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/sig/ - Self Improvement General General

This board it exactly what it implies. It's a board for self-improvement.
Since jannies on 4/fit/ hate people that want to improve themselves, here you have a new home for your self-improvement needs.

There are no particular rules apart from the global ones, the board is SFW so spoiler the images if they are not SFW, and do try to stay on topic. That's it.

I'm quite democratic, the board will be what the users need it to be. If you have requests or suggestions, go ahead.

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What to do with my time?

What to do with my time?I am bored, I am trying to get /fit/ but running or working out takes an hour or two of my time. I could play guitar but I can't play because my parents are working in the other room and I take it outside in the hot sun because I don't want to destroy the wood. I am on disability due to my Autism, I could probably work but it's very difficult to pass the interview been to so many job interviews but I rarely get to hired. Should I reapply for VR? it will take a while since it's a government program, all these minimum wage jobs are part time too, I can't have 2 jobs at the same time, once I wore the wrong uniform and got fired.

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/sfg/ - Sexual Fitness General

Here, we will talk about our sex life, our issues around it, and what can/should be done about that.
ie: libido, erectile dysfunction, sexual performance, premature ejaculation, techniques, psychological blockage, physiological issues, etc.

Protip: Try /nofap/ and /noporn/ for a month. It’s often enough.
Protip 2: Don’t treat the symptoms, but the cause. Ask yourself what the cause is.

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Pulling the dopamine plug

I've been into biochemistry for a few years and came up with this article a while ago. I thought some of you might benefit from it. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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Take the neuroplasticity pill

>Neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s ability to adapt.
>When we learn something new, we create new connections between our neurons. We rewire our brains to adapt to new circumstances. This happens on a daily basis, but it’s also something that we can encourage and stimulate.
>In addition to changes in the way the brain works and functional adaptations, neuroplasticity offers potential avenues for psychological change as well.
>The relation between neuroplasticity and learning is an easy one to surmise—when we learn, we form new pathways in the brain. Each new lesson has the potential to connect new neurons and change our brain’s default mode of operation.
>Of course, not all learning is created equal—learning new facts does not necessarily take advantage of the amazing neuroplasticity of the brain, but learning a new language or a musical instrument certainly does. It is through this sort of learning that we may be able to figure out how to purposefully rewire the brain.
>A person with a growth mindset believes that he or she can get smarter, better, or more skilled at something through sustained effort—which is exactly what neuroplasticity tells us. You might say that a growth mindset is simply accepting the idea of neuroplasticity on a broad level!
>It can restore old, lost connections and functions that have not been used in some time, enhance memory, and even enhance overall cognitive skills.
>The potential is generally not as great in older adults as it is in children and young adults, but with sustained effort and a healthy lifestyle, adults are just as able to promote positive change and growth in their brains as the younger generations.

Your intelligence is not still. It is proven that you are able to overcome your mental flaws and reshape your brain if you will it

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Grayscale mode

Anyone else attempted to deliberately make their browser gray?
There's this addon for firefox called grayscale mode in case your monitor doesn't support grayscale mode. In an attempt to control my porn and internet addiction I have started experimenting with it since a few days back. Something about the lack of color makes everything boring, including the browsing experience. Porn seems to be less intense in provoking a reaction now but still, it's still there and the fact that in just a few clicks I can disable it and keep continuing with my addiction is quite bothersome.
Leaving this here just in case anyone out here want something more to add on to their nofap battle defenses.

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Adopting Beneficial Personality

I want to try and "improve" but I'm too detached to comprehend social norms or normie morality.

I want to accomplish my goals of becoming financially wealthy, an expert in some computing subject, very physically fit, and independent but so much depends on one's personality.

Naturally, I act like a schizoid. I don't like talking or being talked to. I'm not emotional. I don't take interest in or connect with others. I hate others. This obviously offends people and disadvantages me at school, at work, with family, with rental roommates. I can't become independent.

I want to try and adopt a personality of just always being friendly and enthusiastic as a facade but I can't help but be disgusted by people and their interests and beliefs and activities. I truly despise those I talk to. How can I put on a fake friendly personality that benefits me?

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/fitlit/ - litness and fiterature general

Welcome to /fitlit/, the unironic general thread revival of a joke board from 4chan's 2017 April Fools' Day prank on /fit/ and /lit/.

/fitlit/ is primarily for the discussion of litness and fiterature, specifically books, squats, short stories, deadlifts, poetry, bench presses, creative writing, weighted dips, etc. If you want to discuss politics, history, religion, philosophy, or humanities, feel free to do so! Arbitrarily limiting what would otherwise be a niche thread is pointless; this thread is dedicated to self-improvement of the mind, the body, or both.

>basic resources for lifting


>basic resources for reading


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Reading Tips

Hello frens, please suggest tips on how to improve my reading skils. Especially, with regards to how much information I am able to retain when and after reading a book.
What is the optimum reading speed?
How many pages should I complete in a session and how long does that session lasts?
Any scientific studies on how to improve reading and retaining skills?

I haven't read much books in my life, excluding my schooling of course, but I am pretty sure I am not able to recollect anything from what little I have done.
I have tried to get into reading recently since this year and I have noticed that when it comes to fiction I only remember maybe a couple of important events that happened throughout the book. I have much trouble with reading non-fiction because I am a slow reader and even if I am able to remember things from my previous reading session for a few days I end up forgetting it before the week ends. I've never managed to complete a non-fiction book and I've picked up many since I've started reading. I have severe trouble with getting into philosophy because of this as things are quite disjointed and mostly written like how Nietzsche writes so there isn't a coherent flow like in fiction for me to easily remember and connect ideas.

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Relationship improvement

I really want to be a better husband for my wife, but somehow I feel like becoming more gentle, caring, giving, selfless and affectionate will make me a kind of soy man that my wife cannot respect and be attracted to.

No sure what to do. Maybe I should move in another direction. Any advice?