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Why do the Japanese participate in so many religious activities when most of them don't believe in religion?
They even participate in multiple religions.

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Realistically, what would they have done if they won the war? (US never intervenes/cuts their oil off)
What was the plan? I don't get it.
They wouldn't have the will power to hold the territory forever even if they won.

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Those 3 races invented almost everything and enslaved almost everyone. So why do whites think THEY are the master race?
pic rel are the ones posting >anime

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Is this article an accurate representations of 2channel?
Fredrick Brennan basically re-wrote the entire thing.

I think he was trying to make hiro seem like a bad guy, but it makes him seem pretty cool, actually.

What do you think of 2channel in general?

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5 cute facts about maki:
-She's a girl!
-She's a tomato!
-I love her!!!!