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Reading / Literature

Please feel free to contribute reading material to this thread. I ask that whatever you upload please have a brief description of what it is and who wrote it, that is all.
It's important to be well rounded and knowledgeable about all types of subjects, not just those pertaining to leftist political theory; that said, I encourage you all to post works of all types and of all persuasions. i.e. Left/Right political theory, philosophy, religion, science, etc. Anything that You believe would aid in expanding your knowledge and preparing yourself for a revolutionary state of mind.
When you debate with someone, it isn't to prove yourself or your positions as right necessarily, but to stress test all that you've learned. If you find something that someone says resonates with you, incorporate that into yourself. Do not get locked into one frame of mind and regurgitate information; learn and better yourself from it.

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1) All global rules will apply. While this board is NSFW, it is not for porn, and threads/posts for the sole purpose of posting pornography will be removed unless posted specifically in the assigned thread for it at


2) Don't be a reactionary

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Nazi racism hate thread
post picture like this .

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>niggers burn down working class homes
>also burn down some box stores that are insured to hell and back and so will not face any losses
>leftypol discusses how the revolution will be led by a "black vanguard"

The absolute state of the left.

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Why does the modern day left seem to emulate and glorify the debauchery, degeneracy and hedonism that traditionally and historically only the upperclass partook in?

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Why are rightoids so incapable of discussing actual economic theory? Especially Nazis like Jesus Christ if you try to explain your point in any kind of way they just regurgitate /pol/ infographics and DA JOOOOOOOOOZ

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This thread is for the discussion of National Bolshevism.

National Bolshevism is an ideology that combines elements of ethno-nationalism and dismantling the system of oppression that currently seeks to import hordes of cheap, unskilled (brown) labour into western countries. National Bolshevism does not seek to legitimize 'leftist' talking points such as trans rights or race mixing. Adhering to the values and traditions of one's own country are not mutually exclusive from dismantling the system of predatory banking, profit maximization at the expense of workers' quality of life, or preserving the traditional family unit.

Most people who align themselves on the false dichotomy of the right-left spectrum assert that all leftists espout open borders, globalism, and tranny surgeries for everyone. This is a false stereotype that is often attributed to pseudo-leftists who think buttsex will attain liberation of the working class. Ancaps on the other hand will attribute this to an overarching state that wants to force people to think a certain way, or NatSocs believe this is a jewish conspiracy to eliminate the white race.

Both of these are false. The ''leftists'' you see who espouse these ideals are neither left leaning nor working class. This is obviously evidenced by the system's extreme efforts to normalize degeneracy, open borders, and race mixing. Ethnic homogenity and family values are not profitable. That is the only logical conclusion this can come to. The system does not want anyone to see an enemy other than a ghostly boogieman that the lower classes can fight over while failing to see the real problem at hand.

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jesus wasn't a socialist. using the modern kjv bible as an example is so wrong, kjv 1611 is better than most modern kjv bible. also catholicism or orthodoxy is the true religion and not protestantism. calvinism and lutheranism is alright.
communists always say that jesus was a socialist yet destroyed christianity for nothing.

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Have you taken the brown pill yet, mateys?
It's a tough pill to swallow! The brown pill was founded in 1999 by Sir Reginald Brownpill, who presents and narrates the attached video.

Forget red and blue pills, brown pills are the way of the future.

Video related. Please leave your questions, comments, and concerns below about this radical new paradigm of thinking!

Swallow the brown pill today! Red pills are for fedora fucking wearing faggots, blue pills are for the ignorant masses. Ignore the other le epin /pol/ maymays, this one is the real deal.

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A daily reminder that while working class Americans are unemployed, homeless, and struggling to make ends meet, the commies want to give thousands of dollars a month to illegals.

After all, gotta keep the cheap labor here so Globohomo Corp can reduce operating costs! I'm sure Marx said something along those lines!

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Guys, we were supposed to try and act based!


This can't be happening, we're fucking different!

Note: I will be deleting this picture/thread, before anons outside of our autism space come from the overboard.
Furthermore, I will start banning EVEN MORE people who wrongthink. Pedoposters will not be allowed here along with trannies. Zero tollerance policy is in effect. This might eliminate 99% of our user base though.
I might start by banning myself, though I am not too sure. Thinking is not my strong suit.

Board Owner.

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is there any crimes that this man did?
crimes that are 100% true.
well i know about the rhodesia stuff he did.
i honestly don't know what is so special about this man.

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Why has the left been so thoroughly overrun by liberals that all supposedly leftist communities prioritize protecting the feelings of troons over all other concerns?

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a reminder that venezuela died when this man was ousted in a coup in the 50s and when renny ottolina was killed in the 70s.
do any communists know of these two?

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Are the Kims /ourguys/


>Raised DPRK to the status of a nuclear power
>Ethnonationalist, reject the influence of (((certain groups)))
>Did their bit to break Japanese imperialism-fascism, still doing their bit to smash American imperialism-fascism
>Self-reliance means that they reject most forms of aid, even when people are dying in order to help further realize the Juche ideal
>Military-first by necessity, Chinese, Japanese, and American imperialism all about them

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are the retarded mods that run bunkerchan also going to be jannies here
the retarded furry trannies over there deem everything they disagree with as idpol and actively cultivate a board audience of degenerates and nigger loving redditors

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>I'm sure the average working man will be more than happy to allow a small amount of people to get cosmetic surgeries for free if it means he gets all his medical procedures (including any elective ones he may want!) for free as well. People are a lot less judgemental once you take scarcity out of the equation. The general population is already pretty tolerant of transgenders as-is


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Oh please, your subhuman race has ALWAYS BEEN SLAVES!
Enslaved each other since ever
got enslaved by the italian bvll during Roman rule
got enslaved by jews since before ww1
now the jews gave your ownership to niggers
and soon chinks will own you

And also whites never invented shit, it's was always the south europeans who did everything, whites just steal credit. What few things white truly did was to improve chink inventions.
Face it, yours is a subhuman race of liyng, effeminated niggers.

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What's the /left/ opinion of the interventionist left in Italy, Futurism and Sansepolcrism before they became fascism? National Bolshevism or infiltrated socialism?

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>competition encourages innovation and progress and capitalism forces competition
>without competition progress would stop and perhaps even stagnate
>without competition we have no reason to innovate
>Motivation requires competition
>with the way human psychology works, when there is no one to compete with, progress stops
>competition is imperative to progress, without it we will stagnate, and with stagnation comes downfall
>improving for the sake of it goes against human psychology,
>there is a reason the USA had far better tech than the USSR
>companies in the USA competed to make better products
>the state owned companies of the USSR didn't need to innovate because they had in built monopolies
>Humans are greedy and selfish by nature, you cannot change nature, the majority of people will always expect to gain something in return for their efforts and will never contribute to bettering the world out of selflessness/for free. A human will naturally want more and more and be better than everyone else because that is how our brains are wired for primitive survival reasons.
>socialist revolutions will always be corrupted and taken over by an ambitious individual and turned into a state capitalist dictatorship or just a autocratic dictatorship because again humans are naturally greedy and will always want more and more.
>Communism/socialism will always fail and capitalism will always thrive due to natural human greed.

how do you respond to these?

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park is god compared to low iq kim

look at this man. this man of a god.
he is the greatest gift god has given in korea's history.
why do jucheists say south korea was poor until the eighties when this man came in the 60s and btfo the south korean evonomy from being a poor nation to a rich nation? 100%, kim feared park and park knew that.
a former soldier of imperial japan who even got a golden watch from puyi himself.

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I am in the center, i want abortions to be legal, i dont mind gays getting married, i dont hate women and probably other things considered left

i didnt vote in 2016 as i was not very aware of the parties policies at the time.

now i am looking at the culture now, looking at lefty subs and twitter and youtubers, but they all seem completely crazy to me, i see people claiming to want open borders which would be awful for the country let alone the countries culture(just look at the UK and how its not the best idea to even fly their flag), encouraging people to be trans rather than saying it will be bad for them in general and that they should just grow out of it. I think if someone still wants to transition when they are 25 then they probably are serious about it, but a big issue is how it is being encouraged and now you have kids who think they are trans now when they arent, and that isnt good for their mental health and not good for physical health if they actually transition. The constant hate against people who are not completely far left is horrible, i see the most hateful posts on the internet about white people and normal straight people, the average man or woman who isnt politically engaged or aware of all the culture war isnt a "nazi" if they dont want to their kids to be filled with political shit from either side, but we have the media pushing unpopular ideas into the youth as a method to get them on board because kids are easily convinced of things, this seems to be why there is so much attention given to colleges/schools by people who want to have more trans and gays and leftists in general.

My question really is, do any of you actually believe the stuff that leftists say ? Almost everything I hear from the far left seems absurd and not based inside of this reality, then you have the media who try as hard as they can to push leftist stuff onto people yet its still unpopular when you speak to people in real life they dont like leftists policies or ideas.

Do you believe the stuff you say?

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What music do you all enjoy? Post some stuff you like or just what you're listening to. Maybe you'll all find something good to enjoy.

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Are you ethnonationalist?


So I've read some posts on here saying stuff along the line of "just because we're leftist doesn't mean we aren't racist", and I have to ask. Are most of you pro-white and leftist economically like Stasserism or NatCom, or is that just a minority of you? Do you reject mass migration and miscegenation?

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A note of thanks

Just wanted to say thanks, commie jew leftism turned me into a full blown wignat and now I have been converting my lolbert and centrist friends. I started as a left leaning normie until you psychos started sexing up kids in the media and using weird circle logic to worship brown rapists and killers. 1488 and see you on your way out of a helicopter!

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/bestpol/ Outreach Program

Hello, /left/! I saw that someone from here posted some excellent posts on >>>/bestpol/ and after seeing your 'Reading / Literature' thread was very impressed! I want to create an outreach thread if this is allowed by the moderation here. I want to understand what exactly your differences and disagreements with /bestpol/ are and if they can be reconciled. I also want to understand what common ground our boards hold, so that we can facilitate an alliance and exchange of ideas. I consider myself a Nietzschean so my views do not fall neatly into left nor right categories, but I still can try to answer some generic questions and work out some disagreements by explaining the common positions that the dissident right holds on /bestpol/. After all, we both ultimately want what is best for humanity and perhaps we can work together!

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based werwulf btfo'ing shills and shitposters

You're doing god's work BOAnon
I can imagine how terrible all the shills, spammers, and shitposters must be. Don't let them discourage you, a lefty discussion board that encourages free thought at the same time as pruning worthless shitposts will lead to the highest quality leftist board online.
If anything, don't let these retards get to you. We will win.

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Who cares what you call your political system, no one who matters was born in the 1940s. Here's the truth: If your ideaology matters, they'll name it in the history books, six to one against says you have no input on what they settle on anyway.
Here's the FACT: There is no "left vs right", there is no disagreement among the masses. The only disagreements you'll see are:

  • Who is REALLY lower class (answer: All of us get fucked by about 100 individuals who are power brokers; fiat currency is babylonian money majiq designed to enslave the masses by taking the inextricable value of labor and placing it in a physical object dissociated from the truly valuable thing [labor]).
  • Who REALLY needs to die (answer: They have DUMBs to escape into at the point where they feel threatened, technically no one needs to die short term, the [elites/power brokers/enemy] just need to be scared enough to go into hiding, then we can rebuild without their influence and deal with them later when their grandchildren come out of the bunkers)
  • What will our aesthetic be? (Seriously, this is the main sticking point)

Anyway my point is: Labor is the only thing valuable in this world and we are post-scarcity, there is a vast labor surplus and solving the problem of labor distribution.

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Reminder! This guy watches live stream snuff!

Yep! He is probably the only person in the world to get to watch a snuff film live-streamed to the White House with a bunch of his buddies. Damn I imagine they were probably drinking beers from a cooler and shit while it was going on. Abu Bakr al bagdahdi y’all remember that one right? He even wanted to release the video so the rest of the world can watch. What a fucking troll but funny as fuck. Of course it didn’t happen though. And I guess they just cornered him and he an heroed. Then trump cheered to the whole world over watching him die like a dog.
Anons do you think in the future more enemies being slayed are gonna be watched by the president? When will a based president just add body cameras to soldiers and drones to make a livestream movie for the whole world to watch justice being served live? (assuming things that need to be kept secret will be cut out)
Obviously the POTUS thinks it’s a good idea. But for some reason he couldn’t do it. He’s not based enough I guess.

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Covid chasing

Bug chasing has lost most of its allure lately, am I right?

I mean, the meds are good, everyone’s vital loads are well controlled, and so many guys are on prep that getting raw fucked by a poz top doesn’t have that thrill. That risk factor anymore. Which got me thinking the other night.

With the current state of affairs and all the cries for social distancing, this led my mind down a dark path. I started wondering if I could maybe chase getting the corona virus?

This got my butthole seriously twitching.

So I wrote a Doublelist ad entitled Covid Chasing. Here’s what it said:

“Handsome, fit bottom here looking for some risky behavior. Social distancing has me horny as hell! I’m looking for a hung BB top who might have been traveling recently and is now experiencing a cough or more. Before we’re quarantined, come and get some relief.”

To make things easier, I buried my cell digits in the ad to elicit a faster response.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure this would even work, but just posting the bad gave me that knitted feeling in my guts— like I was being naughty and careless. Such a turn on!

I got a response the same evening, faster than I had anticipated. He texted me:

Him: hey, saw your DL ad

Me: Yeah? What’s up?

Him: I think I’ve got what you’re looking for

Me: really?? Tell me

Him: I’m a flight attendant and I was working the Rome flights Was sent home cuz I’m not feeling well and I now have a cough

Me: you feeling up for some ass? How Big’s your cock? Any pics?

him: I’m 8.5 and thick I get a LOT of ass, but none recently so I have a weeks worth built up

He did send a picture along and true to his word he had a thick, uncut beauty of a dick. So I gave him my address and buzzer code. He said he’d be over in about 30 minutes.

And now my stomach was full of butterflies. It reminded me how I felt when I agreed to take my first poz guy bareback. All the danger, all the uncertainty and second guessing. All the dark excitement.

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third positionist here.
what are your thoughts on chiang kai shek?
i kinda of like him more than mao.
it's just when i look at pictures of mao. i get a this feeling that he looks evil.

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What the fuck ever happened to this human xerox of HST? I know Dr Bones got like metoo'd over his lust for girlcock or some shit but the way shit is right now I woulda figured the crazy lil fucker would be having a field day with the way the world is currently. Just always seemed to be having fun, is he really just gone now?

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The United States needs a good symbol for socialism that shows a more patriotic side. So I made this symbol for the Socialist Party of America. The pitch fork represents the rural workers and farmers who tend to the fields to provide food, the hammer represents the universal tool among all people to fix and to make whether be rural, urban, and suburban, and the jack hammer represents the urban workers who present power and make the buildings of civilization.

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What would be the ideal commiecat diet to promote extreme breast growth and the proper degree of docility? I'm thinking something heavy on grains tbqh.

R: 4 / F: 1 / P: 7

Why do you keep trying to "clean up" the board by deleting commiecat pics BO? The board's dead. There's no "serious discussion" to be had. What meaningful difference would it make just turning this board into a commiecat board? Hell, it would probably end up with more traffic because of it.

R: 5 / F: 3 / P: 7

You never answered my question BO! I still need to know if Strasserism can guarantee me better commiecat pussy than AnComs.

R: 2 / F: 0 / P: 7

I would like to take today's daily reminder that leftists are the Establishment to remind the BO that if he wants to be a True Leftist (TM) he must...

...swoon over a billionaire CEO's wife.

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Based and redpilled

COINTELPRO (syllabic abbreviation derived from COunter INTELligence PROgram) (1956–1971) was a series of covert and illegal[1][2] projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting American political organizations.[3][4] FBI records show that COINTELPRO resources targeted groups and individuals that the FBI deemed subversive,[5] including feminist organizations,[6] the Communist Party USA,[7] anti–Vietnam War organizers, activists of the civil rights movement or Black Power movement (e.g. Martin Luther King Jr., the Nation of Islam, and the Black Panther Party), environmentalist and animal rights organizations, the American Indian Movement (AIM), independence movements (such as Puerto Rican independence groups like the Young Lords), and a variety of organizations that were part of the broader New Left.

R: 7 / F: 2 / P: 7

When will more lefties accept a more homogeneous work force is infinitely harder to oppress

R: 11 / F: 7 / P: 8

So BO, have you completed your daily leftist ritual of congratulating all the trillion dollar corporations for meeting their meaningless diversity quotas yet? Gotta make sure the unwashed masses hear of the glory of the bastions of leftist ideology that are Google, Pfizer, and JP Morgan Chase!

R: 8 / F: 4 / P: 8

Hey BO, the neolibs are currently circling the wagons on social media to defend Biden. Shouldn't you be there helping out instead of here?

After all, if you don't defend the Establishment enough they might cut off your stipend.

R: 15 / F: 3 / P: 8

Hey BO, where's the version with an uncensored pussy? I demand uncensored pussy commiecat! Give me my pussy pussy!

R: 1 / F: 0 / P: 8

Cultural Terrorism

Celebrities, sports stars, media figures, etc are cultural terrorists who's sole purpose is to demoralize, dumb down, and pacify the people. Bread and circuses will only work for so long. Stop watching tv, stop consuming tainted media; poison in poison out.

R: 2 / F: 1 / P: 8

May first is a NatSoc day

As the contemporary left has completely betrayed the worker, it leaves National Socialism as the one and only true workers movement. May first is ours!

Other fun facts, did you know that May first was first made a holiday in Germany in 1933 by Adolf Hitler?
Did you know that May first was first made a holiday in Norway in 1942 by Vidkun Quisling?

R: 6 / F: 2 / P: 8

>the left demands corporations and spy agencies have an ever increasing control over the lives of the average person
>meanwhile, the right storms a government building while armed

Today, as all days, I will remind you that the left is a bunch of milquetoast Establishment-lovers.

R: 6 / F: 2 / P: 8

>decide to check out twatter to see what the normalfaggots are doing today
>the top two trends are leftists simping for the FBI and leftists having an aneurysm because someone said something bad about Biden

How's it feel to be a bunch of LARPing Establishmentarians?

R: 14 / F: 2 / P: 9

/left/ looks forward to joining with /bestpol/ in putting you pedo fucks up against the wall soon.