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SS-Initiate Relations

Not all of you will be ecstatic to hear this news, but I for one, am quite happy to give it to you!
As you all know, the ongoing feud between Systemspace and Initate has been going on for quite some time. Today, however, this feud comes to an end. A "ceasefire" (as dramatic as the term may be) has been called between Systemspace and Initiate. Furthermore, the Initiate ban is being lifted from this board. Of course, there will still be strict rules about being respectful towards one another. As much as I'd love for SS and Initiate to get together on the beach to sing Kumbaya around a bonfire, that sort of situation isn't exactly realistic.
Keep in mind, however, that this board is still dedicated to Systemspace. Despite being open to Initiate, this board will never become a part of it. Systemspace is a common root between everyone here, and we ought to dedicate this board to the culture of the Systemspace communities. Starting today, we'll begin to come back together. Sure, we might not end up being the best of friends in the end, but what's important is that we stop this incessant hatred and division. The community is already splintered up as it is, and Aurora knows we can't afford that shit.


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Well, that was quick.

So, apparently it took 9chan less than a minute to do what 8kun couldn't do in 4 months.
Welcome to /syspace/, the board created for the Systemspace community! It's not Tsukichan, but it's probably the best thing we'll have for a while.
Anyway, this thread will serve as the meta for this board, so feel free to make suggestions or whatever. I'm new to board managing, and even newer to 9chan, so please be patient, I have Autism.

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Nazashi Memorial Thread

It's been three months since it happened, and I'm still amazed that there are people who don't know that. Post your recollections, tributes, remembrances etc. of him here.

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Systemspace Discord theme

Anyone have a copy of the systemspace discord theme? I got it from the Tsuki discord a couple years ago but deleted it. I'm not talking about the one whose description is "Lain hates niggers", that one's broken.

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Silver Crescent Thread

This is the official thread for the first and only unofficial migrant newspaper, the ''Silver Crescent''!

You may view it at https://miniwa.space/s/cresent/ and an index will be posted in this thread.

Please direct all questions, comments, and concerns about the newspaper to silvercrescent<@>protonmail.com but you are welcome to do so here as well.

The Crescent provides a useful summary of events in the Systemspace community wherever its members may gather, and also includes other matters of interest such as puzzles, trivia, and fiction.

We hope it may be an informative and interesting newspaper worthy of the affection of all those who are interested in migrant affairs.

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i fell out of the loop a long time ago and always wondered what you guys were up to after unlink. so what's been going on for you all?

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What are your favorite memories from the Project? Mine was witnessing H'ynro die less than two hours after being unvield because Apollokike ran the site on ONE CORE.