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This is a board for perverted stories, fantasies, and the most depraved fiction and drawings.

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I want to keep a pet girl and invite many twinks to force-seed her sleek body. Watch her tummy start to grow over-time, get ready for my soon-to-be-snack. Day after day, nothing but pet girl torture. Hearing her cries, feeling the yummy snack move around in her tummy. Mommy's a tired girl, huh? Tired of the big mean creature messing with her fleshy body. The final day comes and mommy will push out that delicious snack, poor thing will start to cry only to be ripped apart by my teeth. Pet girl might bleed to death but that's okay- she's not off the menu. Though, I'd definitely have my fun time fucking the shit out of her when she's finally dead. Meat tastes better if you tenderize it.

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I want to put keep some girls in a bunker harem all to myself. they get to spend their days naked in a concrete room waiting to pleasure me. they will be mine to have forever.

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Imagine being male and defending any femoid born in the 1990s till present. They are all putried filthy brakndead cum gargalong whores that should have a bullet put in their brains so the cum can properly be cleaned out of their brains.

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>be me
>make my own planky
>it comes to life
>i draw hermaprodite genitals on it and asshole
>planky is constantly horny
>drill hole inside planky
>paint its lips with makeup
>have hot sex with it
>after I finish I always pretend planky is just a board
>always refuse to masturbate with my hand since then
>planky's hole grew wider and more loose with time
>drilled its asshole
>one day I came so horny
>broke the plank in half
>wood chips inside my penis
>I wish it all didnt happen, feel like a total idiot