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Fat Communist Pig Dox'd

This fat pig, Byron Clark, has been dox'd after harassing and doxing innocent conservative boomers for months. He lives at 71 Langdons Road, Papanui, Christchurch. He has been squeling on twitter like the pig he is, as you can see. Even the commie politician girl in our harem got involved. Always remember, commies get the rope!


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Tarrant's video

What, exactly, does Tarrant say in the livestream? Does anyone have a transcript/subtitles?
00:08 Let's get this party started
00:31 Remember lads, subscribe to PewDiePie
02:05 ??? fuck ???
10:20 Looks like we might get t... today, boys
12:00 [Woman]: help me, help me, help me, help me, help me, help me
12:40 Did not go as planned. [laughter]. Fuck....
12:50 [shoots window]
14:05 [honks]
14:15 f.. sh... [laughter] That ???gs dropped dead instantly. [You] can either pick [retention???] or ease of access, and [if] you pick ease of access, you can't fuck yourself
14:45 ??? should have stayed longer. It's time for the fuel.
14:50 ??? burn that fucking mosque to the ground. ???, shit happens. Left one full magazine back there, I know for sure. Possibly more. ??? run along, in the middle of the firefight, and pick up the mags that fell out - pretty much fucking instantly, there wasn't even time to aim, there were so many targets, there were so many people, the car park was full. So there's no real chance of [getting through there???]
15:30 [sirens]
15:45 ??? shit ??? car ???
16:05 The ??? fortunate ??? all ??? quickly ??? scared ??? women weren't in yet, I guess the men ??? first ??? earlier
16:20 [remove ya???]
16:25 Hi!
16:51 Time ??? next ??? at
16:55 [video ends abruptly]

Could any of you transcribe it in full?

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Banks ordered to Spy on Members of the right-wing community

Have you guys seen this? The leaked police memo to the banks orders them to look out for transactions that are 'Potential Indicators' of an individual being a member of the 'right wing community'. Was leaked a month a so ago and Action Zealandia is the only organization in NZ that shared the document.

After it was leaked the pigs started reeeing

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Obligatory Demographics Thread

Let's have a friendly thread where we post up statistics with sources over the absolutely pitiful demographic state of our country. Crack out the hard liquor as this could get depressing real fast lads.
Between the 2013 and 2018 censuses whites dropped by almost 4% in the span of five years in terms of the national demographic share of the population. In 2017, the share of european students in public schools has declined to just 50.3% and is undoubtedly just making a plurality now. maoris continue to have a higher fertility relative to whites at all ages up until 30, and at the same time whites continue to have the lowest overall fertility rate out of any ethnic group.
Are we, dare I say, /finnished/?

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>The National Party has dropped below 30 per cent in a UMR poll, while Labour has reached as high as 55 per cent.

>And when it comes to preferred Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern has reached a near record-breaking 65 per cent approval rating.

>Her popularity eclipses that of her National Party rival, Opposition leader Simon Bridges, who is on a mere 7 per cent.


Looking really bad for the chinks that vote national party. We are looking at a 1000 year Cindy Reich if this trend continues

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The government are finally starting to admit what has been obvious for a while: They have destroyed the economy and screwed future generations with huge debt over a virus that is less deadly than the common flu. And for all the people supporting this lockdown, the borders are opening next week, faggots. Congrats, you halted immigration for a month and stopped a tiny amount of invaders from coming in. Now our economy is destroyed and things are never going back to normal. Prepare for mass unemployment, suicide, drug abuse and heavy reliance on our powerful socialist state.


>Much of his speech was focused on the rebuild and what the country is going to look like after Covid-19.
>"If your house were to burn down, you probably wouldn't build it back exactly the same, would you?" he said, referencing the economy.
>"There are few times in life when the clock is reset. Now is the time we should address these long-term issues."

The agenda is now becoming clearer. ZOG are using this flu hoax to completely reshape society, kinda like what they did with their 9/11 hoax but on a much larger, worldwide scale. They will use it to introduce mass surveillance, mass vaccination and to completely reshape the the global economy and state system.


Already in Australia, the media is attacking people who refuse to comply with their tracking apps. They will continue to use the narrative that if you don't submit to them you are risking peoples lives and you will be labelled a biological terrorist. This is just getting started fellas. Buckle up, its gonna get rough o/

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Former NZ First MP calls out flu hoax

Former MP and right hand man of Winston Peters; Richard Prosser has came out and said that this virus is a complete hoax being used by global elites to bring about a New World Order in an article that is going viral online.

No doubt a bunch of government shills on this board will call him a "schizo conspiracy theorist" and a "chink" despite having no evidence to prove any of his claims wrong. National MP Andrew Falloon, who recently voted in favour of unrestricted abortion up till birth in New Zealand, has already tweeted calling him a "qanon flat earth tin foil hat guy".

This was retweeted by none other than Byron Clark, the communist foot soldier of the state who desperately wants this lockdown to continue so he can stay inside playing vidya and complaining about racism. If I told you 6 months ago that notorious white supremacist group Action Zealandia would hold the same views as the infamous communist Byron Clark on the main issue facing the world, would you have believed me? This is the remarkable situation we find ourselves in lads. Luckily brave men such as Richard have came out to speak the truth, in defiance of the political establishment, communists and "nationalists" alike. We need more brave men like Richard to stand up before all our freedoms are gone and we have micro chips and vaccines shoved up our arse. God help us all

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Unofficial meta thread

Post assets and vote on board settings

Image size limits:
Spoiler and Attachment Deleted: 100x100 to 250x250, ≤250kB
Overboard Icon: exactly 64x64, ≤50kB
Board Banners: 3/1 ratio, ≤600x200, ≤1024kB
Ban Page Images: 100x100 to 500x500, ≤250kB
Custom Flags: ≤90x33
All images can also be SVGs.

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>Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern today revealed we are moving into level 2 in stages.
>Retail stores, malls, cafes, restuarants, cinemas and public spaces can open this Thursday.
>On Monday, May 18, children and young people will return to school.
>And next Thursday, May 21, bars will be able to open, as long as they maintain the 'three Ss' rule outlined last week.
>"There does need to be a new normal," Ardern said.
>Social gatherings should be kept small for now - 10 people or less, she said.


The "new normal" is starting to come into view. It is clear now that this was never about a virus, as we now know that it has the same death rate as the common flu yet politicians and the media continue to act like it is deadly. This is about bringing in a New World Order. In this brave new world, the main difference will be the extreme social isolation and orwellian rules. Community and religion will be non-existant as churches are limited to 10 people. There will be no parties and no fun. The only chance we have of going back to normal is when the mandatory vaccine is released, but until then they will keep delaying it further and further. If we have protests in New Zealand, people need to go to them. Encourage your family and friends to disobey. The old political divisions are going to go out the window in this new world. When hundreds of thousands of people are unemployed, nobody will care for feminism or refugees. This lockdown is going to be the main point of contention, so make sure to spread the truth and galvinise people close to you. This is the best opportunity for the masses to become anti-government and anti-media. Racial tensions will come naturally from the poverty and won't need much of a push, as people naturally become tribal in hard times. Make sure you don't fall to drug addiction or kill yourself as thousands will in the coming months, as the full impact of this hoax starts to materialise. Good luck lads and God Bless

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COVID-19 Plan Revealed

Here is the full plan for the covid-19 situation. If your gonna call this a "conspiracy theory" or call me a "chink" I'd advise you to stop coping and provide some evidence this is wrong.

Disturbing scenario... only dare to read it if you are open to The Reality. Not a debate, not written by me. Take care. Thank you Jenny Mynhardt

"Nobody forces you to believe this. Do your own research. Freedom of thought. Criticism is welcome but I won't entertain it. Take it or leave it......

-Event 201 = Gates

-ID2020 = Gates

-Coronavirus patent = Gates

-Covid vaccine = Gates

-WHO/NIAID/CDC/UN funding = Gates

-Fauci/Birx/Tedros funding = Gates

-New Economy based on Human Activity (060606) = Gates

-Hypothesize a simulated global outbreak, required steps, various phases, overall timeline and expected outcomes
(Rockefeller - Lock Step, 2010).

-Create a very contagious but super low mortality rate virus to fit the needed plan (SARS/HIV hybrid research strain created at Fort Detrick class 4 lab from 2008-2013 as part of a research project to find out why coronavirus's spread like wildfire in bats but have an extremely hard time infecting humans (hence the 4 HIV inserts, aka the missing key to infect the human ACE-2 receptor)

-Create a weaponized version of the virus with a much higher mortality rate as a "BACKUP plan" ready to be released in phase 3 BUT ONLY IF NEEDED (SARS/HIV/MERS weaponized tribrid strain created at Fort Detrick class 4 lab in 2015)

-Transport the research strain to a different class 4 lab (National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg Canada) and have it stolen and smuggled out by China (Shi Zhengli) on purpose and taken to China's only class 4 lab (Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan China) for added plausible deniability and to help cement the wanted BACKUP public script as something to fall back on IF needed (primary script being its natural, backup script being that China created it and released it by accident)

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#JacindaBux Canceled!? BIG IF TRUE!!!!!!!

Somebody told me that we aren't getting JacindaBux anymore and couldn't provide a source. Which one of you is so gay that you watch the Covid updates and can tell me if this is true? Also; what were/are you planning on spending the $1,500 on? For me it was pic related 300300400mm 3D printer. Pretty stink if mummy Jacinda won't buy me this...

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/leftnudes/ Has Pictures and Stories About Jacinda

Over at /leftnudes/ we show our love and reverence for left-wing female politicians world-wide by collecting tasteful nudes, and erotic stories.

We've recently made a glorious thread about Jacinda featuring inspiring nudes and an uplifting story featuring Saint Brenton Tarrant, Jacinda, Josh and Jacinda's recently born and stupidly named daughter. What naughty fun they get up to with a cheese-grater!

Come and join us fellow Kiwi fans!


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Jersh has pondered..

She doesn’t think Christchurch is funny anymore.

Do NOT post the Christchurch shooting video or any Christchurch memes.

This is a crossdressing jersh thread.

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>There are nine new cases of coronavirus in New Zealand today.
>That is made up of four new confirmed cases and five new probable cases, the Ministry of Health has confirmed.
>There are no new deaths today, meaning the number of New Zealanders who have died from the virus remains at 18.
>Of the new cases reported today, four are linked to existing clusters, and five are linked to known confirmed cases.


New Zealand will be fucked when we leave lockdown

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KFC is getting rid of burgers from their menu during level 3 lockdown. How will New Zealand cope? Pic unrelated.

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Morning cobbers.
This is our banner until some with actual talent can make a better one.

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Happy level 3 lockdown faggots!
I already ordered pizza for later on in the day. What are you cunts doing to celebrate?