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Board Styling

I've got the CSS into a readable state, there's still a number of things I want to improve, though. Many of the colours used are taken from the Transcendence forum. If you have any suggestions or pics for banners, feel free to post them here

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Welcome to /scifi/
This is a discussion board for media with a sci-fi setting. Cyberpunk fans might find more success on /lain/, though.

Please keep NSFW content to a minimal, and if you have to post it then make sure it is spoilered (this is a SFW board).
Eventually I'll make a proper list of recommendations for newcomers interested in sci-fi, which I'll add here when it is in an acceptable enough state

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Escape Velocity Remaster

I'll just post what I did on /v/;
For those that don't know, Escape Velocity was an old series of space exploration RPGs that built off of Elite. They were really popular when Mac gaming was big, but nearly went extinct when Windows took over (only the last game, Nova, had a Windows port). If you've played stuff like Starsector, Endless Sky, Transcendence, or 3030 Deathwar; this is one of the series' that helped to laid the groundwork for those.

The original designer of the second game in the series (Override) is working on a remaster of the game along with an engine that'll support all the content from the other titles (he doesn't have the rights to them, but there can be fanmade ports this way).

The kickstarter is at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cosmicfrontier/cosmic-frontier-override/

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Space music

Stuff that resonates with some aspect of space, dump what you got. Try to keep it related to space somehow.

For that feeling of voyage, that slightly depressing feeling, that feeling of exploring of something alien, that feeling of peace, that wild/vast feeling,
and that grand feeling (too grand to upload).