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Playing with normalfag friends

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Did you have any trouble playing with normalfag friends? Or were they okay people?

>playing murder on a gmod server
>mess around with a player, make jokes
>become good friends with him
>join his steam friends (very few at the time)
>a gang is now made
>more people start join over the time
>now a bigger gang
>main guy made a server
>over the years would spend messing around in gmod with the gang with the many gamemodes


>main guy makes pedo joke
>he then go on to say that having sex with kids and teens is okay as long as they consent
>think he's just messing around, we make edgy jokes all the time
>turns out he was being serious
>another guy agreed on it too
>argue with them about how it's fucked up
>they keep standing their ground
>deleted them and all the people they were associating with (rest of the crew)

>see that one of the crew memebers made a new years gmod celebration video
>the crew is still together
>check out the video
>they were playing prophunt, murder and end the day with some fireworks launching off in gm_flatgrass night version
>the crew is just laughing together and yelling dumb shit for fun like old times
>nostalgia activated
>nearing end of video
>"Thank you to all the members of (crew name) for the memories over the years"
>my name was there

I actually, for a split second, thought of joining back. But then I'd think I'd rather not stick with a pedophile. Besides, I got redpilled and some of them were muzzies.