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Welcome to /occult/, 9chan's first occult board.
Rules are as follows:
Global rules apply.
Keep threads on topic.
No Spamming/Flooding.
This is an SFW board.

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Hello people. Would anyone like to make a discord group for this wonderful 9chan occult site? We will all thank you for it while we discuss the highest occult secrets and knowledge.

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Gematria-Lense to view Occult info

I made a thread on the /bestpol/ board about the Governments Occult religious practice of encoding numbers into their false flag rituals
Ill just repost the part about how to learn and add more about the background info surrounding Gematria, Isopsephy, Roman Numerals... theres even a Chinese version I need help with. The phonetics of "Four" and "Death" are identical in Chinese so they do not build a 4th floor in their buildings. In America we do not build the 13th floor. 1+3=4 and whats the 13th Tarot card?
Im not sure how bad you want the truth about this conspiracy to enslave humanity, and to become Gods among sheep...
but Ill post the info to start you off on a seriously profound body of work. You just simply will not understand until you dive in to the language itself and learn the code as it exists in our Language, Calendar, and Scripture.
get it free, pay the 5$ or pay the 1$ Patreon. I dont care how, I will only benefit if you read this book. The money means nothing for me because im just a guy with a summer job and I dont work during the winter so I research these topics so I can help end the slavery of mankind.
This guy Zachs Old Blog
Zachs New Blog
Derek Tikkuris website (has extensive decodes as well)

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Astrology Thread

Discuss the merits of western vs vedic philosophies, current transits, and personal placements.

To generate your own western chart and learn about your basic placements, astro.com is recognized as one of the best sites to get started.

For vedic astrology, vedic-horo.com generates any type of chart you could imagine. For starting purposes, you'd want to look at your D1 (Rasi) chart.

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Gonna bless this board with some good old fashioned Oathbreaker. All your oaths are now void. Fuck freemasons!

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Reading list

I know you're out there. We're gonna start a reading list. If you have any suggestions, please add them here.

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Does anyone know anything about the OTO, asides from what I can read on their website/Wikipedia? any members who has is insight about their rituals, what they do, what they believe etc.?
I realized there is a lodge in my town, I'm curious but I don't know if I should approach it, all the people on their facebook page seem like certified wackos.

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Left Hand Path

Is there anything to this, or is it just a pretentious anarchist? Anyone looked into it before? I would like to know before I waste too much time on it.

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Remote viewing general

Hi, all. We're going to start a remote viewing thread. If you've never been in one of these, here's how it goes.
I've selected and image and given it a unique name (my captcha) and it will be posted in 3 days or after I have 5 serious tries in the thread.
How to remote view for dummies:

  1. Clear your mind and get into a meditative state. Resolve any errant thoughts or foci that might get in the way of the session.
  2. Focus on the target. In this case the named image.
    3.Write down anything that comes to mind. You can try to resolve the notes into something at the end, but you should only write down general statements and try to avoid drawing conclusions on what the image is during the session. What does it feel like? Hot or cold? Soft or hard? What emotions are associated? Shapes? Make a sketch if you need to.
  3. Post your notes ITT.

The target is NGXQXXB.

If anyone wants to link a guide, that would be appreciated.

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Is Krishna worship Saturn worship?

i love the bhagavad gita but after reading about krishnas activities in bhagavata purana im thinking this might be some kind of saturnian god.

  • kills millions of "demons"
  • incarnated on earth to purposefully start a fratricidal war, the battle of kurukshetra almost seems like the culmination of his lifes work
  • insured the destruction (sacrifice?) of all his descendents before leaving the planet.
  • his presence kept kali yuga at bay and when he left it descended on the world. what if it was his presence that caused kali yuga?
  • krishna means "the dark one"
  • his complexion is supposed to be blackish like a raincloud but he has an aura that shines and glows like the rising sun. does this fit saturn as the "dark sun" type theories?
  • according to brahma samhita his abode is beyond material existence in "the spiritual sky" and it is hexagonally shaped, is this the hexagon on saturn?
  • lived a life full of an insane amount of sex and violence that would put any Saturnalia celebration to shame, one episode where he romanced the wives of an entire village in the middle of the night without their husbands ever knowing.
  • the peacock is heavily associated with him, because he is known as "the attractive one" and peacocks are very attractive, i guess? the peacock is also associated with satanism, and it showed up in some creepy pizagate associated art sculpture, and it showed up as one of the symbols in an ancient jewish torah that was found in syria not too long ago.

Is this nigger the devil?

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What does this look like to you?

I was following the JCM Farming thread in /bestpol/ and I'm trying to figure out the influences for this. Someone mentioned the masonic pillars, but it's backwards for that and they have the correct kind of pillars on the gate to cover that anyway.
The architecture feels kinda meso-american , but nothing matches well.