when we consider how you were treated by the Japanese during WW2?

Another thing is goals, more specifically racially and culturally. China is already pretty ethnically Chinese (to my knowledge), so I guess you won't have much of a problem there, but I saw the thread talking about Mainland China no longer really subscribing to your ancestral Chinese culture. Do you wish to return to that in some way?

Ultimately, the idea of other races/nationalities that does not have a long history with National Socialism intrigues me, mostly due to the common stereotype that Chinese people are heartless bugmen, so even if you're just a small percentage of Chinese people that doesn't want Communism, it's still admirable and positive. I can see National Socialists from different countries working together towards a common goal of ethnic and cultural segregation.

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Where are you from?
Whats your ancestry?
What languages do you speak?
What's your occupation?
What are some of your interests?