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Tomboys are not:
1- traps
2- trannies
3- ftm
Everything listed above will get deleted.
Repeated offenses may result in a ban.
Both 2d and 3d tomboys are allowed.
NSFW is also allowed and does not need to be spoilered.
Follow global rules.

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Tomboy Rape

>be me
>scrawny lil nerd
>try to be nice, have good grades
>there's a total tomboy on the girls soccer team
>rumors shes gay
>be hormonal but unenlightened teenage boy
>want big tiddie teachers, etc
>normal day, convincing myself the cheerleaders will just laugh at me (very true)
>waiting outside football practice, fidgeting
>suddenly get bumped into by the tomboy
>she's fukken pissed
>later find out her running back bf dumped her because she was too butch
>I apologize, get out of her way
>she cuts me off
>grabs me by the neck
>grabs my crotch
>"good enough"
>I am violently raped by the tomboy, whose physical prowess so grossly outmatches mine that I actually had to have my arm put in a cast afterwards
>she tells me I'm her new bf
>tell her no (again, pre-enlightenment)
>"consent is a waste of time"
>am reduced from a human being to a glorified revenge dildo
>have more sex in 6 months than my whole life since
>her ex was a stereotypical highschool jock to a cartoonish degree
>he tries to fuck with me but she protects
>eventually becomes gentler, treating me like her pet dork
>but the sex never does
>she eventually shatters my hips, permanently crippling me for the rest of my life
>doesn't apologize, tells me shes moving away next week
>the last time we have sex is in the hospital
>no charges pressed because legitimate fear
>she makes me finish inside for the first time
>kisses me for the last time
>never see her again