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Flat Is Justice

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LF Canadian anime otaku with a goal to socially satisfy each other and no others.
Normals need not apply:
-no leftists
-no women
-no extremists
-no poser weebs
-no non-pure virgins
-no non-misogynists
-no druggies/boozetards
-no new age subjective types
-no children mentally or physically
-no uneducated/unintelligent people
-no people with friends/relationships online or off

my discord tag is Mieux#2456

posting here because 9chan is just one big board anyways.

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If flat chests are so perfectly delicious™ why does the loli get embarrassed around big boobies?

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I'M NOT KIDDING AROUND! I am your king! You don't vote for kings! You 10 people still on this website better listen up. Bring me your wives, your daughters, your sisters. They shall be privileged to receive my seed and be fertilized with my superior genetics.

Bow to your king.

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I am of the opinion that Josh has officially abandoned 9chan. Praise! I declare myself the new king of 9chan, bring me your virgin daughters!

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This is the voice of your Lord. King of the 9channers. you have disappointed me for you have not brought me your virgins.
Soon you will see the violence inherit in the system.

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Is it ok for prepubescent girls to show their flat chests in public, at a water park for example?
I believe it is, but knowing some skinny lanky stringbean virgin-walk 4chan user lurking in the shadows might take pics to post on the internet I wouldn't want my daughter showing her nipples in public.