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/midpol/ is for open political discussion of any kind. There is no staff bias towards left or right across any dimension. This doesn't mean "we're centrists, here" - we're everything, and not anything in particular.

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Wanna know why leftypol is so similar to rightypol? Because they are both of the same race. Americans and britsh. All english-speaking races are evil subhumans (except australians, they aren't evil).

ITT we discuss the best way to troll them away when they show up in our boards, while doing the least derailing as possible.

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Abrahamism: Judaism, Christianity and Islam are 1 religion

Abraham is the father of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. From Abraham, the idea of monotheism and universal morality was divided into good and evil with the Heaven & Hell dichotomy. It was revealed that Adam & Eve were the 1st humans of humanity, that Noah and his descendants were the survivors of God's punishment, and that each and every soul is bound for 1 of 2 destinations. Why are there three different religions, then? There isn't; there are just 3 different interpretations of Abrahamism, but what are the differences and what are the similarities?

•The 10 Commandments exist in all 3 sects. Islam is primarily guided by the Pillars, though, which are completely grounded in Abrahamic morality.

•Jews reject Jesus Christ, but he is a prophet in Islam & Christianity. Jews reject Jesus primarily because he is viewed as betraying God's favor of Jews by attempting to spread Abrahamic faith universally, without discrimination. However, Jesus is recognized as the son of God, but not by Muslims, who recognize him as a divine, but human or possibly angelic messenger. Mary in Islam was also a virgin, not a prostitute.

•Moses is the most important prophet in Judaism and is the father and lawgiver of all Jews. He is universally recognized as delivering the Torah to the Jews.

•Muhammed is neither recognized by Christianity, nor Judaism. Muhammed was dictated messages from God via communication with the angel Gabriel, who then composed them into the Quran.

•Muslims believe Jews have altered the Tanakh (the Jewish canon) to further purely Jewish interests, but have a more favorable attitude towards the integrity of the Evangel (Christian bible).

•All believe in Heaven & Hell, with only relatively minor differences regarding morality. In all 3, it is universally agreed God is the ultimate decider of who goes where.

There is more that could be said, but I feel it is unnecessary. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are not 3 different religions, but 3 different sects of the same religion who share the exact same concept of God & the afterlife, and virtually share the same moral values. Differences do exist in mythology, practices and prophethood, but they are NOT enough to warrant recognition as seperate religions, just different sects of the same religion. All 3 are in competition to be the most favored of God's people, and combined with ethnic and cultural differences of the 3, this is where the divisions of theory and practice originate from. Judaism, Christianity and Islam have never been different faiths, but 3 different paths towards the same destination. All 3 are Abrahamic through and through, which is why they are the singular religion of Abrahamism.

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New board for broad spectrum political discussion. Talk about whatever you like here