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Current state of affairs

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So, I guess there isn't actually a thread to report minutiae that is not worthy of its own thing, so I guess we could use this one.

I'll start: Read someone that both mainland and Taiwan were doing combat exercises and stuff like that, does it happen regularly or tension is escalating? Is there a contingency plan if mainland ever plans to invade with troops instead of just razing everything? I hope you guys have something in mind, maybe negotiate with the paraguayan government to lend you some land, lol. (t. paraguayan)

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Generally speaking this shit happens all the time, especially when China's internal politics is bad. In modern history the conflict has been used to distract their population from how shit their communist hell hole is, however when Xi came into power he gave a deadline of 2049 or something like that. Whether or not he lives up to it, we'll see.

On combat readiness. The Taiwan army is currently going through reforms from mandatory conscription to voluntary/professional force. The army is usually ranked somewhere between 20-30th in the world, currently at 27th. The nation is officially nuclear capable, though some mishandled intel seems to indicate that there are actually fully ready nukes somewhere on the island. Gun rights are very open, any gun is allowed besides fully autos, and it is encouraged that everyone has their own weapons in case of invasion. Strategically there are only a few places to safely land on the island and those would be filled with seamines and patrols. China had tried to invade and failed twice in the past, as well.

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Taiwan is fairly rocky and hilly, and the island has been thoroughly prepared by the military for any potential invasion from the mainland. Last I checked the Taiwanese military regularly performs joint military exercises with other countries. The problem that the mainland has is basically there are only two periods of time during the year that are the most feasible for any landing forces. The Taiwanese know this very well, and are very prepared for it.

The Mainland army has very little real combat experience or preparedness, most of their time is spent on patriotic exercises rather combat prep, singing songs and reading CCP propaganda rather than going to the shooting range or joint exercises between the different military branches.

If the mainland tries to invade, Taiwan has more or less publicly stated that they would launch most of their rockets at the three gorges dam, so even if the mainland is successful in taking back Taiwan, the victory will ultimately be a pyrrhic one.