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Meta Thread

welcome to /tech/. Rule #1: don't spam/flood. Rule #2: spoiler NSFW shit. ― ITT: post banners, flags, etc. and discuss the board.

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Secure email

I'll be abandoning my identity soon (for certain reasons). Since botnets won't be able to find out who am I anyway, give me suggestions for what email service should I use for occasional registration stuff and public mailing lists (as long as it allows for POP3/IMAP and isn't absolutely botnet).

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Screenshotting and archiving

Is there a way to do pic related conveniently (e.g. an extension)? It's time consuming to manually archive a URL, take a fullscreen screenshot, and add the URL to the image.

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Coalfax registrar

I'm worried about my website, coalfax.xyz being deplatformed. I'm currently using epik, but I've heard that they kicked 9chan when it was at the .us domain so I don't really trust them. Can someone recommend a registrar will respect my free speech, preferably at a decent price? Any suggestions about other things are welcome too.

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Alternative computing history

Let's go and create your own alternative computing history. Art, details and many other stuff are apricieted. And also let's just stay to computing history not alternative history computing like roman computers and other stuff like that.

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Newfag (to tech) looking to get started

To clarify, I know how to use computers and ive been doing so for about 10+ years of my life, I know basic info and even dabbled with fedora and Parrot OS and other Linux based os's.

However Im looking to get into Website Development, Pen testing, Cyber security, etc. Basically I wish to learn as I can because im fucking tired of sitting on my ass working (not anymore bc of corona but I got unemployment to keep me floating for a little), playing vidya, watching anime, shitting and sleeping. I want to develop some actually useful skills I can use in this shitthole of a life.

I know there are a lot of resources throughout the internet to get me started but since im new to this I dont know how to navigate it, if any experienced members could help point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it!

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Privacy-preserving CSAM filtering using ZKANNs


I came across an interesting article today. I'm curious what y'all think of this concept. I can see issues with it but it also blew my mind at the same time.

TL;DR: how do we reconcile end-to-end encryption and the fight against CSAM and other nasty types of content? Assuming you can make a neural net that can classify it, you could run it on a decentralized network to detect CSAM in private messages without anyone knowing the entire plaintext.

Also it's from Ross Ulbricht so consider signing his pardon petition!

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I found an interesting looking site which interviews people asking them what hardware/software they use for their life/work/projects. The actual website has no JS and is ~300KB Which I know isn't the smallest it could be but it is a breath of fresh air in bloated JS-framework monstrosities. There are some interesting people there that, if your interests overlap with mine, you may want to have a look at. Consider the date of the interview because some are 10 years old.

Bram Moolenaar https://usesthis.com/interviews/bram.moolenaar/
This lady who has some godtier taste https://usesthis.com/interviews/alice.maz/
The Prophet himself https://usesthis.com/interviews/terry.davis/
Rob Pike https://usesthis.com/interviews/rob.pike/
Brian Kernighan https://usesthis.com/interviews/brian.kernighan/
Daniel Stenberg https://usesthis.com/interviews/daniel.stenberg/
John Romero https://usesthis.com/interviews/john.romero/
Tarn Adams https://usesthis.com/interviews/tarn.adams/
Eric S Raymond https://usesthis.com/interviews/eric.s.raymond/
Drew DeVault https://usesthis.com/interviews/drew.devault/
Tom Scott https://usesthis.com/interviews/tom.scott/
Russ Cox https://usesthis.com/interviews/russ.cox/
William Gibson https://usesthis.com/interviews/william.gibson/
Daniel Robbins https://usesthis.com/interviews/daniel.robbins/
Aaron Swartz https://usesthis.com/interviews/aaron.swartz/
Richard Stallman https://usesthis.com/interviews/richard.stallman/
Keita Takahashi https://usesthis.com/interviews/keita.takahashi
Gabe Newell https://usesthis.com/interviews/gabe.newell/
and a silly amounty of faggots and Macs.

ITT share your setups or comment on the setups of some of these people.

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Thinkpad Generals

>thinkpads make the best used laptops
>they are made for the military by the military
>very durable
>decent speeds
>pretty good linux support

If you are new ask how we can help you switch to linux on a thinkpad.

If you are old post selfies with your thinkpad, and help newfags.

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GNURadio https://github.com/gnuradio/gnuradio

GQRX (GUI frequency scanner)

Trunked Channel decoder (Java Warning)

Pager and other digital

Mode S decoder

NOAA APT decoders

Satellite Tracking

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Any data-focused programmers out there? I'd like to get into network analysis and predictive modeling pretty soon here and I'm thinking about where to start. Any recommended books? How much linear algebra is needed? How much statistics? I already made myself a little game plan but what kinds of things do you guys do? I'm a bit of a brainlet when it comes to /tech/.

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Uncucked mobile phones

Need an uncucked mobile phone for the USA. Doesn't have to be a burner, I'm fine subscribing monthly/annually.
I just want to get off the 'record and sell all user data' wild ride.
I guess an old school flip. Don't need a smartphone. Just a mobile phone that doesnt spy on me.


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Old pc questions

>But there is already a Question thread!

This is a dedicated retrocomputing Question thread.

Ibm os/2
Why did it lose?
Was it worse then Windows competitor's at it's time?

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I am going to be working on Tripcodes, Secure Tripcodes, and a new feature: PGP Signed Posts. Tripcodes and Secure Tripcodes will work like you'd expect, but signing a post will work closer to an email.

You'll enter ###public key after your name (optional, will default to anonymous) and then in the body of your post you will enter a clearsigned PGP key. The rendered output will be like in the second picture, or close to. I will add a way to see the full signature and the fingerprints may be shrunk depending on the size of your view port so they fit comfortably. If the public key and signed message do not match, the post will not go through.

I'm a little bit in over my head with this so I'm going to work mostly with SHA512, as that's the default that GnuPGP has a lot of documentation on, and then once I can consult people more experienced with cryptography than I, we'll see if we can use more.

If I didn't make it obvious, there will be no requirement to share your private key. It'd defeat the entire purpose. Signing will be done with your favorite GnuPG signing tools outside of the browser.

I also intend to allow board level configuration for banning tripcodes, signing, and maybe specific signatures as well.

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BUYing COMPuter PARTs while fershnickered

YAR I BE DRUNK AND IMPULSE BUYING... probably not a super smarted idea I know, but... I want to build a new box!

This is wut I got so far... but like... why is everything all retarded? Like I'm lookin at cases on New Egg and... where are the drive mounts at? And no modular drive mounts? Like, do I have to a full size, gigantor farking case just to get internal modular drive mounts?!

...also I think I picked some shit memory, but... eh... like you always go for big stupid numbers first and THEN look at the latency, right? Or is et the other way around? Or maybe somewhere in between? I dunno, it probably doesn't matter, I'm not like lookin to overclock this bitch into the next century, I just want something better than my current i7 shit box.

...I have beef jerky... can't eat it tho cause the cat is staring at me... she knows what it is... she's just... she's WAITING for me to open it.

Um.... what's a semi-decent video card to get? Like, not stupid expensive, like nothing over $200, but not shit either... preferably something with dual monitor support.

Oh, also, wut power supply is good for i9? Like, not over clocked or anything, just standard setup... probably at least 650 watt... but then I'm gonna run like 6 hard drives too, so... mmm... math, math, math... uh... shit, I used to have a site that had a calculator thing... um... yeah 750 watt is probably plenty.

...oh, right uh.. right, right... why does whiskey taste so good? Like, think about it... like most hard liquor is like... BLAAARG... but like, most whiskey is just... it's like it's glowing down my throat with the sweetest singe... mmmm

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tor is technology

Browsing via HSv3 onion is comfy.
Posting images over tor is mega comfy.
How does Josh manage this without getting destroyed by pedospammers?

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Collaborative web directory

Is there any open source web directory project?
I'd like to run a website where peoples can add websites under different categories (porn, streaming, whatever).
There are only stuffs like this on Tor (hidden directory) and I'd like to host something similar on the clear web.

Anyone know something I could start with? I searched hours already but couldn't find anything close to it.

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BSD Thread

Does anybody here run *BSD, either as server or a desktop? I've got Absolute FreeBSD/Absolute OpenBSD, going to probably try installing them in VirtualBox soon.

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Out of all the video conferencing clients out there, why is this becoming popular? It's worse than Discord.

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Who is Cultstate/Patrick Ryan; can he be trusted?



Someone brought this name up on /pol/. Certainly got some interesting theories.
He seems to be quite full of himself, though, more than any of his accomplishments would warrant.
And I'm not sure whether to take anything coming from a self-described Marxist or former Marxist seriously.

Does anyone here know more about this guy?

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Career in tech without being surrounded by bugmen

Is it possible to work in tech without being surrounded by redditor bugmen and the sneering soulless managerial class?

Failing that what are some challenging, interesting roles that give you a lot of latitude and very little contact with customers and colleagues?

Just got out of a role in which the pay was terrible, the atmosphere was toxic, and the people were just disgracefully fat and sloppy and I don't know what to aim towards to get that kind of misery far, far, away from me. I really like scripting/programming and I'm getting into ARM devkits, networking, and reverse engineering (doing crackmes on lockdown). I have a bachelors in ICT as well. I really liked an old role I had in onsite support because it was just good clean fun with lots of running around and getting things done, but it wasn't enough to raise a family on.

(pictures are unrelated I just wanted to throw up some media)

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Lisp General

This thread is for functional geniuses only if you aren't a functional genius please go to the python containment thread.

[code];;lisp general[/code]

>What is


>how use


>how use emacs

  1. Open emacs
  2. Click "tutorial"
  3. Install evil-mode or god-mode
  4. https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/pdf/emacs.pdf
  5. https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/pdf/elisp.pdf

>lisp os and distro

Lisp is too slow on intel. Also lisp has no drivers. Needs linux.

>linux + lisp distro



/join #emacs
/join #lisp
/join ##lisp
/join #scheme
/join #elisp
/join #guile
/join #clojure

>How can I help

Learn Lisp

Write guides for lisp. Help users.

Write a version of emacs easier to use for new users.

Rewrite guix inside of emacs, the true lisp distro.

>why care

The syntax and structure of lisp are not arbitrary, but decided for mathematical reasons. Lisp is a very simple and infinitely flexible language

>but c

Quantum computers require machine instructions on them to be purely reversible or they lose their quantum speeds. Show me a c compiler that produces purely reversible machine code.

>no, quantum computer run all codes!

False. Codes that are not purely reversible do not get quantum speeds. It can run but it will be slower than intel.

>but intel

Yes, since we live in the past and use antique intel chips, c is faster.

>no jobs

As programming languages progress they slowly are forced to adopt features lisp has always had. Programming javascript or python is close enough to lisp that you won't die.

>no, all programming languages are the same

try programming skyrim in brainfuck, php, or malbolge (compiling from c to brainfuck doesn't count

>all languages same! my professor said!

I don't care what your professor said

>industry no use

I am a neet I don't care about the industry I just want to rice my linux. Why do you think the users of /g/ care about industry at all?

>emacs bad

t. brainlet

>vim smaller

Chop off your legs, you'll be smaller. Emacs is bigger because it's more useful.

>install gentoo

I wish the zoomers on here remembered that meme.

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Brainlet in need/Text editor thread

tell me, /tech, is there a text editor with a "search and replace" function that accepts formulas (e. g. [hours]:[minutes]:[seconds]) into the "search for" field?

also discuss text editors to make the thread not completely worthless, i suppose. (unless there's another thread for that, in which case fell free to nuke this one, BO)

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Retrocomputing Searching/Old Computer Hunting

When you want old computers, accessories, parts, etc. where do you get them from? Do you have any local stores? Risk it on Ebay? When y'all want old computer shit, where do you go?

I'm lucky to have a used computer store in the area, but they always refurbish what they get. Makes sense security-wise but maybe I want XP on a fucking brick of a laptop. Sure, I can use virtual machines, but tbh I'd just like a secondary PC with an older OS.

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>iOS doesn't support WEBP at all
>all thumbnailing is done in WEBP



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Anonymous hosting

>want to host a website
>forced to fill a fucking tax form with all your personal information

Why? Why don't people want to just take my fucking money? What's the point of "paying with bitcoin anonymously!" if you have to give all this shit anyway? The only place I've found that seems to ACTUALLY let you host anonymously is njal.la which is ran by the founder of piratebay, but that operates in Sweden which probably has laws to shut you down if they catch you saying "nigger". And even if you go to them, you can't buy cryptocurrency anywhere without exposing your browser fingerprint to google captcha.

What are the options here? Are there even options or are you just fucked?

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I got banned from paypal and they said they won't be allowing me to continue to use my account. Is there a way to create another paypal that would allow me to just send money? I don't need to receive any, just send it to make purchases. Anyone have any experience with this? It's a major pain in the ass. On a side note, do you guys know how to anonymously send money through paypal? Thanks a ton

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Why even fight?

>Rust community is extremely toxic
>Linux has been COC'd
>Non-systemd distros are slowly falling apart
>Even more projects are getting COC'd
>Red Hat is pushing for making Gnome the one and only DE
>Everything else is going to shit

Have you already given up or are you still fighting?

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firefox private relay

basically a throwaway email service except the throwaways automatically forward mail to your real email and dont stop existing after 10 minutes. Only downside I can think of is you share more information with your main email provider (and mozilla) this way.

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MaddoxX most based internet user


>[free-speech] tag in catalog

im not enabling js to post a thread you fucking faggot
now then.

>be 2004
>starts warez release group
>releases straight to topsites right away


>rips half life 2 despite "ITS ON DA INNANET MAN IT CANT BE PIRAD"
>gaymers btfo
>rips counter strike source and even provides updates for it, allowing users to go back and forth between patches despite steamING PILE OF SHIT not allowing this


>even some day of defeat


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Voxility (basically Cloudflare for networks) has null routed Fatchan because it was an imageboard. The host, Frantech, had no say in this.


It's time we start thinking seriously about what we're going to do about these monolith companies like Cloudflare and Voxility and if we're going to use the powers of Government to nationalize the Internet. This is beyond fucking retarded.

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I wanted to know if the board owners would agree to putting Terry's picture as the top sticky welcoming everyone into this board?

Sorry for the off-topic thread and have a nice day.

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Best video reformat program

I need to reformat an .mp4 file so it goes from 91 MiB to under 30 MiB so I can post it on /bestpol/
What's a good program I can use?
Plz help techerinos, me no think so good.

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Consolidation of the Internet and Normalfag Cancer

Pic related. As normiscum have infested the internet, they have all conglomerated around the same handful of gay social media and streaming websites. All the cool niche news websites and forums have died off as Faceberg groups and subleddits have largely replaced them. So what can be done about this? How do we remove normalfags from the internet?

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Chad FOSS music players

Post your fav'rite.

DeadBeeF does it for me - it sports very familiar interface, playlists and eqalizer. Very epic reference in the name, as well. Far less buggy than Audacious, too. I used to wine AIMP before -accidentally- discovering DB while laughing my dumb ass off to errorcodes on wikipedia.

inb4 amarok/cantata gang

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Computer Wear: No Socks Edition

For a while now I've had this idea that I could be able to somehow boost my efficiency and programming ability if I had some kind of cape or hooded cloak to wear at my desk. Do any of you have any recommendations or personal stories of such a method working? What is the best clothing item to boost my technical knowledge?

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what's a good paint.net-like image editor for *nix? Tried using Pinta but it's still pretty rough around the edges

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Google Chromium

It consumed most browsers, started consuming desktop applications (electron), and even has an OS built around it.
Can it be stopped?

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Figured you should all know about the new hot ponzi in town: nyzo
Solved governance and consensus but weesh dudes won't tell you it exists yet

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Void Tools - Everything

Anyone here ever use the program Everything?
I've found it very helpful when searching for things and their privacy policy seems good.
Is there something I'm not seeing or is it just a useful tool that isn't looking to harvest my information actually exists in this day and age?

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Any Sys76 users?

A couple years ago at most, I saw System 76 being on a mission to disable as much of Intel ME as possible w/o borking the functionality and make the dethorned CPUs available for the public; their website doesn't have any info about these efforts anywhere. Do you anons know where that went/is anybody here technologically proficient - and willing - enough to test this shit? Granted you have a machine from them, of course.

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You know I'm fucking sick of your shit. You turn the board blue and now you bumplock threads that you disagree with. Bye bye.

R: 23 / F: 4 / P: 5


Why in the FUCK did this board turn blue. Did anyone ask for that? HMMM????

If you are butthurt over the board being blue post in here.

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Overview of alt-DNS systems

You guys might be interested in this.

>Peercoin | .bit

Bitcoin, but for domain names.

  • supports ZeroNet zites
  • supports .onion sites
  • works in Tor Browser (only in nightly GNU/Linux builds at the moment)
  • can be resolved with the BDNS extension
  • inherits the massive hashpower of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash due to merged mining
  • nearly free

    >ENS | .eth

    A naming system for ethereum wallets and contracts, IPFS and Swarm.

  • DOES NOT SUPPORT regular websites at the moment
  • mainly intended for IPFS and Swarm content
  • supports .onion sites
  • built into Opera
  • built into MetaMask, an ethereum wallet shipped with Brave
  • can be resolved via ETHDNS (info: https://eth.link/)
  • not many ETHDNS providers right now
  • cheap (5 bucks/yr)
  • DNS owners can turn their clearnet domains into ENS domains via a DNSSEC proof.

    > OpenNIC

  • has .chan TLD for imageboards
  • can be resolved with BDNS extension
  • can be resolved just by changing DNS providers
  • free
  • democratic (corruptible)

    > EmerDNS | .emc .coin .lib .bazar

  • By Russians, for Russians
  • Supports I2P
  • peered by OpenNIC (so was Namecoin in the past)

    > Handshake

  • apparently has some technical advantages over namecoin and ENS
  • donated $10 million dollars of their HNS token (created out of thin air) to free software projects for publicity, which they got.
  • new and not as widely supported
  • "backwards compatible" with regular DNS, top 100,000 regular domain names are reserved
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>Step 1:

<dump a bunch of CP on a site while reporting it to its host/registrar as a "Pedo site", getting its hosting/domain yanked

>Step 2:

<when/if it comes back, dump a bunch of mild normie tier child shit and comments clearly "sexualizing" it, of fucking course being obvious about it being a sub-phase of Step 1, thus making the owners/mods go into "war mode" to keep the site alive

>Step 3:

<go around to every other existing IB samefag smearing the fuck out of it & its staff for being a "rulecucked shithole", gradually killing trust in it & thus its traffic

>Step 4:

<repeat with site after site (except kc & 4chan of course cause lel, can't kill those) until eventually all alt sites are dead or nonexistent

>Step 5:


>Step 6:

<Profit (((rubs hands)))

How many times do we have to see it repeat before non-staff start to catch on?


>this pasta gets distributed & the tactic made known
>now White Supremacist shit being substituted for CP & pedoshit in the above

<the connection to 8chan & Christchurch was made several times in the original yank from the registrar
<anons will fall for this being made out to be a "censorship" issue solely because of that




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Are 90% of women too stupid to code or even to understand why video games are entertaining?

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Apple thread

mod edit: this is now the Apple thread. post about your favorite iPhones and Macbooks and other iProducts here!

R: 7 / F: 0 / P: 5

Is this our new home? Julay seems alright but /tech/ is slowly dying, and 8kunt is as bad as cuckchan at this point

R: 2 / F: 0 / P: 5


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Custom flags

Anyone knows how to make custom flag in this? I set the hegiht to 11px and the width to 17 but i can't submit it

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Useful Computer Related Guides

InstallGentoo Wiki. This site isn't just related to Gentoo, it has guides for Windows/Mac?linux things, easy computer building guide, android ricing, etc

Spyware WatchDog. A list of software to use (or stay away from) that goes into detail and ranks the level of spyware. Made by fellow 8ch /tech/ anons before the site went to shit.

Dig Deeper is a site that discusses everything from browsers, to email providers, to search engines. Talks about the good and bad of every topic and what you can do to stay safe.