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Welcome to /leftcel/ a place for leftist incels. Over the course of the lifetime of this board I hope for this board to be a clearing house for leftist ideology and to explore the negative effect that capitalism has on the lives of men. I plan on moderating this board in the same style as the original /leftypol/ on the now defunct 8chan, which is to say as permissively as possible.
This will include pointed critique of feminism. Currently, there is no real criticism of feminism from a leftist point of view online. It's all either liberal or right wing in nature.
I hope to change that and open the eyes of men everywhere to how capitalism is harming their sex.
I welcome any bantz about dating, women, feminism that are generally banned in leftist spaces. Also Anarchists, Trots, Leftcoms and even Liberals and Marxists-Leninists are welcome and not only allowed to have sectarian fights, but encouraged to do so. Bring your best arguments as to why your ideology is THE ONE TRUE WAY and let our lurkers decide for themselves who's right.
If you'd like our mods to ban trolling in your thread because you'd like to have a serious or civil conversation, simply add "no bully" to the end your OP. If you're okay with some shitposting or insults end your OP with "some bully". And if you don't care, simply don't add any thing at all.
Only Nazis, Strasserists and Nazbols are banned. Although dissection of their ideology is okay.
Please note this board is ultimately owned by Josh Conner Moon of Kiwifarms, a known fascist sympathizer. Please assume any and all posts and metadata are being collected by him. I highly encourage all posters to use the Tor Browser to post on here. Ideally I'd like to see all posts with the 000000 thread Id.

Welcome and enjoy!
It wouldn't let me edit the original welcome post for some reason, that's why I had to post a duplicate

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why do everyone on anarchism worship this guy?
what is so special about this guy?
is it that he gets to use his ego as a cope?
seriously, max seems like the most retarded man i ever seen and heard about. his egoism is literally this " i do what i want and it makes my ego COOM"

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Change my mind

Violence is ok, the weak must surrender and obey or die.

The more violent someone is, the more violence he can sustain, the more right he is.

>Morality is relative, the strong decides what is right or wrong.
>Moral people are weak (the religious and humanists)


If the strong(tranny) rapes(incels) then it's ok, so long as he can maintain his rule.

Slavery only becomes wrong when the strong says so

Evidence 1 :
the fall of fascist Italy and Nazi Germany

They(the rightwing) were weak and unable to commit enough violence and maintain it, meanwhile the Soviet union under the glorious leadership of joseph stalin was able to maintain it's territory and even expand it. What makes them different?, hitler was a drawfag who was unable to kill enough jews and russians while mussolini put his penis in a jewish woman and did not kill enough ethiopians. The glorious leader Joseph stalin with iron fist and efficient GULAG system was able to slaughter them both, eradicate all reactionary elements in the USSR and scare the west to this day all thanks to his over-the-top violence.

Evidence 2 :
Victory of violent abrahamic/pagan religions
As machiavelli said all unarmed prophets ded while armed prophets kicked ass

Take the example of Mohammed, a literal warlord. Today atleast 1billion humans consider themselves muslims and follow his faith.

Take the example of Christ, though it does not seem obvious. But christianity is as violent as islam, sure christ got cucked on a stick. But the Romans and europeans who embraced the christian faith were not as friendly to heretics as christ was.(more than a billion people are christcucks)

Jews too, before becoming scheming merchants were violent warriors. (notice how the less violent they became, the more persecuted they became)

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How to cure my degenerate fetish

How to cure my degenerate fetish

rightwing here, plz help how do i cure my fetish.


I fucking hate leftists, i hate them all. I consider them subhumans. But lately (last few months, after being redpilled) I've noticed something strange, I've begun getting these weird fantasies. it had a recurring theme, all my wet dreams last month were homosexual ones. More precisely ones where i fucked commies in the ass. I couldn't even get my cock hard enough when i wanted to fuck my girl, even when i did i could not FUCKING COOM, i had to jerk it off later on to coom Fantasizing about anarchists sucking and playing with my dick
I could not even talk to one of my normie friends who is a young SocDem twink without continuously thinking about face fucking him he's a fuckin beaner for fucks sake.

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH MAKE THIS STOP, WHY WHY WHY. I planned to propose to my GF this year and get engaged, I've spent 4 of the best years of my life with her. PLEASE GOD MAKE IT STOP. I CAN'T GET IT OFF TO WOMEN ANYMORE, I CAN'T LET HER KNOW AFTER ALL WE'VE BEEN THROUGH.


please help me, don't let me succumb to my degeneracy. fuck you twitter left


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ShoeOnHead is Single now

She broke up with your long distance Canadian boyfriend. Septic Skeptic or something.
Damn, I'd love nothing better than to wife this anti-feminist.

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"Incel" as perjorative

Why do you think that the word "incel" has rapidly become used as a perjorative term against men in communities that assert they are against berating people for their sexual experiences?

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Why do leftist incels hate trans girls when they're literally our greatest ally?

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Why are guys so thristy?

This woman makes a half million dollars per year posting non-nude photos and acting like a real life Anime character.
1/3 of all men under 30 haven't had sex in over a year.
How'd it get so bad? This much sex starvation can't be sustainable long term? What do you think the physiological and societal effects of so many men going for years, sometimes decades, without sex?

she's not even that cute

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How many people here because of Leftypol completely going to shit and falling to lib jannies on Bunkerchan? Fucking miss the 8chan days so fucking much man :(

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Dividing territory and creating art

Since this board has grown so large, i think it is time for us to create our own culture. As in OCs and drawfaggotry. Or Memes that condenses heavy theory into digestible bits. Thoughts and suggestions very welcomes.

My first idea is to create a board mascot based on stirner should she be called stirnerita? stirna? What suggestions?

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Tranny facts

Okay we either have a raid, a particularly triggered liberal or tranny, or an AI bot programed to try to prey on vulnerable young incel men.
Let's post anti-tranny studies that show that transitioning is a mental illness and not something to aspire to.

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kino and other Late Soviet music

listing to some tsoi right now (actually just changed to some J-pop song "fall in the dark")
Wondering what other late soviet songs are there that are Iconic. Got some electronic music but looking for more variety. That one about a F-4 getting shot down by a North Vietnam MIG, so on so forth.

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why reply o Bait?

Why do you guys always reply to bait threads? is this board inhabited by literal autists? Every tranny thread which is obviously bait but gets immediate replies.

Leftists are attracted to bait like flies to shit.

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Push for Trannies to get Womb Implants

Now that trannies can get womb implants and actually carry babies to term, there's a push to make this practice more wide spread and even subsidize it with government dollars.
Will this be the things that utterly BTFO's the roasties. Without a monopoly on birthing new humans, what leverage would women have over low status males?
Sex can be purchased and now a biological child can be had by men on their own.
I think the first thing is that the welfare state will disappear for women. Right now single men pay for the children of single mothers because only women can have children via tax dollars. What happens when single fathers start having children out of wedlock and young single women see a decline in their purchasing power now that some of the cost of the welfare state will be shifted onto them.
I don't believe the majority of men will do this, but as the 3 percent rule goes (i.e. if 3 percent of a population does something or wants something, it usually happens) it would only take 3 percent of low status males doing this before the whole oppressive relationship gender dynamic we have now is up ended.
Women would have to dramatically improve in value to men if men could potentially have their own children. In the same way men have to have an incredible high value to women now to be able to sire and maintain custody of children. Simply having a good character won't be enough.

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This is an excellent article about why dating has become so toxic to poor men. It was titled the "Misandry Bubble". It outlines all of the changes that the state and capitalist superstructure made that give women so much leverage over men currently.
All except with the exception of the inclusion of women in the workforce and contraception, constitute state violence against men for the interests of women, and the state. No-fault divorce and a hostile feminist culture that influences people to treat men as disposable, keep men extremely precarious and make men into debt serfs to women, which gives women a material incentive to maintain this oppressive system against their fellow male proles.

As far why contraception isn't effecting incels necessarily, it's because women are not using contraception to prevent out of wedlock births. As evidenced by the fact that over half of newborns are born to single mothers. And I don't think women are using contraception within marriages, although I have heard plenty of anecdotes online where women are telling their husbands they don't want to conceive with them, either because they already have a child from another man, they want to conceive with some other man, or they flat out say they don't have to have children with their husband. Women are simply not having sex with low status men, and conceiving children with "Chad" out of wedlock, since with the welfare state, they don't have to tolerate a male that doesn't raise their socioeconomic status.


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who is a worker

Marxists and leftists of all colours, speak of violence against the ruling classes, the owners of the means of production. But here's the thing, aren't most workers today owners too? the existence of stock exchange and ability to purchase shares confuses me. How can you start le epic revolution if half the workers you preach to are owners too, what incentive can you provide to make them become revolutionary?

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This is why I hate n*zis. They pretend to be fascists but they are literally the opposite.

Mussolini was right, every s*cialist needs his brains bashed.

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Beginner Leftist Material

Post Marxist, Anarchists, Egotist or other leftist material intended for beginners here.
Please try to post only very succinct material that someone with a high school education could grasp.
Comics, Movies, Songs and other more easily digestible media are highly encouraged.

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fascism = the good

imagine killing the founder of the italian communist party, traitors all of you.
marxism = liberalism = capitalism = bad

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Where he go?

Yo leftniggers, there used to be a namefag that used to post with the gadsen flag in infinity /leftypol/,/leftpol/ and my home /fascist/. his posts were of high qualiti. But after tarrantino, he disappeared what happened to him? did he die?

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What is fascism?

This is a copy pasta from bunkerchan by Nihilist poster. I'm reposting it here because I thought it was an excellent summary of not just fascism, but why so many fascists have socialist pasts.

He was laughable banned by a bunkerchan mod for this.

Mussolini was formerly a Marxist who dabbled in some anarchism and was drawn into the national syndicalist / Italian futurist / fascist milieux, which originated straight out of some increasingly anti-Marxist leftist activities, and went with it. He did so because he began to believe that the socialist and "Communist" left could not fundamentally solve the social problems he saw and criticised Marxists for fundamentally investing themselves in a stillborn social project that tried to abolish the structural and systemic preconditions for social problems despite those preconditions being constitutive of societies in various forms and modes since the beginning of human history. In other words, the fascist critique was that the socialist/communist/Marxist left was trying to radically transform society to solve the social problems they diagnosed rather than try to solve them within the frameworks humans have lived in for millennia -- framed thus, fascism was almost a pragmatic or realpolitik response to the perceived radicalism and utopianism to their left. This was during a time when fascism was a nascent political movement in Italy comprising national syndicalists, national socialists (not Nazis, more like the Strasser brothers or Goebbels except without the monomaniacal antisemitism), and futurists, not the big bogeyman it is now (rightly) treated as being. Eventually, one thing led to another and the fascists (with Mussolini) basically made some deals with capitalists, especially financial capitalists in the urban centers (though also with some rural capitalists and the remaining landed aristocracy) to secure power by protecting their interests. They did this because they believed that they could then facilitate collaboration between the classes and negotiate the interests of all involved to the benefit of all involved without doing away with class or hierarchy, all of which would be administered through a totalitarian state apparatus. They then sought to win over the working masses with populist reforms that ameliorated their conditions and protected their rights, albeit much to the chagrin of these capitalists (who would be stuck paying for them). This had limited success, but did set the stage for the "passive revolution" of fascism that Gramsci noted. This was not entirely the case, though, because while this may have been the position of some early fascist intellectuals and ideologues, many of the nominal fascists who got involved, ran the show, and recruited the blackshirts were effectively just bourgeois opportunists using fascism to defend capitalism against these insurgent leftist activities in the region and abroad and build up Italy through a war economy. Some fascist critiques of Mussolini himself was that he was basically co-opted and recuperated by these forces into functioning as a bourgeois tool; some of this decisions and policies, especially the appeasement and deference he showed to finance capital in them, lend support to this.

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Ban wave

There's been rumors that YouTube is going to do a ban wave on Monday. Now rumors about Reddit doing the same thing are popping up.
These since plausible given the riots and how the major social media platforms have been doing a lot of censorship already.
Does anyone have more substantial information.

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Is transgender activism an attack on men

It's easy to see why so many men find transgenderism appealing. They're treated like disposable trash most of their lives if they are in the bottom 80% of males. Receive zero sympathy for any type of suffering and are blamed for their own victimization. Then when they express any type of interest in transitioning to being a woman, sudden they are showered in affection and acceptance by society at large, often for the first time in their lives. It's no coincidence that there are far more male to female trannies than female to male ones.
Passively pressuring young men to destroy an entire organ of their body is dehumanizing because transgenderism is dehumanizing. This is because it denies that the body is a part of being a human. That you can reject something as integral to your body as your sex and still be human. That you don't really need your sex i.e. your body and that your real essence is in your mind.
We've known since ancient times that you body and mind are deeply intertwined in ways we still don't fully understand. Your body has profound impacts on your mind, and visa versa. Like ying and yang they two parts of a whole.
When young men transition they are turned into eunuchs, docile and easily manipulated. Their former agency has been destroyed. Liberals know this, which is why they are so eager to support trans activism. Ironically in a way that will create more trannies, and generally not in any way that would materially benefit them like legislation that would protect them from housing discrimination, although there are some exceptions.
While some trannies play an active role in this, my feeling is that many of them are simply stooges and dead enders that are falling for the sunk cost fallacy. Trannies can never fully transition back, so to admit that transitioning was a mistake would require them to reconcile that they were fooled in altering their life's path forever.
Trannies shouldn't be targeted for harassment because of this, but leftist must recognize their crypto eugenic agenda.

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Trannies and the Left

Alright folks
Let’s admit it
We’ve got a fucking problem with troons on the Left
It was bad enough when radlibs suffocated Marxism and anarchism in idpol bullshit, but this is by far the most cancerous forms of idpol
The idpol of fighting for the rights of men to make the world believe they are women
It is beyond a fucking insane position, and consequently most troons are insane
Once these people become the center of your movement their mind bending cancer warps it into sex obsessed autistic nothingness when you’re shrieking about the rights of hideous dudes in dresses to be legally and socially recognized as QT anime bimbos
And obviously normies look on and say “wtf.....”
These people will deny their obsession with troons, and yet they refuse to stfu about them
Right now I’m listening to a podcast where all of it was excellent until the end when they start rambling about the “transgender vanguard”
What the utter shit?
Troon vanguard, seriously?
The people that are suicidal because reality denies their desire?
Why has this insane degeneracy become an obsession of the Left?
It’s not like gay people who just wanted the right to love openly and otherwise be Left alone
It’s not like black people and women who wanted equal civil rights to white men
No, it’s quite literally all about warping people’s perception to believe that men are women and if you can’t make people THINK this you sure as shit can force them to say it
It’s a movement premised in taking away people’s right to hold their own opinion to accommodate people who are damn near schizophrenic
And at a time when the world is basically fucking DYING and on the verge of war, centering these weirdos and not class politics is not only insane but suicidal
Wtf will it take for the Left to move on from troons?

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Single Mothers have devistated the Porlitariat.

Here's the killshot, single mothers predict how bad crime is in an area NOT POVERTY!

>The proportion of single-parent households in a community predicts its rate of violent crime and burglary, but the community’s poverty level does not. Source: D.A. Smith and G.R. Jarjoura, “Social Structure and Criminal Victimization,” Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency 25. 1988.”

This alone should repudiate feminism in the minds of anyone, left or right. And the high single motherhood rate is the direct result of feminists' sexual revolution that encourages women to be pernicious which inevitably leads to bastards.
Anyone that's traveled outside of the US can attest to this finding. While no poor area of a city or town is safe. They are not these Falluja style war zones that say Baltimore is.
Eliminating single mothers goes a long long way to eliminating poverty for workers. And it's in the best interest of children, which feminists and women pretend to care about.
These studies were aggregated on https://www.fixfamilycourts.com/single-mother-home-statistics. Here are a few other highlights

>“After controlling for single motherhood, the difference between black and white crime rates disappeared.” Progressive Policy Institute, 1990, quoted by David Blankenhorn, “Fatherless America: Confronting Our Most Urgent Social Problem,” New York, Harper Perennial, 1996, p.31

>Effects of Fatherlessness – Teenage Statistics

>63% of all youth suicides,
>70% of all teen pregnancies,
>71% of all adolescent chemical/substance abusers,
>80% of all prison inmates, and
>90% of all homeless and runaway children, came from single mother homes.
>Bob Ray Sanders, “Hey Y’all, Let’s Fill The Hall (Of Fame), Ft. Worth Star Telegram, Oct.28,2007

Mona Charen, “More Good News Than Bad?”, Washington Times, Mar.16, 2001 (citing Bill Bennett, “The Index of Leading Cultural Indicators: American society at the end of the 20th Century., New York, Broadway Books, 1994)

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You've ever had a girl you dated or like come back to you in your 30's or later and want a relationship? I've never had that happen.
I did have a girl come back to me, but she wanted me to orbit her again, not get into a relationship. She got mad as a hornet when I said I didn't want to be a doormat again.

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Will Corona end hookup culture.

Do you think the Corona Virus will cause the public to embrace sex dolls?
It seems like that they're still pretty primitive and wouldn't be accepted as a sex toy by the average male.
What do you think needs to change about sex dolls to make the more popular. What changes could be made in the short, medium and long term to make them more widely accepted.
I think if sex dolls were more widely used the price of pussy would crash.

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Confession and venting thread

What are your dreams?
Do you have any aspirations?
Do you feel repressed?
Post here all your confessions and let your emotions flow, I'll try my best to help you.
It's a win-win deal, you'll release your pent up emotions and become happier and I'll learn to handle the emotional issues of other people and learn to be a better father.
I recommend you use tor when posting here. :3

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Summarise it

Yooooooooo, leftnigg.ers some one recommended me this book and told me murray's book is based. But I'm too much of a chad to spend time reading can one of you no life bookworms summaries it for me?

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LEFTITS are Faggots

LEFTITS FAGOTS, WHY WHY WHY. Mussolini could have brought socialism to italy along side Niccola bombacci BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. You decided to side with the LIBS and literally KILL THE FOUNDER OF THE ITALIAN COMMUNIST PARTY. Where is your socialism now, bitches. Where is it!!!!!!!
Spending day and night larping as revolutionaries but when the time for revolution happens, you spread your legs open for the entry of the liberal's THICC, GIRTHY COCK. Fuckin leftists man

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left or right

why do y'all call capitalists right wing, when both communists and capitalists are leftwing? As in left side of the king.

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Feminists jelly of teens, want men jailed for boning them

It has been proven by so many studies that men prefer women in their late teens and early 20s. This includes men in their 30s and older however many women spend their 20s on the cock carousel plus pursuing worthless careers rather than marrying a stable guy starting a family. They waste their youth on sex and the city lifestyles then when they are finally really to settle down, the type of men they want would obviously prefer women in their early 20s or even late teens. This is natural and logical as these women are most likely to provide healthy babies whereas post-wall women in their 30s are used up, bitter over getting rejected by chads and having to "settle" for the nerds they rejected throughout their 20s. They bitterly resent successful men such as Leonardo Dicaprio rejecting women his age as it is well know any man with high status wants young, beautiful girls. These men do not care about their careers but their youth and beauty so it makes them realise how worthless they are.

Paedophilia means pre-pubescent so it disturbs me how it is just thrown about. A 30 year old man dating an 17 or 18 year old isnt paedophilia. These same people probably had grandparents with these age gaps. My own grandmother had my father at 16 and she must have married at 14. My grandfather must have been around 19. Throughout human history, puberty meant a girl was ready for marriage. The fact that they are now saying 18 year old dating a 30 year old man is paedophilia is absurd and clearly a sign of feminist jealousy as they know they are competing with girls that offer more to high-status males. I personally wouldnt go for high school girls but I understand men that do as this is peak female beauty and natural.

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Will the West have to pay Reparations?

The position of you guys on the left over here seems to be that the difference in conditions and wages around the world is because of imperialism primarily.

So will the west be required to pay reparations after we establish socialism? Wouldn't most of the redistributed wealth go from me and my nation to people in the third world since they are so much poorer than the American working class? Won't all the industry development happen in Africa?

If the first world worker benefits from imperialism, wouldn't my wages go down? wIf yes, why should I support socialism? I'm a prole in AMERICA, I'm basically on top of the world and you want to take my nations wealth and give it to some other nations I've never been to.

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No, white people are NOT proletariat.

No, whites in Amerika are not proletarian.

The simple fact is this. Whites in Amerika have been given a bribe to hold down the land of Amerika and mantain the internal colonization of the black and chicano nation through their widespread racism. It is this social contract between the white bourgoise and the white workers that allows whites to gain wages much higher than the black workers, because the super exploitation of the black population means that the white workers as a whole are net-exploiters who consume more than the value of their labor.

They are just like the Jews in Israel or the Whites in South Africa. Complicit pawns and beneficiaries of colonial oppression, given enough of a kickback from the oppression to push them, by and large, outside the proletarian class.

There are white proletarians. The unlucky, the stupid and the various others that fall out of classical white society for whatever reason. They are rare, but they do exist. The possibility of becoming a labor aristocrat however, and the integration of income levels within the white community, with poor whites and middle class whites living more or less side by side, means their consciousness is inherently corrupted. Their highest ambition is never liberation but rather a climb out of their condition, which they can much more easily due thanks to their settler privilege.

So no, white people are not proletariat by and large. I'm not saying that the individual settler can't grow a heart, but I find it extremely unlikely that the vast majority of the settler white working class will ever do anything but struggle for the return of their bribe and the continued oppression of the internally colonized people below them.

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No Reciprocation

Go video explaining how society and feminism do not reciprocate all the demands they put on men.
Any relationship, be it with a person or institution that is reciprocal is exploitative.

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Guys I am so confused inside. I dont know what to do, and I dont wanna disappoont the heavenly spirits. I want to get a real loving amourous relationship with a nice women and have a large family but it just isnt possible in this day and age and the few good women are already taken because they are such a small number of zoomer females my age. I dont wanna disapoint god or my mom but I am thinking about getting a sex bot to satisfy my sexual frustrations, I am thinking about getting multiple sexbots that are costumized and have been modified to looks like elven girls and furry girls and cat girls and a whole bunch of other types of girls I can just imagine roleplaying with all the different sexbots for fun and imagining myself in erotic scenes with them while I wear a vr headset. I subconsiously feel guilty about wanting a sex bot but I dont see how there is going to be any chance of me getting a good women to marry, and I really dont look foward to casual sex with biowhores filled with stds and if I were to have casual sex I would prefer to imagine having sex with various types of beatiful monster girls rather than the same boring white, black, brown, and slanty eyed women.

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Cuckoldry of a certain german gentleman

Low iq here having some serious doubts.
you leftists claim that pursuing our material interests and strengthening our ego is all that matters in life, as the material self will perish and therefore we must adopt a hedonistic lifestyle if so, Then why the fuck did engels collaborate with marx in advancing the material interests of the proletariat? Instead why didn't he become porky like his father and live the higher life?
Was he a moral fag? a cuck? or simply spooked by something else?

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The Karen Meme

How do we amplify and exploit this meme? These feminist cunts never imagined that conditioning generations of people to hate white men with their propaganda might actually boomerang back on them. It's a simple logic, really: if people have free license to hate white men, then why shouldn't they also hate white w*men?

I wonder if they enjoy the taste of their own medicine?

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Under communism why would women date lower quality men? wouldn't it be like the neolithic age all over, where one man (UR-Vater) ruled over all women while most of his sons and other men were excluded

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Democratic Schools

One of the reasons why we have so many maladjusted adults, particularly males, is because of compulsory education.
The average public school is hell for a poor and or ugly students. You are the constant target of bullying, both physical and emotional, and the classes themselves don't teach anything but how to pass their increasingly byzantine tests.
Most of the school shooters in recent years were revealed to have been subject to some extreme bullying. But for every school shooter there are millions of students (mostly men) that just sucked up the abuse only for it to manifest itself in self destructive behaviors like addition.
Attached is a video explaining what Democratic Schools are and how they function.

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Honest opinions

What are your honest opinions on fascism, national socialism, monarchy and feudalism.

What are your honest opinions on anarchy, communism and liberalism.......

R: 3 / F: 0 / P: 7


If you are not feminist your are not real leftw ing.....

U people are are male chau vinists and racists....

Fascists are posting here....... I'm going to report this nazi site...........

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What the fuck is LTV.

what's the difference between historical DM and Dialectical materialism

How long and how many books will it take me to be a proper fash bashing leftist.

Who dafuq is engels and why did he approve of genocide?

difference between marx, engels and lenin+mao

was marx racist?

Preferred pronouns he/him or them
Please use preferred pronouns, no bulli
Link useful twitter or youtube accounts if possible

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Why can't Gays spread the gift among each other?

Why can't trannies get genital surgery?

isn't morality a spook. Are leftists here cryptofash/fash?

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Rent Strike

How many of you didn't pay rent last month? The news is that 1/3 of all renters didn't pay their rent this month. So I know at least some of you didn't.
Did you do it as part of a collective action with your neighbors? Or were you just to broke to pay, and your withholding of rent wasn't a part of any praxis.
Me, I still paid rent. I tried to organize a tenants union last year before the Corona virus broke out. But it was absolutely an uphill battle. There was some interst but most people were at best apathetic to the idea. I got some contact info, but I'm not sure if I'll use it. I gave them all my phone number and got contacted by exactly no one.
Share your experiences.

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Jason Unruhe just put up a video about the disaster that the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) became.
I haven't been keeping up, is this true? Did it all almost fall apart immediately because a tranny was elected leader, then went on a hours long tirade against white people on social media instead of... uh... building a commune. Then when he/she/it/they were criticized for being racist, like a sociopath, threatened to kill themselves, only to pop up awhile later perfectly fine.
I have to admit, that kind of mentally ill behavior is displayed regularly at bunkerchan. It's eerie how close my own experiences with bunkerchan anons are with what happened at CHAZ.
What does this all mean? Are trannies actually mentally ill and should be blocked from positions of leadership in leftist projects? Are there too many narcissistic social media addicts on the left to make anything real happen? Is it these same, young, attention starved leftist that are the real thing holding back the left and not idpol?
It seems to have caused a huge fight over on bunkerchan. I can image that the mods probably took the side of the dysfunctional tranny leader.

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Incel vs. Chad arab tribe Koran

"The tribe of Tsam were the posterity of Lud the son of Sem, and Jadis of the descendants of Jether. These two tribes dwelt promiscuously together under the government of Tasm, till a certain tyrant made a law that no maid of the tribe of Jadis should marry unless first defloured by him; which the Jadisians not enduring, formed a conspiracy, and inviting the king and chiefs of Tsam to an entertainment, privately hid their swords in the sand, and in the mist of their mirth fell on them and slew them all, and extirpated the greatest part of that tribe; however, the few who escaped obtaining aid of the king of Yaman, assulted the Jadis and utterly destroyed them, there being scarce any mention from that time of either of these tribes.

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How do we do multi-racial unionism right?

We can see the same pattern in so many unions, but for the purpose a short thread, I will focus on coal and steel.

Coal - Coal started out pretty good. The United Mine Workers of America were very racially egalitarian is membership, internal organization and rhetoric. There were of course labor aristocrats at the top who tried to betray this, but white and black workers alike mostly kept them in check. However, the union ultimately failed. As the industry began automating heavily after World War II, the union did not defend the interests of its black members. When their manual jobs were eliminated in greater proportion than those of whites, the union did not demand that they have priority in gaining newly created jobs over recently hired, lower-seniority whites. This allowed black workers to be pushed out of the industry entirely, and it wasn't until the 1960s that they fought and won seniority-rights.

Steel - Again, started out well. Heavy involvement by the Communist party and lots of racially egalitarian rhetoric and organizing. They even had white workers going around and fighting to desegregate swimming pools, restaurants and more, and this was the 1930s. But once organization was completely, this mostly stopped and there was little to no fight for breaking up the job and hiring discrimination within the steel plants. Communists who pushed for it were forced out and the Union was made incredibly bureaucratic. It eventually dropped its anti-racist stance and enforced discrimination which was eventually ruled unlawful.

Auto - The auto industry had a lot more rank and file democracy, so the abandonment of egalitarianism wasn't quite so dramatic. Black workers supported Communist caucuses within the union, while whites supported the Social-Democratic leadership. The Communists fought for blacks to be allowed jobs other than janitor, but the social-democratic whites did not support this cause. Eventually the Communists were ejected.

If you look at unions that stayed true to their cause, they eventually had to abandon racial solidarity in the other direction. Communist led unions were almost always majority black.

So what do we learn from this? Is it still relevant in the modern day? How do we do multi-racial organization properly?

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Blackpill Sience

Post here proof that debunks the anti mail hate speech that feminists spew.
I'll start:
Men are raped as much as women.

Over any given 12 month period, it's rare for there to be more then a 10% difference between the two. There are still more male rapists due to higher rates of male-on-male rape compared to female-on-female rape, but neither stat is very high in absolute terms. Contrary to what you've probably heard in the past, most men are not raped by other men. ~80% are raped by women. And more men in total are raped every year than women, making sexual assault more of a men's issue than a women's issue.

Lifetime stats follow this as well, but not as closely. Those stats include all forms of sexual abuse, including things like flashing and groping, and they are less accurate than yearly stats for a number of reasons. The largest being because men, over time, will reframe a rape as consensual due to gender norms (everyone telling him he was "lucky", like if a teacher did it)... speculation is that women may do the opposite, thus moving their stat in the opposite direction. But even the official, unfiltered lifetime stat isn't that far off: 1 in 4 for women and 1 in 6 for men.

Why is this not very well known?

Several decades ago, an early gender studies "researcher" named Mary Koss proposed that a person "forced to penetrate" another person is not in fact raped. She called it unwanted sexual contact and she was very successful in convincing academics and even lawmakers to adopt this definition. While technically it is gender neutral, due to the anatomical differences between men and women, it mainly applied to men. Her rationale was that men must "want it" or are "asking for it" so it doesn't count.

As a result, the true rate of sexual assault against men is usually hidden in official statistics. Instead of rape, they call it "made to penetrate". And many state and national laws around the world similarly define rape in gendered terms, meaning female rapists avoid prosecution and generally don't get discussed in the media. This has led to decades of misinformation on the topic. And it has only just recently started getting attention, both on the legal front, and among academics.

Unpopular? Definitely.

Factual? Absolutely.

Inconvenient? Maybe if you're sexist. That is in fact likely the motivation behind people who try to deny it (I'm looking at you, Mary Koss).

Sources: A good meta-study

Stemple, L., Flores, A., & Meyer, I. H. (2017). Sexual victimization perpetrated by women: Federal data reveal surprising prevalence. Aggression and Violent Behavior, 34, 302-311. Available from: http://webshare.law.ucla.edu/Faculty/bibs/stemple/Stemple-SexualVictimizationPerpetratedFinal.pdf

Some pop science articles

Stemple, L., & Meyer, I. H. (2017). Sexual victimization by women is more common than previously known. Scientific American. Available from: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/sexual-victimization-by-women-is-more-common-than-previously-known/

Young, Cathy. (2014, September 17). The CDC's Rape Numbers Are Misleading. Time. Available online at: https://time.com/3393442/cdc-rape-numbers/

Rosin, Hanna. (2014, Arpil 29). When Men Are Raped: A new study reveals that men are often the victims of sexual assault, and women are often the perpetrators. SLATE. Available from: https://slate.com/human-interest/2014/04/male-rape-in-america-a-new-study-reveals-that-men-are-sexually-assaulted-almost-as-often-as-women.html

43.6% to 48% of self-reported perpetrators are women

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Practical Praxis

This tread is for simple and easy things people can do to fight capitalism.
I'd like to limit it to things that take no more than a few days, and don't more that a high school education.
I'll start with this app called "Do Not Pay". This will help you automatically sue any telemarketers or debt collectors that illegally call you.
A lot of times these debt collectors or telemarkerts will try to avoid identifying who exactly they are working for because they know they can get sued.
To get around that this app provides a fake Credit Card number that you can give them. When they charge against the fake card, you can get the actual name of their business and start a lawsuit in small claims court against them.
Learning how to use the small claims court in your town is really useful to. Without even suing I was able to recover $600 for my girlfriend from a gym, and I was able to get $1000 in diminished value from a car insurance company.
Share your ideas for practical praxis here. BTW praxis simply means, ways that you bring your beliefs to life.

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Anoncels should I just go gay?

I can feel the testosterone in my body deminishing every day and barely functioning, every time I try to lift weights my muscles dont grow. I have a feminine body for a male, and I barely have any testosterone in my to fight anyone without feeling like a thousand nerves in me are ticking off. The only thing I do is look at rainbow colored furries and anime girls all day long. Im so conditioned to furries that everytime I visualize a generic women she usually has a snout, cat ears, and fur all over. I am so perverted that I see all women as potential fuck buddies.
Should I just turn GAY or ROPE? No, women has ever given me the lusty eyes, or cat called me. I am practicially an asexual eunuch in the eyes of women and any women that ever shows interest in me would most likely fake it because they are gold digging. The only way I can cope with all of this is by browsing furaffinity and looking at all the rainbow colored anthros but even then this doesnt satisfy me. I want physical contact and the way I see it that the only way that a small dick, scrawny, skinny, short male can get laid is by being a submissive bottom to a fat hairy faggot. Not even troons will want me. The worst part is that I cant get it hard for men, especially not masculine ones. It is either that or the rope. What should be my fate anons? I just cant cope with being a lonely virgin faggot anymore, my parents want me to marry but we a know that marriage culture and monogamy has died out in the modern younger generations, and the only men getting action with women are either rich beta males, strong, attractive, and big dicked alpha males. And then anti weebs wonder why so many young men are buying anime body pillows. There is just no hope for the average male from the younger generations, we all have to fap to hentai or be sexually starved and deprived. WTF help oldfag anons, prostitutes dont interest me because I can tell that the women are faking the interest in me and only want to get the money and be done with it and that hurts my soul.

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Mods, this isn't bait, this is a long effort post to try and make sense of race and class in the united states, please don't delete this or bad me.

Recently I have been reading a few things from J. Sakai, Noel Ignatiev and a few others and it has led me to have major questions about the problems of race and class in the USA and specifically the pantherist idea of organizing white workers.

The way I understand racism is pretty much the same as Ted Allen. Racism is a ruling class structure of social control that is meant to divide the workers by creating a material difference between them and using one section of the working class to police the other. In many ways, the situation is similar to the conflict between the Irish and British workers that Marx talked about. The two are pitted against each other, and this material division halts unity within the working class and is encouraged by the ruling class. Marx says that essentially, the emancipation of Ireland and the destruction of the division is the only way that the British working class can free itself and must thus be a core concern of the British working class. He explicitly compares the situation to that of the “poor white” and and the former slave in the Southern USA and I think he means to imply that the situation requires the same solution, he is essentially saying that just as the British worker must fight to liberate Ireland, the white worker must fight to liberate the black worker, not just as some sort of charity, but because it is the only way the white worker can be free. As Marx said, Labor in white skin cannot emancipate itself where the black skin is branded.

But has this sort of unity ever really happened? There was certainly not a great outpouring of British support for the IRA. The Irish more or less had to liberate themselves, and the same can be said for every movement towards black liberation in modern American history. Did a major portion of white workers support civil rights? The black power movement? I can’t find any case in American history where this sort of unity has occurred on a large scale.

There are always exceptions. The Young Patriots and the IWW are commonly cited large scale rebellions by whites against racism and for internationalism and working class solidarity. Largely however, the IWW and the Young Patriots were composed not of whites, but of recent immigrants (either to America or to Chicago) who had not yet been integrated into whiteness. Solidarity could be found because the Italians in the IWW or the Appalachians in Chicago didn’t get much benefit out of white supremacy.

But that is not the case for most white workers in the modern day. The benefits of white supremacy for them are enormous. With the disorganization of the black community and discrimination on every levle of society stopping black people from economic advancing, whites are able to maintain a monopoly on nearly all high paying jobs while black people are maintained as a sort of underclass, disproportionately occupying places within the Lumpen proletariat, the low paying proletarian and the reserve army of labor. Because of this discrimination, white workers are allowed better jobs and higher pay due to a lack of competition from a decent section of the population. The discrimination serves the same purpose whether it is de facto or de jure.

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Hey guys, Board Owner here. I've seen you're reports but I can't do any moderation. It looks like this is a problem on all boards. I'm not able to delete posts or threads and it looks like I can ban anyone either.
It seems like Josh is aware of the problem so please be patient while the problem is fixed.

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Capitalism causes Addiciton, not Drugs

The "Rat Park Experiment" that generally drugs are not addictive. It's capitalist atomization that leads people into becoming addicts.
When the rats that were socialized in a rat community in the "Rat Park Experiment" even when given the hardest drugs the rats did not succumb to addiction.
While the isolated rats immediately became addicts.
This breakthrough was never researched further likely because it would undermine profitable drug based treatment for addicts.
I remember reading how doctors were amazed how quickly and reliably hardcore alcoholics recovered when hospitalized, where they received a lot of support, in cases that were presumed to be lost causes.
This is a good comic detailing the "Rat Park Experiment' findings

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The left at large needs a new view on masculinity. I only really see three. The first is that masculinity is inherently toxic, this is wrong and also obviously not a recipe for winning anything. A revolution needs warriors whether you like it or not. The second is that masculinity is not inherently toxic, but qualities like aggression and an urge to dominate can make it toxic. This is halfway true, both of these things can be toxic, but they are no more inherently so than masculinity itself, what makes them toxic is punching down and dominating those who would not dominate you. Again, this view is not a recipe for revolution, I don't care how big masculine leftists are, we're still not getting anywhere if they're all a bunch of gentle giants. The third view I see is that there are no problems whatsoever with masculinity or aggression and the need to dominate at all, this is what a lot of the self-proclaimed "dirtbag left" espouses and is essentially just an excuse to keep punching down and feeling like a big guy when you're not. The interpretation that the left needs to adopt is that masculinity is not inherently toxic, nor are the qualities often ascribed to toxic masculinity, BUT those qualities must not be used against the weak. Masculine leftists fighting and dominating masculine reactionaries is revolutionary because those same reactionaries would seek to do the same. Masculine leftists turning their need to dominate on the meek and disabled is absolutely not revolutionary. Heroes punch up, villains punch down, always remember that.

R: 33 / F: 1 / P: 9

"Settlers: The Mythology of the White Proletariat"

Or in other words, why white people are not revolutionary.
The point of the book is that this was not a “spook” or that race is an idea that we as a society subjugate ourselves to, the point is that there is and was a material benefit to racism for primarily the white lower (read, non-bourgeois) class.
The book traces back the very origins of America to the uncomfortable fact that America has not and never could exist without genocide, imperialism, and slavery in some form, not just as in America itself but also the mass of people. Furthermore the book goes with Harry Haywood’s and the old CPSU’s understanding of black nationhood and the concept of internal colonialism, if anything the book argues that if racism is a spook it is a spook that masks colonialism and colonialism is indeed something that would benefit the colonizing group.
The end of the book is about white labor losing their colonizer status in the 60s - 80s and being tossed off to the gutter to rot in the neoliberal deindustrialized hell.

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Welcome to /leftcel/

Welcome to /leftcel/ a place for leftist incels. Over the course of the lifetime of this board I hope for this board to be a clearing house for leftist ideology and to explore the negative effect that capitalism has on the lives of men. I plan on moderating this board in the same style as the original /leftypol/ on the now defunct 8chan, which is to say as permissively as possible.
This will include pointed critique of feminism. Currently, there is no real criticism of feminism from a leftist point of view online. It's all either liberal or right wing in nature.
I hope to change that and open the eyes of men everywhere to how capitalism is harming their sex.
I welcome any bantz about dating, women, feminism that are generally banned in leftist spaces. Also Anarchists, Trots, Leftcoms and even Liberals and Marxists-Leninists are welcome and not only allowed to have sectarian fights, but encouraged to do so. Bring your best arguments as to why your ideology is THE ONE TRUE WAY and let our lurkers decide for themselves who's right.
If you'd like our mods to ban trolling in your thread because you'd like to have a serious or civil conversation, simply add "no bully" to the end your OP. If you're okay with some shitposting or insults end your OP with "some bully". And if you don't care, simply don't add any thing at all.
Only Nazis, Strasserists and Nazbols are banned. Although dissection of their ideology is okay.
Please note this board is ultimately owned by Josh Conner Moon of Kiwifarms, a known fascist sympathizer. Please assume any and all posts and metadata are being collected by him. I highly encourage all posters to use the Tor Browser to post on here. Ideally I'd like to see all posts with the 0000000 thread Id.

Welcome and enjoy!

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News May 2, 2020

Kim Jong-un reappears in North Korea after weeks of speculation - reports

The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, has appeared in public for the first time in almost three weeks, according to state media, following speculation that he had been seriously ill following heart surgery.

Ex-Green Beret led failed attempt to oust Venezuela’s Maduro

When hints of the conspiracy surfaced last month, the Maduro-controlled state media portrayed it as an invasion ginned up by the CIA, like the Cuban Bay of Pigs fiasco of 1961. An Associated Press investigation found no evidence of U.S. government involvement in the plot. Nevertheless, interviews revealed that leaders of Venezuela’s U.S.-backed opposition knew of the covert force, even if they dismissed its prospects.

Colombia: Gunmen Kill Social Leader and Family Members in Cauca

Community leader Alvaro Narvaez and three members of his family were killed on Wednesday by armed men in Cauca department, Colombia.

ISIL attack kills Hashd al-Shaabi forces in Iraq

At least 10 members of the paramilitary unit also known as the Popular Mobilisation Forces were killed.

Jordan ends historic arrangement with Israel as West Bank annexation tensions rise

The announcement reflects the poor relations between the two countries, which have been underscored by Jordan's vocal opposition to Israeli plans to annex parts of the occupied West Bank.##

Poorest in England MORE THAN TWICE as likely to die from Covid-19 as richest, new stats reveal

For deaths involving Covid-19 between March 1 and April 17, the mortality rate in the most deprived areas was 55.1 deaths per 100,000 population, compared to 25.3 deaths in the least deprived areas.

Russia's coronavirus cases hit new high, Moscow warns of clampdown

Russia reported 9,623 new cases of coronavirus on Saturday, its highest daily rise since the start of the pandemic, bringing the total to 124,054, mostly in the capital Moscow, where the mayor threatened to cut the number of travel permits.

Brazilians start defying isolation, egged on by Bolsonaro

Egged on by Bolsonaro, who has routinely scoffed at both the virus and stay-at-home policies, Brazilians are heeding his call for revolt. Support for isolation is faltering, particularly among the wealthy, and more people are milling and mixing.

Italy's daily coronavirus death toll jumps, new cases stable

Deaths from the COVID-19 epidemic in Italy jumped by 474 on Saturday, against 269 the day before, the Civil Protection Agency said, posting the largest daily toll of fatalities since April 21.

WHO official says agency not invited to take part in China's coronavirus investigation

China has not invited the World Health Organization to take part in an investigation into the origins of the coronavirus outbreak, according to the global health authority's representative in the country.

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One of the major reasons why ancient civilizations enforced monogamous marriage was to protect the long term interests of women, and therefore, their society.
After women exit their prime birthing years (16-25), they become huge liabilities to both their partners and society. During this time would be the point that men, (who's ability to sell their labor doesn't diminish until their 50+) would be most tempted to leave, so the institution of marriage was borne to satisfy the needs of these women, and to show younger women that said society had their own best interests at heart (if they didn't these younger women would abandon the social order, much like men are doing now).
The welfare state replaced the role of bread winner for modern women, and men became bigger liabilities then they were worth (these men still pay for the needs of these women via taxes none the less, but have no claim to these women or their children). But the welfare state is very fragile as proven last year when foods stamps when nearly unfunded when democrats and republicans couldn't agree on a spending bill, and if the welfare state is ever really shut down, then millions of women and children will become destitute over night. This will be the real legacy of feminism.
As ancient civilizations realized millennia ago, no one, not the state, not the woman's family, and not what ever community she resides in, will have a greater vested material interest in a woman's welfare than the biological father of her children and or her husband.
As such society can neglect the welfare of these same women to staggering levels and still not see any revolutionary backlash.
But the Corona Virus will shut down the welfare. It's stopping the production of trillions in commodities already, and shows no sign of stopping. When the effects of that are begun to be felt, the first people to be abandoned by the state will be welfare recipients. And without husbands, these women will truly be "independent" and many will die as a result. These women will essentially live as men.
The idea that women are the fairer sex will be thrown out the window as women murder their children and infants in a narcissistic bid to stay alive. Younger generations will see this a repudiate feminism and embrace the traditional roles males played in the past (when the state was much wearker).

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/Mommy Juche/

>Mommy! Stomp on my balls Mommy! Please! Cut my stomach open Mommy! Spank me with a spiked bat Mommy! Send the police to my rebellion and spank them Mommy! Crush and kill me Mommy! Crush me for being a bad boy Mommy! Crush me please! Teach me to be a good boy Mommy!

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Work Place Horror Stories

Share all of your stories of toxic workplaces, abusive bosses, wage theft, evil bosses, sexual harassment, games Human Resources have played with you and other work place abuses here.
Please use OPSEC (Operational Security) when posting. We don't want anyone getting fired for spilling the beans about how bad working in their company is. Please always use the Tor Browser when posting in this thread. And be aware that sharing too many details can narrow down the potential leaker to you.
I would suggest leaving out one detail when sharing work place abuse. For instance, if you share the name of the company and or your boss, don't share the time period when it happened.
If you share the time period of the abuses and company, make sure to leave out any details that can narrow down which department you're in.

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News May 1, 2020

Virus worries haunt workers demanding rights on May Day

Millions of workers worldwide marked international labor day on Friday trapped between hunger and fear — struggling without jobs or worried they don’t have enough protections against the coronavirus as more countries and states reopen for business.

WATCH protesters light flares, gather for Walpurgis Night in Berlin despite ban on mass rallies during Covid-19 lockdown

Around 100 people had staged a rally earlier on Thursday, with activists wearing masks and keeping a distance from each other. Also that day, a group of young people had occupied an abandoned residential building in the city's Westend area, with plans to set up a "youth project" there. The squatters were cleared by police several hours later.

1 May: Dozens arrested by the police in Istanbul

The activists wanted to march from Mecidiyeköy to Taksim in order to make clear their demands for the Workers' Day of Struggle under the conditions of the Corona pandemic. The group chanted "Long live May Day" in Turkish and Kurdish and held a banner reading "Long live May Day, long live socialism".

Police Brutality Marks the Workers' Day in Chile

Although they initially followed COVID-19 physical distancing prevention measures, the military police violently lashed out at citizens in unsuccessful attempts to dissuade them from protesting against President Sebastian Piñera. The pretext for the police attack was that the rallies had more than 50 people.

‘After the Applause’ campaign launched to demand increase of key workers' wages

ATRADE-UNION campaign has been launched in Scotland to demand increased wages of key workers, following an online rally on Thursday night.

Russian workers protest animal-like conditions at oil field as prime minister hospitalized with COVID-19

A coronavirus outbreak among workers at a Siberian oil field owned by the Russian energy giant Gazprom sparked angry protests this week, with employees demanding safe working conditions and proper care for those who have fallen ill. “Where are the masks?! Where is the quarantine?! We are not pigs!” yelled workers, as they demanded that management appear and answer their charges.

Bolivia: Self-Proclaimed President Rejects New Electoral Law

Bolivia's Legislative Assembly president Eva Copa Thursday promulgated an electoral law that sets a 90-days term for holding general elections.​​​​​​ This decision, however, was rejected by the coup-born regime leader Jeanine Añez.

Exclusive: India, Pakistan nuclear procurement networks larger than thought, study shows

Hundreds of foreign companies are actively procuring components for India and Pakistan’s nuclear programmes, taking advantage of gaps in the global regulation of the industry, according to a report by a U.S.-based research group.

Tripoli government rejects rebel general's ceasefire offer in Libya

Libya’s internationally recognised government has said its forces will keep fighting, after a unilateral ceasefire declaration by its eastern-based opponents in the country’s brutal civil war.

R: 3 / F: 0 / P: 10

News April 30, 2020

Sir Keir Starmer repositions Labour on Kashmiri conflict after meeting Labour Friends of India

Young Labour member Umaar Kazmi said the move gives Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi “the green light to continue his brutal assault and human rights violations against the people of Kashmir.”

Germany Bans All Hezbollah Activities

German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer announced on Thursday that the country has banned Lebanon's Hezbollah movement from operating in the country, calling it a terrorist organization.

4 in 5 Young Russians Are Apolitical: Poll

Only 19% of Russian respondents aged between 14 and 29 expressed an interest in politics, according to a poll conducted by Russia’s independent Levada Center and Germany’s Friedrich Ebert Foundation cited by Vedomosti.

Top diplomats discuss peace plans for eastern Ukraine

Top diplomats from Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany discussed ways to advance the peace process for eastern Ukraine in Thursday’s call, but failed to achieve any tangible progress.

‘One way to pay for headlines’: Backlash after UK govt gifts newspapers £35m Covid-19 advertising bump

The UK government is to hand newspapers an additional £35 million in ad revenue as part of its “Covid-19 communications campaign,” prompting accusations that Westminster is in the pocket of “tax-dodging billionaire” media owners.

FEU foreign policy chief denies report on China disinformation altered

His initial explanation did not convince all MEPs. Belgian liberal Hilde Vautmans said his first statement had not been complete and called on Borrell to release earlier drafts of the disinformation report.

Cuba Cannot Get Swiss Respirators Due to US Inhuman Blockade

Journalist Laura Hunter published an article in the Swiss newspaper Le Courrier denouncing that the companies IMT Medical AG and Acutronic Medical Systems AG were ordered not to sell high-tech respirators to Cuba.

UK spy agency handed extra powers to access info from NHS IT systems during Covid-19 pandemic

Officials have justified the decision, saying it was taken to bolster the NHS’s cyber defenses. It ostensibly means that GCHQ now has powers to order the NHS to disclose any information concerning “the security” of its networks and information systems.

Profits before human life: German parliament president Schäuble wins broad support in the establishment

Schäuble said, “But when I hear that everything must take second place to the protection of life, then I must say: that is not right in such an absolute sense.” He continued, “If there is one absolute value in our Basic Law, then it is the dignity of the person.” This is inviolable. “But that does not exclude us from having to die,” he added.

Serbia opposition stage curfew protest against government

A group of Serbian opposition leaders on Thursday staged a protest during an evening curfew to voice their criticism of the populist government’s measures against the new coronavirus.

R: 3 / F: 0 / P: 10

News April 29, 2020

Brazil: Workers' Party Files Lawsuit Against Bolsonaro and Moro

The Workers' Party (PT) of Brazil filed a lawsuit against President Jair Bolsonaro and former Justice Minister Sergio Moro at the Supreme Federal Court (STF) on suspicions of prevarication, extortion and corruption.

Assange extradition hearing delayed following defence appeal

Julian Assange’s extradition hearing, scheduled to begin on May 18, has been postponed. The WikiLeaks founder is fighting prosecution by the United States government for exposing war crimes and human rights abuses and is facing a possible 175-year prison sentence.

Court strikes ban on Palestine solidarity divestment

PALESTINE solidarity campaigners declared victory today after the Supreme Court said the government’s bid to ban co-operation with the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement was illegal.

Satellite images of luxury boats further suggest North Korea's Kim at favoured villa: experts

Satellite imagery showing recent movements of luxury boats often used by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his entourage near Wonsan provide further indications he has been at the coastal resort, according to experts who monitor the reclusive regime.

Tim Roache resigns

GMB leader Tim Roache unexpectedly stepped down as leader of the union on Tuesday, with reasons of ill health cited.

Saudi cabinet calls on Yemen's southern separatists to rescind emergency

The declaration by the separatist Southern Transitional Council (STC) on Sunday, which included emergency rule in southern regions, threatens to renew conflict with the government.

WhatsApp: Israeli firm 'deeply involved' in hacking our users

WhatsApp has alleged in new court filings that an Israeli spyware company used US-based servers and was “deeply involved” in carrying out mobile phone hacks of 1,400 WhatsApp users, including senior government officials, journalists, and human rights activists.

US ‘prepared to recognize’ Israeli annexation of parts of West Bank if it restarts talks with Palestine

Israel resuming talks with Palestine is the US' condition for recognizing the former's annexation of parts of the West Bank, the State Department said. Palestinians argue, in that case, there'd be nothing left to negotiate.

R: 2 / F: 0 / P: 10

News April 28, 2020

France: Unions Call for May 1st Demonstration

French Union organizations convoked members to celebrate Workers Day, despite the current COVID-19 pandemic. The groups stated they would demonstrate through social media to comply with COVID-19 preventive measures.

HBDH calls on people to join forces on 1 May

HBDH said in a statement: "It is our main duty to raise the struggle and organization against fascism. We must raise the flag of the United Revolution against imperialism, capitalism and fascism and deepen this struggle."

WATCH: Lebanese citizens vent their ire by TORCHING bank, army vehicle, as at least 1 protester shot dead

A protester has been shot and killed in the Lebanese city of Tripoli, as the country’s financial and economic crisis worsens under the additional pressure of the coronavirus pandemic.

Spain’s Podemos party acquiesces to legal persecution of its member Isabel Serra

Her supposed crime was to have joined a group of 50 protesters opposed to the eviction in January 2014 of a person with a permanent disability from a home in the working-class neighbourhood of Lavapies in Madrid.

Life Imprisonment for the Argentine Dictatorship's Criminals

After a trial that lasted two years, a Mar del Plata court Monday sentenced 28 former military personnel to life in prison for crimes against humanity committed during Argentina's last dictatorship (1976-1983).

Libya's eastern leader Haftar says army to take formal control

Libya’s eastern-based military leader Khalifa Haftar said on Monday his Libyan National Army (LNA) was accepting a “popular mandate” to rule the country, apparently brushing aside the civilian authorities that nominally govern eastern Libya.

US review: Airstrike in Somalia killed, injured civilians

An American military airstrike in Somalia more than a year ago killed two civilians and injured three others, U.S. Africa Command acknowledged in a new report on Monday.

Brazil court OKs investigating allegations Bolsonaro tried to interfere with police

A Supreme Court judge on Monday authorized an investigation of allegations that Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro tried to interfere in the work of the country’s federal police force for political motives, the top court said on its website.

Germany’s coronavirus infection rate edges higher after lockdown measures eased

Germany’s coronavirus infection rate has reportedly edged up, prompting the head of the country’s infectious diseases institute to urge people to stay at home as much as possible amid a relaxation of lockdown measures.

Putin Extends Russia’s Coronavirus Lockdown as New Infections Continue to Rise

President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday extended the national “non-working” month through May 11, warning that Russia has yet to see the peak of its coronavirus outbreak.

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This board seems like progress only based on the rhetoric of the opening post it seems to imply that all leftists are totally against capitalism. Not all leftists are communists.

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News April 27, 2020

Bolsonaro in fresh crisis over son's alleged links to fake news racket

The political storm engulfing Brazil’s far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, has intensified with reports that federal police investigators have identified his son as one of the alleged key members of a “criminal fake news racket” engaged in threatening and defaming Brazilian authorities.

Cuban News Agency Reporter Arrested in Chile for 'No Reason'

Cuban news agency Prensa Latina’s reporter Damian Trujillo was detained Sunday in Chile’s Santiago, during a protest marking the day on which the country’s constitutional referendum would have taken place, had it not been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Military spending hits highest level in a decade: Study

It marked the second year of growth in the US military spending after seven years of decline.For the first time, two Asian countries were among the top three with China and India spending an estimated $261bn (up 5.1 percent) and $71.1bn (up 6.8 percent), respectively.

UK Environment Secretary Eustice blasted after suggesting furloughed workers get 2nd job picking fruit

Environment Secretary George Eustice has come under sharp criticism after suggesting that workers furloughed due to the Covid-19 pandemic could get a second job in agriculture picking fruit and vegetables.

South Korea maintains Kim Jong Un health rumors are untrue

South Korea’s government has dismissed rumors that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is in fragile condition, as speculation about his health intensifies amid the North’s silence on his whereabouts.

Fire service bosses accused of making cuts under cover of coronavirus

The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) said that employers and politicians are rushing through cuts that will reduce firefighter and appliance numbers and create a “major threat to public safety.”

Low-tech Japan challenged in working from home amid pandemic

Many homes lack high-speed internet connections, and documents often must be stamped in-person with carved seals called “hanko,” which serve as signatures. So many Japanese really cannot work remotely, at least not all the time.

Lebanon Fights Country's Worst Financial Crisis Amid COVID-19

Lebanon is struggling to contain the spread of the COVID-19 in the territory, as an unprecedented financial crisis threatens to leave the national currency practically valueless, local media reported on Sunday.

Bangladesh garment workers return to work amid lockdown

Thousands of textile workers, desperate for money, resume work at about 1,000 factories that reopened on Monday.

Romanian harvest worker in Germany dies of COVID-19

On the night of April 11, Romanian harvest worker Nicolae Bahan died. He had been working as an asparagus picker in Bad Krozingen since March 20 and had recently complained of severe coughs and chills. Only after his death was he tested positive for COVID-19.

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Wikileaks Dump General

What's going on with today's Wikileaks dump? I've read it's the big one that Assange was holding back as blackmail against the US as a "Get Out of Jail Free" card.
Is it real? Can anyone confirm that. Already seeing people saying their pulling juicy stuff out of it like that Steve Jobs had AIDS.
If you have anything post it here.

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News April 25, 2020

Italy Remembers the Day of Liberation From Nazi Occupation

Italy celebrates today the 75th anniversary of the liberation of fascism in 1945 amid a pandemic that has left 25,969 dead in the country until Saturday morning.

Over 2,800 Turkish vehicles entered NW Syria since the ceasefire

According to SOHR, the number of Turkish soldiers who were deployed in Idlib and Aleppo from February 2 to date has exceeded 10,250.

Palestinian children killed playing near Israeli "remnants of war," says UN report

CHILDREN have been among those killed by landmines and other “explosive remnants of war (ERW)” that litter the Palestinian territories, the United Nations reported today.

Spain: Podemos Labour Ministry accepts that hundreds of thousands will die from COVID-19

This is the first public acknowledgment of the infection forecasts being made by Spain’s Socialist Party (PSOE)-Podemos government. These estimates signify that around 70 percent of Spain’s population of 47 million, or 33 million people, will be infected. Based on the 3.4 percent case fatality rate for COVID-19 estimated by the World Health Organization (WHO), this means the PSOE and Podemos accept that around 1.1 million people would die.

Britain passes 'terrible' milestone of 20,000 coronavirus deaths

Britain’s COVID-19 death toll passed 20,000 on Saturday in what the interior minister called “a tragic and terrible milestone” as she urged people to stay at home.

Brazil becoming coronavirus hot spot as testing falters

Health experts expect the number of infections in the country of 211 million people will be much higher than what has been reported because of insufficient, delayed testing.

‘Let me go to work!’ Hundreds of protesters demand removal of fence on Polish-German border amid Covid-19 lockdown (VIDEO)

Protesters held signs saying ‘Let me go to work!’ and ‘Let me into my home’, demanding the removal of the border fence erected after the countries closed their borders in an attempt to slow the spread of the coronavirus. They also urged the Polish government to end the mandatory two-week quarantine for all Poles returning from abroad.

In a Paris banlieue, coronavirus amplifies years of inequality

Social distancing in the neuf-trois, the deprived Seine-Saint-Denis département north of Paris, looks very different to that of Saint-Tropez, where billionaires in a gated compound were reported last week to be paying for private Covid-19 tests.

Coronavirus: Czechs free to move again

Czechs will be able to gather outside in groups of up to 10, the health ministry says, as the Covid-19 situation has improved. The country's lockdown began on 16 March.

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News April 23, 2020

'He's Mr Scrooge': Mexican president unveils severe cuts amid coronavirus
He identifies as a leftist and rails constantly against neoliberalism. But Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has introduced austerity measures so severe that his critics have compared him to Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan.

Iraqi on genocide charges in Germany for IS killing of child
Taha Al-J., 27, whose full last name wasn’t given in line with German privacy laws, faces a possible life in prison if convicted of the charges, and others including murder for the death of the Yazidi girl and membership in a terrorist organization.

Brazil’s justice minister resigns, accusing Bolsonaro of improper conduct
Brazilian Justice Minister Sergio Moro, who shepherded the sprawling corruption probe that imprisoned some of Latin America’s most influential people, resigned in protest Friday after President Jair Bolsonaro fired his police chief.

Colombia grants amnesty to alleged IRA bomb-making trio
Three alleged IRA members accused of training Colombian rebels in bomb-making techniques have been granted amnesty nearly two decades after they were arrested, as part of the South American nation’s ongoing peace process.

‘No turning back’: Duterte threatens martial law after soldiers ambushed and killed during Covid-19 aid delivery
The Philippines’ president, Rodrigo Duterte, accused communist rebels of disrupting the government’s efforts to help its citizens amid the Covid-19 pandemic. He said he is seriously considering imposing martial law.

Venezuela receives material from Iran to help restart refinery -official
Venezuela has received refining materials via plane shipment from Iran to help it start the catalytic cracking unit at the 310,000 barrels-per-day Cardon refinery, which is necessary to produce gasoline, an official said on Thursday.

Former Georgian Leader Eyes Political Comeback in Ukraine
President Volodimir Zelensky, who has vowed to secure Western investment and rid the country of corruption, has proposed appointing Saakashvili as deputy prime minister in charge of reforms after restoring his Ukrainian citizenship last year.

Far-right Loyalist Defence League flogs terror trinkets ‘for the NHS’
Organisers from the LDL posted photographs of flags with the logo of the Ulster Defence Association (UDA) printed on them, which they were offering for sale on their page.

‘Nothing is guaranteed in life’: UK health secretary casts doubts on his own coronavirus 100,000 tests pledge
UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock has hinted that his goal of 100,000 Covid-19 tests a day by the end of April may be in jeopardy, after conceding that “nothing is guaranteed in life,” as pressure on the government ramps up.

Brazil Registers Record of Daily Deaths as Hospitals Collapse
Brazil’s Health Ministry Friday afternoon reported 52,995 COVID-19 cases, 357 deaths in the last 24 hours, and 3,670 deaths so far.

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News April 23, 2020

Britain launches COVID-19 vaccine study, latest in race
Testing of an experimental COVID-19 vaccine began in healthy volunteers in Britain Thursday, the latest in a cluster of early-stage studies in search of protection against the coronavirus.

US warships will be DESTROYED if they threaten ANY Iranian vessel – Iran’s Revolutionary Guards chief
Iran will not hesitate to retaliate against the US Navy if it attacks any Iranian vessel, Tehran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) commander has warned, responding to a similar threat by Trump.

Greenland ready to take US aid but won’t accept conditions
Greenlanders said Thursday they welcome U.S. investment in their island, but the money has to come without conditions.

Germany’s right-wing Bild newspaper agitates against China
The accusation that the Chinese government’s policies are to blame for the coronavirus pandemic and the economic damage it has caused is now being raised by governments and media outlets around the world. However, it has no basis in fact.

UK making 'impossible demands' over Europol database in EU talks
The British government is making impossible demands over access to Europol databases in the negotiations over the future relationship with the EU, according to a leaked assessment of the UK’s position drawn up by the German government.

‘The establishment is happy again’: UK media fawning over new Labour leader incites fiery backlash from Corbynites
UK mainstream media heaped praise on the new Labour leader Keir Starmer after his first appearance at PMQs, claiming that the country finally had an official opposition – and incurring the wrath of Jeremy Corbyn supporters.

Tenants told to use lunch and holiday savings to pay full rent
More than 100 residents living in a block in Somerford Grove, east London, signed a letter addressed to their management estate agency and the building’s corporate landlords asking for a 20% reduction in rent and an agreement that no tenant would be evicted during the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump tells Chevron to “wind down” oil fields in Venezuela
The Trump administration on Tuesday ordered Chevron Corp. to “wind down” operations in Venezuela by Dec. 1, barring the California-based oil giant in the meantime from drilling or exporting, as the U.S. increases pressure on President Nicolás Maduro to give up power.

'Living Through A Nightmare': Brazil's Manaus Digs A Mass Grave As Deaths Mount
Cemeteries and hospitals have been overwhelmed by a surge in the number of deaths, most of which are not registered in official COVID-19 statistics because of a lack of testing and bureaucratic delays.

Sweden could reach 'herd immunity' in weeks, top doctor says
Tegnell told CNBC data indicate 20 percent of Stockholm’s population is already immune to the virus, and that “in a few weeks’ time we might reach her immunity and we believe that is why we’re seeing a slow decline in cases, in spite of sampling [testing for the coronavirus] more and more.”

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News April 22, 2020

Trump instructs US Navy to shoot down and destroy all Iranian gunboats that 'harass our ships at sea'
President Donald Trump has ordered the US Navy to “shoot down and destroy” Iranian gunboats, should they harass American vessels at sea. His declaration comes after a confrontation in the Persian Gulf.“I have instructed the United States Navy to shoot down and destroy any and all Iranian gunboats if they harass our ships at sea,” the president tweeted on Wednesday morning.

Russian communists defy lockdown with Red Square parade for Lenin's 150th
Dozens of Russian communists defied Moscow’s coronavirus lockdown on Wednesday by marching across Red Square to lay flowers outside Vladimir Lenin’s tomb to mark 150 years since the birth of the Bolshevik leader.

Iran launches its first military satellite
Iran has announced it successfully launched the country's first military reconnaissance satellite after months of failures, a programme the United States alleges is a cover for missile development.

Australia joins U.S. ships in South China Sea amid rising tension
An Australian frigate has joined three U.S. warships in the South China Sea near an area where a Chinese vessel is suspected to be exploring for oil, near waters also claimed by Vietnam and Malaysia, officials said on Wednesday.

Venezuela: allies of Maduro and Guaidó hold secret talks over coronavirus fears
The discussions emerged from concerns about Covid-19, hyperinflation and growing fuel shortages – as well as worries among some members of the ruling Socialist party about how to ensure their political survival under a possible change of government as Washington tightens sanctions, the sources said.

US and Russia Block UN Efforts to Impose Global Ceasefire
The U.S. and Russia are reportedly standing in the way of an international agreement for a global ceasefire called for by the United Nations, claiming their militaries must retain the ability to attack enemies even as countries around the world face thousands of coronavirus cases.

Government ‘ignored’ dozens of companies that offered to produce PPE for the NHS, Labour reveals
DOZENS of British companies offering massive quantities of personal protective equipment (PPE) to the NHS have been “ignored” by the government, Labour revealed today.

Colombia: Protests Breakout Due to Lack of Food Aid
Colombia's impoverished sectors are protesting because of the lack of resources during the ongoing COVID-19 quarantine, local media reported on Wednesday.

Kazakhstan: Hospital workers demand resignation of government official over spread of COVID-19
The Central Municipal Clinical Hospital in Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest city, was shut down last week after 182 staff members tested positive for the SARS-Cov-2 virus, the coronavirus which causes COVID-19. Many patients also have tested positive.

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Real Estate

What's going on in the Real Estate Market?
I've read in several places that some banks are ending HELOC's (Home Equity Lines of Credit). That'll kill the Harley Davidson and the RV market and whatever other market that server primarily boomers.
Has anyone seen any significant price drops. I also heard from an anon that real estate agents expect to see 10%-15% drops very soon as homes of deceased COVID-19 patients are but on the market. Since these homes tend to be paid, and the surviving children tend to not want to keep the home, they are willing to market it down to make a quick sale. With so many homes being marked down for that reason, it will put downward pressure on prices.
Others I've seen, have said house prices won't fall dramatically because large hedge funds are already positioning themselves to buy these cheap homes up in cash.

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News April 20, 2020

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro denounced for joining pro-dictatorship rally
Among the demands their banners listed were an end to the social distancing measures opposed by Bolsonaro, the closure of Brazil’s congress and supreme court, and a re-run of a dictatorship-era decree used by military rulers in the late 1960s to suffocate their political opponents.

Anti-Netanyahu demonstrators in Israel stage unique protest, keeping social distance (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
Crowds of protesters – estimated by liberal newspaper Haaretz at more than 2,000 – stood two meters apart from each other, their places marked on the ground with black crosses.

Colombia: Not Even the Pandemic Halts Killing of Social Leaders
Colombia’s National Agrarian Coordinator (CNA) denounced that social leader Teodomiro Sotelo was assassinated on Friday while working on his farm in the El Tambo municipality.

Iran warns US Navy over Gulf incident
The IRGC's statement said that US forces had blocked one of its ships in two separate incidents in early April, using "dangerous behaviour while ignoring warnings".

PKK’s Kalkan: Deployment of KDP forces in Wertê is unacceptable
Duran Kalkan describes the stationing of KDP Peshmerga in Qandil as the reason for the war. The KDP allows itself to be instrumentalized by the US and Turkey in order to support the Turkish occupation operation in Bradost from Qandil, he says.

16 killed in shooting rampage, deadliest in Canadian history
A gunman disguised as a police officer shot people in their homes and set fires in a rampage across the Canadian province of Nova Scotia that killed 16 people, the deadliest such attack in the country’s history.

France: Violent Confrontations Between Police and Parisians
Parisian police confronted groups Sunday for the second consecutive night, as part of violent clashes occurred in the Villeneuve-La-Garenne suburb, during social isolation due to COVID-19.

Germany takes tentative steps back to normality as lockdown eases
Shops start reopening, but Merkel warns Germans to stay ‘disciplined and watchful’

Workers strike across Ciudad Juárez, Mexico as COVID-19 death toll rises in factories
The strikes, which follow similar actions by workers at the border cities of Matamoros, Mexicali, Reynosa and Tijuana, are part of a growing international resistance involving workers across Europe and the US as the pandemic continues to spread out of control.

Virus crisis ravages Brazilian Amazon city’s health system
Manaus’ health care system, already strained before the coronavirus crisis, is buckling under the current onslaught of coronavirus patients. Ventilators are in critically short supply, doctors bemoan a lack of protective gear, and gravediggers increasingly have their hands full.