/markwiens/ - Mark Wiens - youtuber that travels the world eating tasty food

The best hapa foodtuber on youtube! He definitely isn't possessed by demons

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Welcome to /markwiens/

This is a board dedicated to youtube famous Mark Wiens, who is known for eating food on camera and reacting to it.
Discuss all things related to Mark Wiens, don't be a dick, and enjoy your stay!

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There's something about him that makes me feel so good... I can't describe it....

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What happened to Mark?

There's been speculation that the current Mark Wiens you see isn't the real Mark. If you watch his early videos, he was actually pretty chill, like a hippie of sorts. His voice was noticeably deeper too, what is up with that? I believe it may be demonic possession. "Mark" might be a kingpin of child trafficking, managing the South East Asia routes in order to provide the satanic global elites their adrenochrome fix. Where's the proof? It's in his FUCKING EYES, MAN