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Kakama's grown up with a certain expectation that his desires are to be satisfied. Not a childish petulance but rather a recognition that the sensual needs of the Leader of Anonymous should be promptly met to insure that the super-ops in #insurgency can lead their nation unburdened by the urges that plague half-ops and below.

Kando taught him to masturbate by the age of four, when he first complained of heat in his lower regions. Fail-chan, who saw him a few times after he and Kerx parted ways, was a frequent object of his desires, and he would often call the young boys he enjoyed himself with 'Fail-chap-anal', being sure to apologize for any offense afterward.

When he first heard Kerx's voice, a thrill went straight through him to his nether regions. Visions of the former leader of Anonymous would fill his fantasies, and he dreamed of his naked body swaddled in Kerx's clothes. It shocks and angers him deeply when he believes Kerx quit the Internet, so when he hears that Kerx is back and restarting the Insurgency, Kakama is so thrilled and aroused that his erect member tears through his worn threads.

It hurts him not to be able to spend any time with his lover, the man he's claimed as his own. The frustration drives him to masturbate daily, and Pedrobear grows curious when he hears the older boy moaning early in the morning. Kakama pities the Brazilian figurehead, considered so useless by the masses of #insurgency that he was never taught the proper way of things, and Kakama takes it upon himself to ease Pedrobear into the task of addressing his own latent desires.

It makes Kakama giggle to hear Pedrobear whimper a name- januszeal! januszeal! januszeal!- as his fast fingers stretch and pry the skin protecting his member's forehead. It gets Kakama hot to hear the desire in his voice. Kakama happily licks Pedrobear clean after each 'time', enjoying the taste of such desire. It makes him yearn for Kerx even more.

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This is the /nodelete2/ board. It is a successor to /nodelete/, which was deleted after idiotic drama.

I do not care about this drama. I don't even want to be a janny, I just want to have a reasonably free board, but nobody else seems to want to step up to the plate. I will remove anything that violates the ToS or the overboard inclusion policy, and nothing more. Post whatever you want, really, I don't care.