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If you want to talk to Allah, pray. If you want Allah to talk to you, read Qur'an.

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Qur'an reading thread

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I've been reading the Qur'an (pic related) for the last month or so, and I thought it'd be a good idea to post which chapter I am on together with the lines I thought to be inspiring or confusing.
I would love it if other anons could join me and also post certain parts of the Qur'an they enjoy(ed) reading, and maybe we can discuss about it's contents together.

I'll try to post daily, but real life is a pain sometimes so I can't promise anything.

No. 384

Today I've read Surah 16, and pic related is probably my favorite passage.

Something I enjoy most about reading the Qur'an is that it says that God has send messengers to ALL communities, and that the reason those messengers are no longer remembered is because of the communities themselves.
By saying this the Qur'an makes clear that God is not just the God of the Arabs, He's the God that created everything, as is reflected by how he sends his messengers to all established communities in His earth.
I am not a Semite, so hearing something like this makes the message way easier to accept, as I'll not be following a foreign religion, but instead I'll be following God's laws and regulations. Laws and regulations God has revealed to my community also, but which were sadly lost.


Thanks friend.