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Everyone Today I will explain to you in autistic detail on why the breasts are the most valuable part of the female body. Assfags are degenerate scum not only are they touching an area that is a literal shithole put they are cowards of the highest degree. An assfag would touch the ass of his wife to make himself feel better however all this does is reveal his insecurities about himself as an individual. True men puke at the assfag and his wife would be hounded by other men due to the assfags weakness in not asserting his authority. However the Oppai warriors are superior to the assfags as they fondle their wives breast in public. As all the people watch in awe of the women's breasts jiggling. It show's the authority the man has over his wife not to mention it shows other men not to go near her as she is claimed by another man. Truly a man of action and of strength. It shows that he is a man of authority and truly able to hold his ground against his adversaries. it shows his dominance over his wife as she soils herself being around your sheer masculinity. Of course there are different rules for different breast sizes. However the main point is that touching the ass is what a fag and someone with low self esteem does. Touching oppai's shows high esteem and shows that you are dominant.

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/oppai/ report

Today we have had a lot of things going down from the deletion of /nodelete/ to /oppai/ being around for a week. We have had interesting an interesting first week as a board. Now what stories do the reporters have in store.

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So this thread is to describe why assfags are a problem. Pic related is your typical assfag. As you can see his skin is the same colour as the shit that comes out of the women's ass. Assfags are also highly susceptible to contracting A.I.D.S or even worse Faggotry. This is a problem we are facing today as Assfaggotry is being promoted by Jews which causes health problems to us. The only benefit of assfaggotry is pleasure. Which not shows lack of discipline but also is what leads people down with things like drugs. So though it is pleasurable. Assfaggotry completely destroys the body and can potentially give you S.T.D's.

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Maid thread

About female household servants. The maid is how a women should behave. Not this modern bullshit. Post maids with some racks.

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Board tan

This thread is dedicated to the creation of a board tan. Get your creative juices running.

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/oppai/ approved anime

Hokuto no ken is an anime that should be /oppai/ approved as it shows the type of man every /oppai/ warrior should aspire to be. Tough yet passionate. A combo of these are what every man should become. Post /oppai/ anime. Make sure the mc is masculine. Since /oppai/ is a board of dominance over women first and foremost.

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the "age old" oppai question

VNs just slap a big disclaimer stating that "every character in the game is above 18 years" as an excuse to justify the sex scenes in it. In case of anime, the telecasters just shift it's time to a late night show.
This is quite bothersome, the fact that the proud owners of oppais are usually just high school girls or teenagers who are endowed with huge oppais that only someone fertile could possess. Thus, creating an illusion that she is ready for breeding but in reality she is just a child. This, along with the confused and frustrated state of mind of the general target base, would cause devastating consequences such as becoming a hebephile.
Anyone else bothered by this train of thought?

>inb4 lolis causing more damage

That's another topic to discuss at another thread.
On topic here, anime boobs do more damage because it is one of the strongest gateway attractions for people to get into anime.

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Gentlemen as /oppai/ warriors it is our holy duty to spread the love of /oppai/'s all across the imageboard while stomping out any (((competition))). As a heroic breast lover. It is our duty to turn people straight with an endless amount of /oppai/. Thus this thread is a discussion of different tactics we can use to employ and convert Europe back to the intelligent choice. This will also be used as a friend to dig up and weed out influences attempting to destroy imageboard culture. Prepare yourselves because /oppai/ will grope it's destiny.

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Sensei's guide to respectable oppai's

For good respectable Oppai's there has to be some condition's that have to be met. These are for those who have no knowledge and are in need of assistance. Firstly what are Oppai. Oppai's or breasts are the female body part which feed your child they are extremely soft and are fun to grope. The conditions are
1) No Implants
Implants are the signs of insecurities a women has in her rack. Even A-cup women are superior to Implants because they at least have the dignity to keep their body the way it is. Implants destroys the natural look of oppai's and when you grope them they are terrible. Anyone with Implants is an instant 0/10 even if the face is 10/10.
2) Gropable
Obviously if your ladies rack isn't big enough then it can be pretty difficult. Men with ladies with Small racks have to settle for the titty tap instead of the grope because their breasts simply aren't large enough. Small breasts aren't a game ender though and a 10/10 face can save them.
This isn't directly breast related. However you want your women to be respectable. Any women that isn't a virgin is almost never worth it unless they're a widow and even then it's a gamble. Basically always go for a virgin lady. Even 3/10 can be elevated to 5/10 due to virginity alone.
4) Milk
Obviously the breasts actual function is to produce milk. Any women who can't do this is at an even bigger disadvantage than those with smaller oppai. Not to mention you also have to rely on the government's trash and that's never a good thing.
5) No Trannies
Self explanatory.

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Harmony boobs

Alright Gentlemen. We are going to start an autistic endeavor called harmony boobs. This is where we take a song say pete gynt's hall of the mountain king and for every single beat we have a different girl have bouncing cleavage. I'm not good at this type of thing though. So I think someone else would have to do it. This thread is simply to gather the foundations. I.e GIF's and Webm's of bouncing breasts. Which means post away.

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This is important. Why do animators prefer pink nipples on oppais when native japanese I see in JAVs typically have brown nipples?