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The Undermarket

Here is the Official /NeuTG/ Free Stuff Mega Sticky.

Post everything and anything /NeuTG/-related you've acquired with a 5kb/s discount and I'll add it to the OP

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La Rules

All Global Rules Apply

  1. Try to keep things organized.
  2. Absolutely No Blacklisting or the creating or propagating of a Blacklist. We're all Tha/tg/uy and you know it.
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/NeuTG/ Quest (that actually happens)

Since MKEQM is a huge flake, I'll run a quest myself. But I want to know what you Tha/tg/uys are actually gonna be interested in.

So let's waste no time


Pick one, poll closes in 20 minutes.

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/neutg/ Drawthread


-Please use good references and details for your character requests. More details, better delivery.
-Do not multi-request in the same thread. (1 requests per thread)
-No piggybacking off a filled request
-If you don't like the filled request, wait at least a week to request again


-Draw what you like
-Before dropping websites/social media/commission info please fulfil a request at least


-Be chill
-Do not take bait

Post some requests /neutg/!

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Favorite 5e Sub-Class and Why

Self explanatory.

For me, I really like the Divine Soul Sorcerer pretty much just because it has access to the Cleric spell list. It's kind of a lazy fix for how crappy Sorcerers spell choices are, but it really does open the class up a lot.

There's a lot of ways to play it too

>Aasimar with actual divine power rather than just fluff
>Healslut priestess without needing for armor or weapons like Cleric
>Dip into the class to add crunch to a divine blessing gained in the campaign
>can be Evil aligned to make it a curse rather than a blessing

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Tabletop Sim

Thinking of picking this up next time its on sale.

Anyone got any experience with it? Ever played 40k or D&D or something with it?
Any recommendations for mods?
Any better alternatives?

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Surviving Biological Weapons #0 - 05/20/2020

The year is 2020. The Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin is underway but things take a turn for the disasterous when President Donald Trump holds an opposing rally in town attracting twice the crowd. During this rally, he reveals Democratic Presumptive Joe Biden's secret loyalties to China causing immense disruption and chaos.
In an attempt to cover things up, Chinese Double Agents release a mysterious virus into the city in the hopes to change the news cycle and rid themselves of Donald Trump once and for all! But things backfire when Trump escapes, Chinese Involvement is revealed, World War 3 starts and the victims of this deadly plague start coming back to life!

Mandatory Viewing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6iIQ3LriYo
In the style of Surviving Edged Weapons, SBW will jump between MCs into different situations before, during and after the apocalypse. All set in Brew City itself (where I'm living right now).

A Hopefully not bog-standard Zombie Survival Action Horror CYOA ran by a first time QM. (I saw the BO approve of Quest Threads so please dont nuke me) Any pro tips are welcome.

Character Submission Guide
You can submit original characters, real people, whatever you like so long as you remember to roll!
(Don't forget to include a pic)


Rolling1d6= 33

All 6s are MCs
Second 2, Third 3, Fourth 4 and Fifth 5 are already Infected
All 1s are zombies already

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How do we make /neutg/ great?

/tg/ has been on a steady decline. SJW jannies keep handing out bannies for making fun of SJWs even though people who play TTRPGs on the internet for money are absolutely /tg/ relevant.

I want this place to be a new home. It's quiet for now, but if we start posting more content and Josh finally settles on a domain I think this place could get very comfy.

How do we go about attaining comfiness?

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Miniatures thread

What miniatures are you painting /tg? Do you prefer metal or resin or do you even 3D print your own?
Im starting my new project for the Lockdown, pic related

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would you be pissed if GW made aos non cannon and made 40k the continuation of fantasy battles. Rewriting the lore of 40k would happen of course

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Is Space Station 13 /NeuTG/?

I've been wanting to setup a server for a while now and figured if there's a TG Station, there could be an NTG Station. Is there any interest in this? Please let me know and I will post updates as I set it up. Thanks.

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What color should Drow be?
Black, Pale Blue, Ash, Grey, White, Dark Purple, Silvery Blue or Dark Grey?

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Warhammer Fantasy Battles

Anyone here still play WHF over Age of Shitmar? I've been wanting to get into it for a while because 40k has become such a shitshow, and I've convinced my playgroup to try out 6th Edition with an escalation league starting at 500 points, going to 1000 and then up by 250 points every two weeks until we hit 3000 points. Thoughts? We have Non-Civilized Individuals and Goblins, Vampire Counts, Tomb Kings and Horde of Chaos/Ogre Kingdoms (I'm not sure who to go with yet, leaning towards Chaos though) so far, the others haven't decided yet. Also, general WHFB thread!

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If you were to sexualize every fantasy race to best fit your magical realm, what would you do?

>Mind flayers/Aboleths,ect

I got banned for posting this thread on 4chan

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In Shadowrun, where does electricity come from for normal use, in canon? It's never really explained in 4th Ed, they just gloss over it and everyones devices are assumed to have power. There are a couple references to 'power points' as a place where you recharge tasers and stunrods, which are also the only items that have listed battery limits, as you can only shock people a few times with them before needing a power point to recharge them, but do other things need that? how common are they? where do you find them? never explained!

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/CofD/&/WoDG/ Chronicles of Darkness and World of Darkness







>General Creation Kit


>Monday Meeting Notes


>Onyx Pathcast


>Now Available: Chicago by Night for Vampire 5th Edition!


>Now Available: Haunting Shadows and Nameless & Accursed!


>Now Available: Geist: the Sin-Eaters 2nd Edition


>Now Available: Chicago Folios, DB fiction, and Wreck-Em Rich!


>Now Available: Memento Mori and Mythical Denizens!


>Thread question

How is everyone feeling about the new editions of the Old World of Darkness?

Personally I'm sticking to 2e with a splash of revised.

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The funny thing is that these people are 100% right. Non-Civilized Individuals are absolutely a stand in for the inherently evil barbarian other, and are fundamentally racist.

But why are people all reacting with a knee jerk "oh you're retarded, Non-Civilized Individuals are fine "
Because without being neck deep in anti racist ideology everyone understands instinctually that racism is a 100% reasonable position and narrative tool.

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MTG Safty Bunker Thread

>Fuck (((Wizards)))
>Fuck (((MTG Finance)))

Here in the bunker EDH/Commander and Cube reign supreme free of the reek of shitty business practices, poor game design, and cardboard stonkmarkets.

Post your deck/cube lists. Talk about meta and community. Organize games. Feel comfy in the bunker.

All other Singelton format discussions are welcome as well.

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Catachan contains lizards large and powerful enough to withstand and destroy imperial buildings. There are snakes that kill within less than 30 heartbeats, and they fly. Their are ants that can kill humans in single bites. There are centipedes that eat tank companies. Plants mind control beings. Other plants turn you into them with simple pricks of the skin. Other plants eat tanks. Poisonous spores kill humans near instantaneously. Vine's destroy bunkers. Some plants turn the environment into a poisonous swamp just to feed. Frogs are more powerful than nuclear blasts.
How did it reach that point? Lets talk about the fauna and flora of the planet

AFTER we stablish everything, lets run a simulation: What if the Zerg invaded catachan?
During a warpstorm, communications and inter-planetray travel is cut off.
Catachan human pop is of 12 billions.
12 billion zergs divided in 4 groups drop within 500 km of each other. Each lead by a Brood Queen.
Mothers and queens can breed larva, and zerg reproduce asexually (zergling breed zergling etc).
The plants and animals can eat creep and are resistant to zerg hyper evolutionary virus.
It takes a entire day for a drone to become a hatchery, and hours for a zergling spam from a larva.
Only 1 group of zerg has a leviatan. Remember, they can't leave the planet due the warpstorm.
The zerg are utterly unfamiliar with this planet.

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>the bastard son of the High Elven King of the Evergolden Glades had come to claim his royal birthright

What does your party do?

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That Guy Stories

Tell stories of That Guy in your games. Hard mode: no trannies

I'll start

>Be me
>Decide to play a Pathfinder game on roll20
>Game was shit, forgot what character I was, might've been a kitsune
>That Guy was a cleric
>In the first battle, he proceeds to booby trap the room we're fighting in and charge us for heals.

That was when I left, and apparently the other group members did soon after. The DM was bad on his own merits, but he was overshadowed by the cleric.

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Unique World Building

With the most generic fantasy just being vaguely medieval England with Tolkien influence how do you set your World apart from the rest? Are humans so rare that they are considered a myth? Is the world stuck in an eternal bronze age? Dinosaurs?

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What do you guys think of modern fantasy settings? What system would be best for something along the lines of pic related? Ive heard good things on D20 Modern.

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Evil Campaigns

Have you ever run one? Have you ever played in one? Would you ever run or play one?
What would you include in an Evil campaign? What would you avoid.

I've always wanted to run a full on Evil campaign but i can't get players to bite, it's the strangest fucking thing.
I've pitched the idea a couple times now, players could use unusual races like Goblins (though pretty much any race is fine) etc. They'd likely be mercenaries or bandits to start, with a lot of opportunity to break off from the organisation and go it alone as a group. Maybe conquer some towns, hell summon a demon lord if they want. Can't get anyone to go for it.

It's bizarre because I've seen these people play and they all play Neutral assholes who always ask what's in it for them. I dont see why they wouldnt want to just double down on that shit and never lift a finger unless theres a fat sack of gold in it for them. They always get violent with NPCs they don't like too, they're not full on murder-hobos but they will often talk semi-in-character as if the NPC isnt there about how they should just kill them because theyre annoying or something.
Seems like they're a couple steps away from playing Evil anyway, I think it'd be fun.

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/NeuTG/ Quest #1 Slay the CR 30 Gelatinous Cube


The quest is simple: Bully him with posts and material that will make him suffer. Keep in mind that he's a Spaniard Psuedo-Normie WHO HAS NEVER USED AN IMAGEBOARD BEFORE.

He can only delete images and he can't ban anyone.
If asked a question he must reply. If he doesn't reply within 12 hours or refuses to, he fails.
If an offending post isn't deleted within 12 hours, he fails
If he bans anyone, he fails.
If he gets mad, he fails.

Hard More:
Please do not violate the Global/Legal Rules that actually matter, i.e. cp, because then I'll have to step in and I will permaban you for that.
All Offending Posts must still be /NeuTG/-related.
Use "roll 1d20" without quotes to take a chance. On a Natural 20 he has to do whatever that post says or he fails, but if you roll a 1 he gets to ban you for as long as he wants.

If you win, I'll share his discord & e-mail so you can torment him for eternity.

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Calling all high rollers
We are trying to run a custom version of cyberpunk that utilises the best aspects of the cyberpunk 2020 universe and the world of darkness system.
Attached is a link to our discord.
If you are new to the system feel free to join, it's quick and easy to learn.
We have a rotating GM system so everybody gets a chance to play.

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Good Role Starter Classes

Hey /neutg/

Subject speaks for itself, but I guess this is something I've thought about as I've been getting into my first real tabletop gaming experiences. Edition does play a part of course given balancing, so I'll just default to 5th since that's all I really played.

So far I've played a Ranger and a Druid in separate games; so I've gotten some hang of the ideas of attacking at distance and controlling the field. Same with buffing and healing.

But what if I wanted to go straight support?

What if I wanted to meatshield the group, or get in there and do full on close range damage?

What would be the bog standard classes that - in your opinion - would work best at helping a newer player learn the ropes of his class?

I've been blessed with relatively good team comp in both situations and both my DMs have been extraordinarily crafty at keeping up the flow of challenge while not defaulting to do-or-die encounters. Still, while I consider that an ideal appetizer, I feel like I should be learning more to prepare for jumps in difficulty or future, more lethal games.